Review of British Airways flight London Jersey in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA2770
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Aircraft Boeing 737-400
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 25 Aug 13, 07:25
Arrival at 25 Aug 13, 08:00
BA   #54 out of 77 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 892 reviews
Danny R
Published on 6th October 2020

Welcome to this flight report 

I will be taking you back in time on my journey to the Channel Island Jersey from London Gatwick. 
including return flight in this report, both onboard British Airways Boeing 737-400 aircrafts.

This trip was taken way back in August 2013, my photography skills back then wasn't the best and majority off them are screenshots from videos I filmed.  

Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy this review!

We start off entering the North Terminal at London Gatwick around 4AM, I remember seeing this giant model off the Turkish Airlines
Boeing 777-300 hanging from the ceiling on wires.

photo 100_5019

For those who have flown from Gatwick North Terminal, who can remember this giant spiral walkway down to the gates?

Sadly now has been removed since this trip. 
The centre piece always reminded me off a part to the aircrafts engine blades. 

photo 100_5023-78155photo 100_5022

Some time passed, I grabbed a snack from the Boots store and waited around in the departures hall.

But soon enough it got lighter outside for me to see the aircrafts.

I could see plenty off British Airways 737-400s, easyJets and a really cool black Biz Jet.

Who remembers good old Monarch Airlines? and First Choice Airlines 767-300.
All but the black jet have sadly left our airports and sky.

My flight out this morning will be departing from gate 55B at 7:25AM  

photo s1010427photo s1010425-21352

Here is the aircraft for the flight, currently aged 27.7 years old when this report was published.

British Airways Boeing 737-400
Registered G-DOCW 
Delivered brand new to BA in February 1993 which flew for the airline until September 2015.

She was withdrawn from service and put into storage until being re registered, converted into cargo.
March 2016 she was registered as N856NX to Automatic LLC in the USA until West Atlantic UK bought the airframe in 2017. Also re registered to G-JMCJ only to be now re registered as EC-NLS, soon due for delivery to Spanish cargo airline Swiftair.

Now back to the report!

Boarding was a very smooth easy process, I was eager to get into my seat.

photo s1010428photo s1010429

Walking down the aisle as I boarded, noticed the old aircraft smell.
Still in good shape, will go into more detail off the cabin later on.

Taking my seat in 16A, the aircraft started to fill up quickly with the other passengers.
Parked up next to us was a fellow companies 737-400.
By this time the bad weather continued to get worse, heavy rain causing poor views out off the window.

photo s1010430-52401

Shortly after boarding was completed, the aircraft got pushed back and made our way down towards the runway.

After letting a few other aircrafts pass to take off it was our turn.
Engines kicked up to full throttle, the water trickled down the windows as we hurtle down the runway and up heading west. 

photo j16photo j1

Still climbing out off Gatwick, we passed through low thick cloud which caused slight turbulence.

Something I never seen before, the little light that folds out under the wing.
This made the flight even more special, just shows how old the aircraft is. 

photo j2photo s1010438

Flying half way over the channel we levelled out just skimming the cloud top.

This is by far the best moment off flying for me, nothing else but the wing and the natural world surrounding. 

photo 100_5024

The cabin inside is showing its old design layout.

Old styled air vents, the big red square button for crew attention and the overhead storage bins are very spacious.
All in all the cabin was kept in a fine state, well done BA!

The crew began passing through the cabin with the free snack service, which BA have since stopped.
Although they have been providing a small snack free off charge to all passengers in Economy recently.
This is due to the airline not providing a menu booklet during Covid-19 times.

I shall be flying BA soon to Newquay Cornwall from Heathrow to try out the service during Covid times, keep a look for that review.

photo j4-43210

The snack box consisted off a Croissant with cheese, a little apple & peach muesli, orange juice pot and choice off coffee/ tea.

Very satisfied with the meal considering its a short hop flight off 30 minutes.

Also here is a photo off the safety card. 

photo j3photo j14

Before I could finish my last bite, we began our descent past the coast off France towards Jersey.

photo 100_5030-20152photo 100_5034

Circled around over Jersey a few times before we lined up towards the runway.

I loved how the cold air contrails off the wing when the slats lowered. 

photo j5

Passing over the west coast off Jersey.

Touch down was fairly heavy due to front headwind, braking hard with wing flaps raise to slow the aircraft down. 

photo j6photo j7

We started vacating the runway taxing towards to the terminal, passing several buildings and aircrafts.

Soon as we stopped the ground crew set up the air steps and the doors opened.

photo j8

I waited last to leave the aircraft to get a perfect photo off the 737.

What a fantastic aircraft she is! already getting excited to explore the island and the return trip back on another 737-400 few days time.

photo s1010456photo s1010454

Arrivals is used in the old original airport terminal.

Walking along to the bus stop I noticed an Blue Islands ATR42 parked up for maintenance.

photo s1010458photo s1010457-22271

For the next few days I went Kayaking, on a bus tour around the island and explored the war tunnels.

I highly recommend for anyone visiting Jersey, paradise in the Atlantic Ocean!  

Soon enough the 3 days on the island passed, it was time to fly back home.

We took the bus from St. Helier town straight to the airport. 

photo 100_5642photo s1010595

Due to arriving at the airport early, I decided to sit in the waiting lounge and planespot.

Plenty of Flybe Q400s! once a major operator at the airport, but sadly now a thing off the past.

Blue Island Airlines ATRs, a super rare Trislander and Atlantic Airlines ATP.

Here comes the aircraft for the flight back home.

Inbound from London Gatwick is G-DOCN another Boeing 737-400 for British Airways.

photo s1010603photo s1010604-55842

Parked up at the same gate as my previous flight did.

We all slowly boarded the aircraft using both front and rear doors. 

photo s1010613-27667photo s1010614

Whilst waiting for push back from the gate I saw an Aurigny Airlines Trislander landing.

Aurigny had a famous Trislander called JOEY, now on display at Oatlands Village in England.

photo s1010615photo s1010601

Taxing down the runway a Flybe Q400 arriving in from fellow Channel Island Guernsey.

Without stopping we turned sharp right onto the runway and took off steeply into the sky. 

Passing over the whole island before turning away over St. Helier. 

I made a quick visit to the toilet when we leveled out.

Nothing special about toilet cubicles, but…
What makes this special is how old the toilet system is compared to newer aircrafts.
Toilets these days are all done by loud air suction, but on the older 737 classic jets it releases blue cleaning fluid to wash away. 

Also I love the floor design with the vinyl black & white flooring.   

photo j13

There was no time for a quick meal snack service as we began our decent towards Gatwick, just 15 minutes after leaving Jersey.

We circled over the seaside holiday town Selsey in Sussex.
I have had many short family holidays here when I was very little.

photo s1010625photo j15

After circling around Selsey twice we straightened out heading towards Royal Tunbridge Wells and then turning left to line up for landing.

Slight early evening mist settling in over towards London.

Making a very smooth landing onto runway 26L we vacated towards our gate. 

photo s1010628photo s1010630

We had to stop for a little while whilst an aircraft moves from our gate.

I took the time to snap a few photos off the parked up aircrafts. 

Just as we parked up the aircraft that flew us to Jersey taxied past!

What a fantastic view it was to see the airframes that flew me on both flights.

photo s1010646

De boarding and passing through Gatwick was a breeze, got into our taxi and headed home.

As we arrived back home the Virgin hot balloon was landing in a nearby field just as the sunset behind the clouds.
What a fantastic view to end the holiday.  

photo s1010651photo s1010653-29496

I hope you enjoyed this flight report.

All in all I was very pleased with both flights, got to love the classic 737s.
British Airways back then provided such good service, with the complimentary food, great prices and on time departures. 

There is nothing I can say that was bad apart from the terrible weather on departure from Gatwick.

Have you had the chance to fly on the 737 classics with BA? or flown to Jersey before?
Leave a comment below I love to read your experiences.

Soon I shall be publishing many more reports, I have a flight to Newquay from Heathrow with BA coming up as well.
Report for this will be done before Christmas 2020.

Once again thankyou for reading

Stay safe, keep flying and smiling :D

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    airplanelover1 23 Comments

    Thank you so much for the report! I really loved the upbeat nature of all of the descriptions, it made your happiness and excitement very apparent, even for the reader! :)

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6040 Comments

    Wow, thanks for sharing such a cool retro-report Danny! It's crazy to think that not-so-long ago BA were still operating 734s...and 752/763s even more recently. The fleet has definitely gotten less diverse, especially with Covid and the 744 retirement (RIP). Very cool planespotting (RIP FlyBe)!

    And the on-board product has definitely changed a lot on short-haul food, alcohol, and comfortable seats...all long gone now.

    Thanks for sharing!

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