Review of Ukraine International flight New York Kiev in Economy

Flight PS232
Class Economy
Seat 8A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 08:50
Take-off 24 Dec 19, 00:30
Arrival at 24 Dec 19, 16:20
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Published on 12th April 2020


check in

Welcome back to part 2 of my winter travel series. This is the first report on Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft. Recently acquired, the Boeing 777s allowed UIA to expand their network, becoming a new competitor on the transatlantic routes. These aircraft were fully refurbished with UIA’s branding, after being delivered from Asiana Airlines.

UIA operates from Terminal 7 at JFK. Due to cost cutting measures, they changed all long haul departure times to midnight from both New York and Toronto. As a result, my entire booking had to be redone, an ordeal I intend to never experience again. 

Only having booked this flight 3 weeks before, UIA offered the most convenient connecting times into my destination of choice. 

photo img_2482-compressed

Apart from British Airways and Iberia, UIA was the only other aircraft departing that night.

photo img_2483-compressed

Checkin was relatively quick and seamless.

photo img_2487-96526


Madrid bound IB A333 and below a LHR bound BA 744.

photo img_2488-compressedphoto img_2489-compressed

T7 offered limited options in terms of food. I tried to access the Alaska Airlines lounge but unfortunately they had closed for the day. 

photo img_2492-compressed

The terminal seating areas quickly got congested as passengers huddled around the gate.

photo img_2499-78686


Aircraft: Boeing 777-28EER
Registration: UR-GOB
Age: 19.2 Years
Layout: C21 W16 Y328

Our aircraft was moved onto the gates from the remote stands some 10 hours after arriving from Kiev.

photo img_2496

Boarding was less organised than expected. Soon enough however, we all made it on board. 

photo img_2500

A Ba 744 had just arrived from LHR as TAP's new A339 loaded in the background. 

photo img_2502

The seat layout was quite dense, the densest 777 I've flown on. The IFE was more or less average, offering a satisfactory amount of movies and music. 

photo img_2505

The lights on Long Island shown bright as we flew northeast towards Ukraine. 

photo img_2518

Due to the late departure, the meal service consisted of a Chicken sandwich and the usual beverages. 

photo img_2523

Sunrise over the North Atlantic.

photo img_2530photo img_2535photo img_2543

The flight was completely full and most passengers were transiting either to Israel or India. 

photo img_2567photo img_2568-compressed

Captured the wing flex from the back door. 

photo img_2569

A couple hours out of Kiev, lunch was served. The burger was chicken, once more. The meal was average. Lunch views consisted of partly cloudy skies. 

photo img_2594photo img_2577

descent & arrival

Nearing Kiev, a company flew past us for a destination in Western Europe.

photo img_2602

40 minutes out we began a gradual descent into Kiev. At this point I was anxious to deboard as the tight seating configuration started to get 

photo img_2616photo img_2624

We had an onetime touch down on RWY 36R.

photo img_2634photo img_2640

UR-GOA at the gate, having arrived from Toronto earlier. In the distance, Azur Ukraine prepped for departure to Punta Canada, D.R. 

photo img_2642photo img_2643

Our inbound aircraft remained at gate 2 until her departure for Toronto the next day.

photo img_2656
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Ukraine International

Cabin crew6.0

New York - JFK


Kiev - KBP



Ukraine International was better than expected. Having read online reviews before my departure, I was somewhat skeptical on having a good time. Personally, the airline is just average. It gets you from point A to point B.



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