Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Tokyo Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 89
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 05 Apr 10, 10:30
Arrival at 05 Apr 10, 16:30
MH   #17 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 197 reviews
By 6979
Published on 26th September 2013
05 April 2010
Malaysia Airlines
MH 89
Tokyo Narita (NRT) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Economy Class

Check-in for flight. The queue was long even though there were 7-8 counters opened for check-in! Flight was fully booked!
photo 4536726829_b508d68274_o

Off to the outdoor viewing area after check-in. Narita's outdoor viewing gallery was cool! But weather was very bad that day.

Another MH B772 at the remots stand waiting for flight back to Kota Kinabalu and KL later in the afternoon. ANA B773ER landing in the background.
photo 4537360252_7bf958e515_o

Finnair A343 to Helsinki
photo 4537360430_64e954520a_o

Alitalia B772 just arrived.
photo 4536727237_1ba9dc7192_o

Boarding gate
photo 4537360356_08a5de6168_o

My plane, 9M-MRJ. Incidentally, this was the plane that went tech on my flight up from KUL.
photo 4536727125_e5fedca918_o

Boarding. View of the 2-seater window seats.
photo 4537360522_614d14aff3_o

Another view of the seat pitch. Note the generous leg-room!
photo 4537360316_c073184dd7_o

The flight filled up rapidly and was almost 100% full, except the lone empty seat next to me, hehehe. How lucky can I be!!

Another leg-shot. See, I can cross my legs and I am 180cm.
photo 4536727287_6728874e44_o

Stuff in seat pocket. New magazine issues.
photo 4536727565_e877561fb6_o

Inflight magazine and IFE controller.
photo 4537360782_05f780127f_o

At the gate and waiting for pushback. CX A333 beside us.
photo 4536728803_f15942d2fa_o

Pushback, engine start-up and welcome announcement by the female inflight supervisor. Yep, I got one of those fiery red ladies again!

Long taxi to Rwy34L. Passing the JAL B763 that would also be departing to KUL 30min after us.
photo 4537362218_6db59d3bbd_o

SQ A380 at Terminal 1. My friend would be flying back on this plane 30min later. Interestingly, he mentioned that the A380 ride was so turbulent throughout but my B772 encountered a short period of turbulence and was very smooth thereafter. Probably due to the A380 could not climb as high as the B772 and also could not handle turbulence as well as the B772. The turbulent clouds were up to 36000ft that day. We only cleared the clouds when the pilot climbed to 38000ft.
photo 4537360688_cd32cb4e8b_o

Reaching the end of the runway. AF A343 taking off to Paris. However had to hold for another 5-10min as runway inspection was done.
photo 4536728949_732fd0f633_o

Takeoff! Don't the jazzy boarding/takeoff music reminds you of the days when SQ still had them?

Climbing through bad weather.
photo 4537362316_22700164a9_o

Thick clouds below us.
photo 4536727703_b8735f9111_o

Service starts with peanuts/drinks. 2 very friendly Japanese and Malaysian crew serving my aisle today.
photo 4536727831_3b72f900c6_o

Peanuts and apple juice. Each passenger was given 2 packets of nuts! The crew first came out with trays of oj/aj/gj (gj=juava juice), followed by beer/whisky water. No bar carts were used.
photo 4537360958_3e9e5ed756_o

The fiery red IFS attending to a passenger.
photo 4537361148_286f973bd5_o

Lunch service starts. Again no menus. Menu was also not flashed on IFE screens or probably I missed it.
photo 4536727753_5fa98a3ed3_o

Crew distributing meals. It was not my hands that were shaking, but we were encountering some pretty bad turbulence. Meal service was suspended for 15min after my row was served. Luckily the turbulence subsided after the pilot climbed higher.

The meal cart reaching my row. Note the tacky metal drinks container. MH, you can do better than that.
photo 4537362390_f074b96fdc_o

Choices for lunch were Teriyaki chicken with rice or Sesame beef with noodles. I chose the beef. Taste of food, B+. Presentation, C. MH, what's with the plastic-sealed main course? Bring back the proper casseroles!
photo 4537362076_86c91a3562_o

Meal unveiled. Served with the main course were soba noodles, potato salad with smoked salmon and scallops, warm bread roll with butter. Also, MH appeared to be as stingy as SQ with drinks. No full cans were given out. Soft-drinks were poured from cans into plastic cups and served ala SQ.
photo 4536728011_049dd3dd5a_o

Soba noodles, roll and potato salad. The salad looked depressing but tasted good.
photo 4536728147_cfc039b8cb_o

Main course. It was good, but please bring back the proper melamine casseroles!
photo 4537361292_130658b236_o

After meal coffee. Also to note, no metal cutlery were used. All cutlery were plastic.
photo 4537361440_5a8cf6e7db_o

Ice-cream for dessert. Meji vanilla ice-cream (which are sold in 100yen shops) was served compared to SQ's Haagen Daz ice-creams. It was good nevertheless.
photo 4536727951_856e9de015_o

Above the turbulent clouds at 38000ft.
photo 4536728475_25f9a8ac94_o

Cabin view in the middle of the flight. Crew did come around with juices and water every hour.
photo 4537361872_cc13b07725_o

Overflying some island in the South China Sea.
photo 4537361494_b4894390be_o

A refreshment was served before arrival. This is where MH performed better. SQ only served 1 meal on all their Japan-SIN day flights. Even TG also served a refreshement on their NRT-BKK day flights before landing.
photo 4537361990_921093e17a_o

Choices were a Ham and cheese sandwich or a Salmon Onigiri (Salmon with rice wrapped with seaweed). I had the salmon onigiri, also served with 2 mini snickers and green tea.
photo 4536728603_51dbcabc1d_o

Cabin view again just before descent.
photo 4537361588_57871e7538_o

Descending and entering Peninsular Malaysia.
photo 4536728381_edc5f6a833_o

At this time, a really well-produced arrival video was shown. Something SQ could learn from here.

Final approach to KLIA.
photo 4537361712_5bd12f01e2_o
We landed slightly late due to the late departure at NRT. However, I had more than 2hrs till my connecting flight to SIN and so all was well. Again proceeded to Plaza Premium Lounge, which was crowded, noisy and foodless this time round(all the food were wiped out by the hungry loungers once they were out).
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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Tokyo - NRT


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Great service and comfortable flight on MH!

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