Review of Air Asia flight Singapore Kuching in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight AK1776
Class Economy
Seat 17F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 29 Feb 20, 11:44
Arrival at 29 Feb 20, 12:54
AK 115 reviews
By 444
Published on 25th May 2020

Before the COVID had a major impact to air travel in Southeast Asia, I made a weekend trip (which would also be my last flying for a looong time) to Kuching, Sarawak. The COVID impact was starting to be felt in late February, with significant reduction in flight frequencies to countries such as China and Korea. However, most Southeast Asian flights were operating as usual then. Terminal 4, where I checked in, was very quiet except at the AirAsia counters.

photo 49682962727_1bce44f01f_o_dphoto 49682962517_38c130f2ee_o_d

With CX, VN and many other PRC airlines suspending flights or cutting frequencies, AirAsia remained as the main airline at T4 with flights to regional destinations..

photo 49682672196_eb409f6b2c_o_d

A very quiet departure hall after security.

photo 49682139308_1b174528a9_o_d

Visited Blossom Lounge, which is accessible by Priority Pass. It was rather quiet as well in the lounge.

photo 49682139093_b2131afc78_o_dphoto 49682139218_bf34d06755_o_dphoto 49682672151_9519ac19c5_o_d

Bites and drinks

Selection of savoury and sweet from the buffet.

photo 49682139178_0c0d4a168b_o_dphoto 49682672091_6db78c6793_o_d

Departure hall from the lounge. It was eerily quiet. Definitely more staff than passengers.

photo 49682139078_b067a9b443_o_dphoto 49682671936_abc75fd8aa_o_d

Headed to the gate where our aircraft had arrived on schedule.

photo 49682671926_12462a32e7_o_d

Boarding just commenced as we reached the gate.

photo 49682139008_2726bb26e5_o_d

29 February 2020
Air Asia
AK 1776
Singapore (SIN) - Kuching (KCH)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H11M

Prepping for departure.

photo 49682962462_b825f12704_o_d


photo 49682962447_3a8b7567fa_o_dphoto 49682962422_bfc6ae53c5_o_dphoto 49682138953_4d6b057992_o_d

Welcome onboard by crew in masks and gloves. Standard LCC cabin here.

photo 49682671876_2465879a4c_o_dphoto 49682671861_5fa8002e92_o_d

Flight was about 60% full, with much of the forward cabin being empty. Most passengers were seated towards the aft.

photo 49682671836_3e48af14df_o_dphoto 49682961997_34a257bdc0_o_d

View out the window.

photo 49682671846_d6ddd7cffc_o_d

Standard LCC pitch.

photo 49682962317_1943de9671_o_d

Seat pocket materials. The inflight mag was missing.

photo 49682962337_b10a020e03_o_d

Pushed back

photo 49682962302_9679022623_o_dphoto 49682962272_e710530406_o_d

Safety demo, with masks and all.

photo 49682138818_0f18d77545_o_dphoto 49682962247_920d195aa7_o_d

Taxied to the runway.

photo 49682138813_620fcfab33_o_dphoto 49682671716_ff7830b5d8_o_d

Departure from Rwy02C.

photo 49682962197_9dbf6c476c_o_d

Climbing out from Changi.

photo 49682962187_cf57be41da_o_dphoto 49682962172_41b9ddd7cc_o_d

We pre-ordered a meal each, which was served shortly after departure. First was the Chinese New Year special of Prosperity Tomato Egg and Fish Stew. It tasted simple and homely.

photo 49682138758_014d0dd9da_o_dphoto 49682671646_037cdb8152_o_d

The other selection was the Chef Hong's Korean Bibimbap. A tad spicy but not too bad for an inflight meal. Really loved AirAsia's wide meal selection.

photo 49682671621_0a1f496552_o_dphoto 49682138728_40f8d2594e_o_dphoto 49682671556_17dfc46e21_o_d

Cruising at a low 29,000ft.

photo 49682671576_7413074a82_o_d

Visit to the lav. Clean and basic.

photo 49682962062_e368e4f196_o_d

View of the cabin.

photo 49682962037_32ed4f2b3a_o_dphoto 49682138663_eeca528b8c_o_d

Starting the descent.

photo 49682671496_1b9b7c246a_o_d

Approaching into Kuching

photo 49682671461_00a6a6b642_o_dphoto 49682138593_8561222388_o_dphoto 49682138583_9ef7fb417f_o_d

For some reason, the landing video was accidentally cut off. Landed on Rwy07 and taxied to the gate.


photo 49682961797_e3d9eaf3a1_o_dphoto 49682138513_651964acd9_o_d

This is a short weekend trip and as during date of the trip, the Covid-19 situation in Kuching, a well as South-east Asia in general, was still not widespread and people were still going about the daily lives as normal. First stop was a late lunch as a Lau Ya Keng foodcourt at Carpenter Street.

photo 49682671216_73a1e9dbe8_o_dphoto 49682138358_cbd0e5e564_o_d

Kolo mee, a Kuching must have homely dish, and famous pork satay from the foodcourt.

photo 49682671321_d3e62a7e4f_o_dphoto 49682138433_2091891054_o_d

Seafood dinner at the popular Top Spot Food Centre.

photo 49682138238_6c64c8c3da_o_dphoto 49682961622_dd6a8d496c_o_d

Kuching Waterfront at night.

photo 49682961547_0a68783740_o_d

For this trip, I stayed at Hilton Kuching. Hotel room was nothing memorable, but still decent overall. A messy room next morning and view from the room.

photo 49682138063_d84b5d01c7_o_dphoto 49682671001_1ab5a10097_o_d

Huge buffet breakfast spread.

photo 49682138178_e2972d07c4_o_dphoto 49682961532_96b4c5bb18_o_d

Waterfront in the day.

photo 49682138038_c4506e0d26_o_d

More kolo mee and a secret recipe dessert before flying back.

photo 49682138053_962af7fe2e_o_dphoto 49682961327_cbfc65e9f2_o_d
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Air Asia

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Blossom Lounge - 4


Singapore - SIN


Kuching - KCH



A decent short flight on AirAsia with efficient and reliable service.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Kuching (KCH)


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    By the way, Kuching seemed pretty interesting, though - I wonder what's missing from my trip when I had my half-day trip at Miri last year, only to find it a bit quieter than expected. Will consider visiting when the pandemic is over.

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