Review of Air Asia flight Kuching Singapore in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight AK1771
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:02
Take-off 01 Mar 20, 17:24
Arrival at 01 Mar 20, 18:26
AK 115 reviews
By 684
Published on 27th May 2020

Now on to the flight back to Singapore, which would also be my last flight for a long long time till leisure travel resumes….Checked in at the AirAsia counters and got my boarding pass.

photo 49935298812_e7023ae403_o_dphoto 49934482783_e240b62e0b_o_d

Be warned that if you are flying International from KCH, there are no shopping or eateries after immigration and security, with only drinks vending machines available. Probably makes sense as there are not more than 3 international departures each day. So we are stuck after immigration and security, awaiting the aircraft arrival.

photo 49935298647_4f9e29f008_o_d

01 March 2020
Air Asia
AK 1771
Kuching (KCH) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H02M

Aircraft arrived on schedule.

photo 49935298522_4e958f589c_o_dphoto 49935298592_413b5d4bb0_o_d

Waiting to board

photo 49934482558_47a071edb2_o_d

Boarding commenced

photo 49934996451_1eb4f24403_o_dphoto 49935298372_e0f8a09805_o_dphoto 49935298302_0f5eeaeb0b_o_d

Seated at 17A

photo 49934996026_b4de7a0c10_o_dphoto 49934482348_3706378cb2_o_d

Boarding in progress. Flight was about 70% full.

photo 49934482243_99417d9390_o_d

LCC legroom is the norm.

photo 49934481338_83d02a0554_o_d

However, inflight magazines are available on this leg.

photo 49934996081_7951f8c076_o_d

Boarding completed and we pushed back with safety demo performed.

photo 49934996166_ba2a892617_o_dphoto 49935297967_75194eac1c_o_dphoto 49935298027_f1aa041014_o_d

Taxied to the runway.

photo 49934481888_6dd1766374_o_dphoto 49934481808_a2cbd85e23_o_d

For an on-time departure from the midway of Rwy07.

Climbing away from the Sarawak shores.

photo 49935297352_a5e6dfe33e_o_d

Service commenced with distribution of pre-booked meals.

photo 49934995276_2aae53ca01_o_d

We had again booked a couple of meals on the flight back. First was the Napoletana Chicken with Egg fried rice. This was a simple dish of chicken in sweet sour tomato-based sauce with fried rice, hard to go wrong with.

photo 49934481143_4daf5650fc_o_dphoto 49934481028_ba42cba1c9_o_dphoto 49935297142_b9d3bb9d06_o_d

The other meal was the Prawn and chicken wonton noodles, which I also added a burnt cheesecake. In local lingo, the wonton noodles tasted legit! Wonton were huge with juicy prawns, and noodles were still springy. Nearly similar, or maybe even better than some, on the ground! The cheesecake was a sinful sweet ending as well.

Before long, we were descending into Singapore.

photo 49934480893_ac38c2e000_o_dphoto 49934480873_851cdc83a0_o_dphoto 49934480833_f3ee5ff9b9_o_d

Landing on Rwy02L ahead of schedule.

When SQ's A380s were still actively flying.

photo 49934994696_4aa23a9a91_o_d

Doubt we will be able to fly on SQ's B772 ever again.

photo 49935296647_9678968548_o_d

Spotted AK's 1st A320neo.

photo 49934480573_79b24ce0df_o_d

Parked at Terminal 4.

photo 49934480498_21ab553637_o_d


photo 49935296547_4d86857e1c_o_dphoto 49934480443_6326d7d1f7_o_d

As can be seen on the arrival FIDS, the number of flights from T4 has already greatly reduced then, with only AirAsia group flight mainly still operating. Of course, with the ongoing travel restrictions in place, T4 has suspended operations now.

photo 49934480383_8cc713af96_o_d

Since this trip, I had already cancelled 3 other trips, and maybe more with the existing travel restrictions in place. I guess it will be months before most of the flights resume and we can get into the skies again. Till then, stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

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Air Asia

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu9.0

Kuching - KCH


Singapore - SIN



Another short and pleasant flight on AirAsia, with delicious inflight meals and efficient service.

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  • Comment 555048 by
    KL651 TEAM 4523 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Being with no possibility of flying really makes reflect on how beautiful each flight is, now matter how far or how luxurious the experience is.
    A short and efficient flight with a nice preordered meal would feel like first class right now ;-)

  • Comment 555133 by
    nicobcn TEAM GOLD 6697 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report!

    AirAsia offers the best value from Singapore, especially compared to Scoot which aircrafts are old and BOB expensive. Sad to see T4 is closed while it's a brand new terminal. Trafic in Singapore will not recover soon since there are no domestic flights...

    See you soon for a next flight!

  • Comment 556504 by
    jish.b 283 Comments

    Nice trip report. Looks like a fairly standard flight on AK, which is always good. The food looks really good too!

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