Review of Air Asia flight Kuala Lumpur Singapore in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight AK 717
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 27 Oct 09, 21:25
Arrival at 27 Oct 09, 22:40
AK   #6 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 122 reviews
By 2751
Published on 29th September 2013
After a short 1 night stay in KL, going around having makan and more makan (makan = eating in Malay language), we would be flying back to SIN via Air Asia. As KLIA Transit had just launched a train+shuttle bus service to LCCT and had offered free rides, I was lucky enough to book their free passes online. The KLIA transit started from KL Sentral terminal and the ride took us to Salat Tinggi station where we would then transfer onto another shuttle bus to KLIA LCCT. The entire journey from KL Sentral to LCCT took almost 1 hr.

27 October 2009
Air Asia
AK 717
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Singapore (SIN)

Had arrived at LCCT 3 hrs before our flight as I had wanted to visit the Plaza Premium Lounge in LCCT. My Priority Pass card enabled me free visit to the lounge. Check-in could be done up to more than 3hrs before flight. We had to go through immigration to enter the lounge.

The Plaza Premium Lounge in LCCT was basic, with a small buffet selection, internet terminals, massage chairs, showers etc. Standard lounge offerings.

Buffet area in LCCT Plaza Premium Lounge
photo 4057073625_42870dba92_o

Lounging area
photo 4057814692_aa90cf9517_o

Cakes, malay kueys, sandwiches, porridge and drinks
photo 4057814278_da29803b01_o

Salad bar. The salad bar looked unappetizing. Hot food of curry chicken, mixed vegetables, steamed rice, pasta and a soup were also offered behind the salad bar. The curry chicken was good!
photo 4057075465_3b81f2e8c0_o

Lets have a look at the LCCT departure hall. It looked more like a bus terminal than an airport terminal!

Shops in the departure hall
photo 4057073709_7892bb69bc_o

Waiting area
photo 4057073555_98e90cf46b_o

Our flight was slightly delayed for 15min due to late arrival of the aircraft from Tawau. Throughout the wait, loud announcements were made for pax to board, flight delays, last calls, calling of final passengers etc… Quite fustrating. Luckily we had the serenity of the lounge.

Boarding was called at 2120hrs when our scheduled departure was 2125hrs. We had a long walk along the remote stands to the aircraft. Not that I minded as it was photo galore moment.

Air Asia X A330
photo 4057813444_cdd7574cf7_o

Is this out aircraft?
photo 4057075903_0d523f1f13_o

Yep, it is. 9M-AHB.
photo 4057813548_f4f1412a25_o

Umbrellas for pax use in case it rains.
photo 4057814848_5db799dbd8_o

photo 4057074661_a68b75ceeb_o

Entering the aircraft
photo 4057813744_997d9d0828_o

Entered the aircraft and was greeted by friendly crew. Proceeded to our seats and was surprised that the check-in agent had allocated us exit rows! And we did not even pay extra for it!

Boarding in progress
photo 4057075017_2ef22938c1_o

Emex row magnificent seat pitch!
photo 4057074943_5ce665e41b_o

A look at the wonderful seat pitch again
photo 4057813116_8ce1f1fb19_o

Boarding was completed very quickly and doors closed. Safety demo was shown manually and a male crew also advised us on the ise of the emergency exits at our seats. Funny guy he is, repeating Only in an emergency a few times to us in an amusing manner when teaching us how to open the exits. Flight time was announced to be a short 30min.

We had a short taxi for a northernly take off. No videos as the windows were all fogged up.

Takeoff and making a left turn.
photo 4057075089_ddc7cce20b_o

Shortly after, seatbelts signs were switched off the the crew started their service. We had pre-booked meals when booking our tickets online and I was really interested to see how the crew could serve a meal on such a short sector. We had booked a Nasi Lemak Meal and a Asian Fried Rice with Satay Meal for RM8 each. Quite cheap for a hot meal onboard. Firstly, one crew came down with aisle with the pre-paid meals and asked pax who had ordered. The meals were then tallied with the boarding passes and then distributed. I saw about 20 meals being handed out.

Our meal
photo 4057075197_8d7582246a_o

Asian Fried Rice with Satay Combo Meal
photo 4057073893_c054aa3a3e_o

Nasi Lemak Combo Meal
photo 4057073811_347ee0b8db_o

The meals were actually quite tasty! After pre-paid meals were served, the crew came down with snacks/merchandise for purchase. A number of sales were done.

Crew conducting sales service.
photo 4057813010_bc9d347b6d_o

After sales service, trash were collected and we had already begun our descend. Service was very efficient.

Cabin view. Cabin was new and clean.
photo 4057813206_2496c23014_o

We approached from the south, offering a nice view of the Singapore night skyline.

Approach into Singapore.
photo 4057074199_f1c83b967a_o

Landing on Rwy 02L

Arrived 15min late and parked at the gate.
photo 4057074307_fc1b721c27_o

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Air Asia

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Singapore - SIN



Air Asia offered a very no frills service. Their amazingly low fares from KUL are also unbeatable! Also, the option of a reasonably priced hot meal on the KL-SIN route must also be very welcomed by many travellers, especially those who just wanted a quick dinner bite. The only downside is the very long travel distance from KL city to the LCCT, which is double the flight time.

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