Review of Tiger Airways flight Singapore Kuching in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR 2494
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 24 Jun 10, 14:30
Arrival at 24 Jun 10, 16:30
TR 39 reviews
By 1680
Published on 29th September 2013
Just barely a month after my Vietnam trip, I and a friend had the impromptu decision to make a very short 3-days trip to Kuching. Searching the websites for the best fares, I settled for the budget Tiger Airways up to Kuching and 5-stars Malaysia Airlines back to Singapore. With the offers, the Tiger flight probably cost less than the taxi fare from my home to Orchard while interestingly, MH offers the lowest fare (with all frills thrown in) on the date we are flying back! Finally had a chance to experience MH's short haul regional service with the meal boxes!

24 June 2010
Tiger Airways
TR 2494
Singapore (SIN) - Kuching (KCH)
9V-TRB (3rd time on this plane!)
Budget Class

As reported a few times before, nothing new about Tiger's flight experience apart from the late arrival of the inbound aircraft from Hatyai (due to airspace congestion according to the pilot), resulting in a late departure. Also it was my 3rd time on the A319 9V-TRB aircraft!! And I also had the same Korean crew member which I had flew with last year to Penang onboard the same aircraft! Talking about coincidence!! As I guess most of you would be very familiar with Tiger's inflight service by now, there would be minimal reporting regarding this leg. In fact the flight was very similar to my last Tiger flight (check out my previous reports).

A320 9V-TAB preparing for flight to KUL. The plane looks very dirty!
photo 4756880379_c9edec1643_b

Our plane, 9V-TRB, has just arrived late. We were boarding via Gate 10.
photo 4757516416_c089a30bf1_b

At the gate awaiting pushback. We pushed back about half hour late.
photo 4757516756_576cc6d413_b

Cabin view.
photo 4756881423_5f44ec886f_b

Pushed back and preparing to taxi.
photo 4757516322_7cdc2ba591_b

Passing the SQ B777s parked at the remote stands.
photo 4756880685_f849c2f533_b

Taxi to the runway, passing terminal 2.

B747SP and B763 of Sands
photo 4757517212_fb7178127f_b

Jetstar A320 waiting clearance for takeoff beside us. We were cleared for takeoff ahead of Jetstar even though they Jetstar plane reached the runway holding point first.
photo 4756881259_096b730abb_b

Takeoff from Rwy20C

Climbing to 3?000ft. The pilot did not inform of the flight altitude.
photo 4756882277_b99748ce6d_b

It was very cloudy throughout the whole flight.
photo 4756882773_2b34e7da33_b

Even though it was cloudy, the flight was generally smooth. Out came the snacks/drinks trolleys followed by duty free trolley but not much sales were done. Most passengers prefer to while the hour away doing nothing. The crew were not overly friendly but performed their duties professionally. Not that I would expect anything more from them.

Descending through very cloudy skies.
photo 4757518486_c70b80b08d_b

Bako National Park?
photo 4756882465_13fbf7eae9_b

Just before making the turn back to the airport.
photo 4756882619_601d948510_b

Final approach into Kuching.
photo 4756882907_8fbf0b21bd_b

Landing in Kuching. The touchdown was very smooth! One of the best ever.

We landed about 20min late. Well, the captain did apologise for the late arrival, so some sort of service recovery here.

Looks like KCH is A380 ready! Wonder when will one actually fly here,
photo 4757517892_866f245cf4_b

Another view of our baby airbus after disembarkation.
photo 4757518006_064b984ee6_b

The largest plane at the airport, a MH A333.
photo 4757518210_178ed91c59_b
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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Singapore - SIN


Kuching - KCH



Overall, a very no-frills experience and you did get what you pay for.

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