Review of American Eagle flight Washington Jacksonville in Economy

Airline American Eagle
Flight AA5162
Class Economy
Seat 9F
Flight time 01:57
Take-off 22 Jul 20, 09:59
Arrival at 22 Jul 20, 11:56
MQ 68 reviews
Published on 29th July 2020

Report No: 2020-703E

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This post-COVID series is continuing with an American Airlines Domestic flight report from Washington-DCA to Jacksonville. This flight was operated with an American Eagle ( PSA Airlines ) CRJ 700 and I would present you an average AA domestic flight under 900 miles in this report. This report would also contain the service in the Admirals Club in DCA Terminal B.

Here is the routing

The following parts of this series would be revealed later on;

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: %55 ( 5 out of 9 seats were occupied in DF )
Main Cabin: %80-85


The day before my flight, I checked-in online for my flight on The online check-in process was similar to pre-COVID.

photo img_0438

I have kept my pre-selected seat.

photo img_0439

Also I was asked how many bags I would take for the flight during OLCI. Obviously, you could prefer to answer that question later at the counter or ignore it if you don't have checked bags.

I was successful creating a mobile boarding pass

photo img_0442

Washington Reagan AIRPORT - DCA

That morning, I have used Lyft to access the airport as I had bulk baggage which would be hard to carry on the metro. The driver has dropped me to the American Priority entrance.

photo img_2893

The airport was emptier than usual

photo img_2894

When I entered the airport, I first went to the usual American Priority check-in counters next to the JetBlue counters, however, an American agent was asking passengers to walk towards the end of the terminal as they have relocated the Priority and Shuttle check-in desks next to the Main Cabin kiosks.

photo img_2895

Some of the FIDS were not working. Hand sanitizers were available throughout the airport

photo img_2896

The priority lane was empty and I only waited a single family to be assisted.

photo img_2897

Then my baggage was checked by a friendly agent. However, the worst part of DCA is that you need to take your bags to the TSA screening point after check-in, it wasn't nice to walk 300 meters to the counter and another 150 meters to the TSA baggage drop point. At least American could have signposted somewhere in the curbside telling that their Priority and Shuttle counters are relocated temporarily.

In addition to this, due to COVID, baggage receipts were not handed, instead, they were available on the American app.

photo img_2898

FIDS, this time a working one. By the way, I didn't know Frontier Airlines was flying from DCA to DCA. I guess the airport systems were not working properly that day.

A TV channel was also setting a mini-studio next to the display screens, however, I have no idea about the context that they were filming.

photo img_2899

As the Admirals Club in Terminal C was closed, I headed to the security checkpoint in Terminal B/C.

photo img_2900

The security process was quite smooth, the priority lane was closed, however, in the regular lane I have waited for a single person. Also, the TSA agents did ask not to remove anything from the bags including laptops and liquids. The only thing that they asked to do was to empty our pockets and to remove shoes.


The Admirals Club in Terminal B was open during my travel. As a oneworld Emerald cardholder in Qatar Airways Privilege Club, I had access to the lounge for free. A reminder that a premium Domestic First Class ticket without an international connection or status in AAdvantage does not grant access to the clubs for free.

photo img_2901

After entering the lounge I was welcomed by the staff and the Wi-Fi code was given to me. Later on, a staff told me about the new concept and one of the dining hosts asked me if I would like to sit by the window or the aisle. I've opted for the former option. Also, he alerted that I was free to move in the lounge but I should only sit at my own seat.

photo img_2902

The view from the lounge

photo img_2903

The changes to the lounges were a bit interesting, first, I would like to mention that now everything except fruits comes to your table. The self-service bar only had apples and bananas. Nuts, water, juices, coffee, etc… is now served by the lounge staff to your table.

A minor change was that the free 2 premium drinks perk for non-AA oneworld elites was temporarily suspended so if I would like to enjoy one of the premium drinks from the bar, I should have paid for it. Also, the espresso machine was out of service as well.

photo img_2904

Shortly after I sat at my seat, the lounge staff handed me a food bag and told me that I could check the menu with the QR. I've opted for a coffee that was served promptly in a paper cup rather than a mug.

photo img_2905

The bag had eggs, a bagel, a muffin, an apple pie, some nuts, butter, blueberry jam and cream cheese, all packed and wrapped. It was definitely better than what I expected from AA during post-COVID.

photo img_2906

At that time I was tracking the incoming aircraft

photo img_2907photo img_2908

Before the next part, I would also like to mention that for every person and couple who left the club, one of the lounge staff was cleaning the area that those people sat with a disinfectant spray.


As my gate was in Terminal C, I used the shuttle bus from Terminal B/C to Terminal C. The bus was there when I arrived at the stop.

photo img_2909

And, after a 1 minute wait, we have left Terminal B/C for a 45 second journey to Terminal C.

photo img_2911-54472

Terminal C was also empty like Terminal B/C

photo img_2912-59901

While I arrived at the gate, the aircraft had just parked after its flight from Charleston, SC.

photo img_2913

The gate area was organized and allowed social distancing and while the passengers arriving from Charleston disembarked, the gate agents were tagging carry-on bags for the yellow-tag service as the CRJ's do not have large overhead bins. Announcements were made that there would be no service on this flight and passengers willing to eat/drink something should purchase at the airport.

photo img_2915-46995

Shortly later, boarding has started with the original group boarding sequence. Passengers requiring assistance boarded first, followed by 5 Group 1 passengers, then followed by myself where I was the only passenger in Group 2. No passengers were assigned to Groups 3 & 4 so after I boarded boarding continued with Group 5.

photo img_2914


While boarding the aircraft, I was quite surprised that the cabin crew greeted all passengers at the door. In the majority of my past AA flights, the crew didn't welcome passengers at the door and preferred to pretend to work at the galley instead.

The seats were comfortable for a regional jet.

photo img_2916

The legroom was also decent for Main Cabin Extra. By the way, it was a nice touch to have USB ports and power outlets on a regional jet.

photo img_2918

The only thing that you could have found in the seat pocket was a waste bag and the safety card. Due to COVID-19, the American Way & the Nexus magazines and the buy on board menu were not available in the seat pocket.

photo img_2919

While boarding was going on, I watched the ground painting work that was going on next door.

photo img_2920

When boarding was completed a Basic Economy passenger decide to upgrade himself to Main Cabin Extra for social distancing so the crew allowed that passenger to move to one of the empty MCE rows which was a nice touch in terms of safety.

photo img_2921

While we were taxiing to the gate, announcements were made that wearing a face covering is mandatory throughout the flight and the cabin crew checked the cabin every 10 minutes throughout the flights to make sure everyone had their face covering on. The only exception was that you could remove your covering when eating and drinking.

photo img_2922

Meanwhile, the safety demo was performed by the crew.

photo img_2923

Terminal B/C and C which were full of AA aircraft

photo img_2924

And we were in the air 35 minutes later than our scheduled departure time.

I forgot to mention that this flight was delayed 27 minutes because of the late arrival of the incoming aircraft. A notification was sent to my phone about the delay midnight before the day of travel.

photo img_2925

Terminal A

photo img_2926

Potomac Yards shopping center

photo img_2927

Alexandria, VA

photo img_2928photo img_2929

And more photos while we were gaining altitude

photo img_2930photo img_2931photo img_2932

Mobile IFE was offered throughout this flight

photo img_2933

Wi-Fi was available for $10.

photo img_2934

You could have also watched movies & TV shows throughout the mobile entertainment platform.

photo img_2935

I've used the free T-Mobile Wi-Fi option and here is a shot from Flightradar24. The internet was not that slow but not that fast either.

photo img_2936

Later during the flight, I have asked for a cup of water at the front galley which was promptly served by the cabin crew. Another passenger has requested a Diet Coke and that was also promptly served. Despite the fact that some AA regional crews reject serving anything on flights under 900 miles, the crew onboard was following the actual AA protocol.

photo img_2937

And some photos before arrival

photo img_2938photo img_2939

And we have landed in JAX

photo img_2940

A UPS 767 near the cargo stands

photo img_2941

And we were going to park at Terminal C next to this Allegiant A320.

photo img_2942

To be specific, we have parked at gate C7.

photo img_2943


Deboarding was made as usual but the crew has made an announcement not to leave your seat row and open the overhead bins before the passengers seated in the rows front of you left their seats. One of the cabin crew members was also saying goodbye to customers while disembarking the aircraft.

photo img_2944-24850

Here is the last photo of N725PS.

photo img_2945

The terminal in JAX looked fresh and modern compared to other US airports. In addition, the airport was empty and most of the food vendors and stores were closed.

photo img_2946

Arrivals FIDS - Not that many traffic at JAX that day

photo img_2947

While I arrived at the carousel, all bags from our flight were already there so I've picked up my bags quickly and proceeded to the App Ride pickup area.

photo img_2949

Due to COVID-19, there were not many Uber or Lyft drivers available at that time so I waited 8 minutes for my driver to arrive. Then it was time to leave JAX.

photo img_2951

2 days after the flight, I received a survey from AA about the flight.

photo ekran-resmi-2020-07-24-122301

This report has come to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.
This series would continue soon with the next report.

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American Eagle

Cabin crew8.0

American Airlines Admirals Club - B


Washington - DCA


Jacksonville - JAX



This flight experience was a regular post-COVID American 900 miles and under flight experience. DCA was empty during my visit, however, it was not nice to carry bags 300 meters because there were no signs at the curbside. The check-in experience was pleasant and normal with the exception of baggage receipts being on the phone rather than being paper. Security was also convenient as the agents asked not to remove anything from our bags including laptops and liquids so the line was going really fast. The club was better than I expected; the food bag that was provided was acceptable for post-COVID, however, I was upset when both the servers and the lounge staff told me that the free premium drink advantage for oneworld elites was removed, I am not sure if this is a location-only decision and I'm also not sure if this applies to international transfer passengers as well. Although the lounge experience was pleasant overall. The surprising part of this journey was that while some other US carriers introduced back to front boarding, AA still followed their old group-by-group boarding protocol which is great for elites sitting in the front as they would still have the space for overhead bins and those passengers would not be the one gate checking their carry-ons when overhead bins are full. The flight itself was an ordinary US domestic flight but the regional-jet that I flew on had pretty comfortable seats, USB ports, power outlets, free mobile entertainment, and Wi-Fi which was a scale-up from other regional jet flights. The only post-COVID things on this flight were that the crew checked face coverings every 10 minutes and drinks were only available upon request. The experience in JAX was surprising as bags were already there when I arrived at the carousel, however, it was not the best thing to wait for a ride-pickup for 10 minutes while the airport was empty. To conclude I would like to mention that AA was OK on this flight, however, it's still obvious that USA based carriers are still a level down from companies from the rest of the world.

(+) Efficient check-in and security processes
(+) Priorities were respected throughout the boarding process
(-) The fact that you need to carry your own checked bags to the inspection point
(-) Misleading signposts as check-in areas were changed due to COVID-19
Admirals Club Terminal B
(+) Comfortable seating
(+) Friendly lounge staff
(+) A nice snack bag was provided to passengers
(+) Every seating area was disinfected after people sitting there left the club
(-) Many drinks were not available
(-) The free premium drink perk was not available for oneworld elites.
AA 5162
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) IFE and Wi-Fi options
(-) No service other than beverages upon request
(+) Baggage wait time at JAX
(-) Long wait for app pickup rides



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  • Comment 559487 by
    whistlehead 7 Comments
    Nice report! Was American enforcing the mask rule - or were they pretty lax about it?
    • Comment 559488 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Thank you for your comment,

      The crew on this flight was enforcing the mask rule very seriously, as I mentioned above in the report, the crew was constantly checking masks every 10 minutes.
  • Comment 561487 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    I don't think it's fair not to offer anything just because of Covid on 1,5 hour flight.
    A drink should be mandatory.
    • Comment 561490 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Thanks for your comment KL651,

      I don't think it's fair not to offer anything just because of Covid on 1,5 hour flight.

      - I completely agree with your comment. It's not fair, especially in Domestic First where people are paying tons of money.
      A drink should be mandatory.

      - Unfortunately, AA decided to cut even their drink service on flights under 900 miles in both cabins, which is strange; but the more stranger part is that US travellers are happy purchasing bottles and cans of soft drinks from the airport and enjoying them onboard rather than pressing the call button and asking for drinks.

      Thanks for stopping by, take care.

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