Review of SilkAir flight Singapore Mataram-Lombok Island in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 128
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 02 Aug 10, 15:45
Arrival at 02 Aug 10, 18:30
MI 59 reviews
By 2736
Published on 30th September 2013
Lombok was always touted as the next Bali and is compared to Bali as when 20 years ago. Therefore as a birthday getaway, I and redeemed about 12000+ Krisflyers miles for a return ticket to the Indonesian island of Lombok. Lombok was truely a paradise where life is still very laidback and it does not have the touristy feel and crowds of Bali, even though it is the peak season. Beaches are less crowded, seas clearer, definitely one of the most relaxing holidays I ever had!

02 August 2010
MI 128
Singapore (SIN) - Mataram Lombok (AMI)
Economy Class

We checked in at Terminal 2 about 2hrs before the flight and I was pleasantly surprised that my seat was upgraded to an emergency exit row with more legroom! After clearing the ever efficient immigration, we grabbed a quick lunch at T3 before proceeding over to T1 to check out the renovated departure hall and some plane spotting.

Renovated T1
photo 4884745535_76874314a6_b

T1 duty free shopping
photo 4885347190_79aa9962b3_b

Lionair B737-900ER
photo 4885346908_8b837092e4_b

Garuda B737-800NG
photo 4884745755_5f9ce3da3d_b

After exploring the new T1, we then proceeded back to T2 for our flight. Our baby airbus had just arrived earlier from Yangon and is currently being readied for our flight at Gate E2.

Our baby airbus A319 at the gate.
photo 4884745879_9b65b3e6e5_b

Boarding was called about half hr before STD and it seemed the flight was only about 60-70% full. Was greeted by a set of very cheerful Silkair crew when I entered the aircraft. The A319 of Silkair is staffed by 5 cabin crew, 2 working in Business class and 3 in Economy Class. Pillows and blankets were not available on each seat but some were available in the overhead compartments. One has to help themselves to the pillows during boarding or risk running out of pillows when the plane fills up.

My upgraded seat. Unlimited legroom!
photo 4884745991_47cec4d8c0_b

Another view of seats. Legroom was quite generous for normal seat rows.
photo 4885348584_4ede2b50d8_b

Boarding was completed very soon and we were welcomed aboard by the purser and the captain. Our flight time would be 2hrs20min at 37,000ft. The crew then came down the cabin and offered newspapers of either Today or Straits Times. Boarding music was also playing. Hmm, seems like some of SQ's cost-cutting measures have not filtered down to MI yet.

Time to check out the seat pockets. We had the Safety card, Inflight Mag and duty-free mag. Well, at least Silkair's inflight mags will still be around for quite some time.
photo 4885347952_445589c782_b

At the gate waiting for pushback.
photo 4884746111_5b0773f967_b

Boarding was completed and doors were closed slightly ahead of scheduled. Safety video was then shown via the overhead drop-down lcd screens. The Silkair safety video really needs to be updated! It still features the old economy class seat covers!

Taxied to Rwy 20C for departure.

Banking over Batam.
photo 4885347798_8196e6100f_b

Climbing to 37000 feet
photo 4885348122_54e27eeae7_b

After seatbelt signs were switched off, the crew came down to distribute immigration forms, followed by a round of WBJ (water, beer, juice) on trays. Then they disappeared into the galleys to prepare the meals. The overhead screens also dropped down and started playing silent TV shows, consisting Just for Laughs and some circus act shows. This is the only form of inflight entertainment on Silkair other than newspapers and inflight magazines. I guess this is sufficient for regional flights of around 2hrs flight time but it is quite mediocre for longer flights such as the 4-5hrs flights to Kathmandu or Bangalore! 45min after takeoff, lunch service was started. 2 carts were used, 1 starting from the front of the cabin and the other from the rear. A friendly but seemed quite newbie crew tended the front meal cart.

Meal service in progress.
photo 4885348048_0444b853b7_b

We had a choice of Spicy fish with rice or Tomato chicken with rice. Accompanying the meal were fruits and a tub of water. No starters or buns. I wonder is Silkair serves more substantial meals on longer flights..
photo 4884745279_cc676e4887_b

I had Chicken with rice and a orange juice. It was simple but good.
photo 4884747209_bc14d59eb6_b

My friend had the spicy fish with rice. He commented it was average.
photo 4884746737_a9a465e4c0_b

Post-meal tea.
photo 4884746853_dc989f12da_b

After meal trays were cleared, there was nothing much else to do except reading the inflight magazines, newspapers or just staring out of the windows. It was quite cloudy most of the way so nothing much to view. Crew also came down with duty free sales but it seemed nothing was sold.

Cabin view.
photo 4885349036_fb7eb6a96d_b

We started our descent about 30min our of Lombok with dusk catching up.

photo 4884747629_a4647461d9_b

Halfway during the descent, the captain came on the informed that we would be flying pass some Bali volcanoes and to watch our for a magnificent sight on the right side of the plane. The view was indeed spectacular!!

Approaching Bali and the volcanic mountains.
photo 4885350162_0faeddf8dd_b

Flying alongside Gunung Agung. Amazing!!
photo 4885349396_12d448d308_b

Had a straight in approach and landing into Lombok since there is hardly any traffic into the airport. In fact we were one of the only two international flights a day into Lombok! The rest were domestic arrivals.

The airport was really small, as you can see in the video. We turned off the taxiway and was almost immediately parked at the stand. No aerobridges either. There were only 2 other propeller planes at the airport, really quiet!

Disembarking by the traditional way.
photo 4884748545_c11db32309_b

Riau Airlines Fokker 50 beside us.
photo 4885350010_2a0b51b8bc_b

The small airport terminal.
photo 4885348850_7d7045f887_b

Last glimpse of our plane with mountains in the background.
photo 4884748231_ca233bce05_b

As I mentioned, there were only 1 or 2 international arrivals a day with the rest of the flights being domestic. However, there were seperated terminals for domestic and international flights. Only 1 Visa-on arrival counter for arriving passengers and with our flight bringing pax of mostly Western origin, the visa-on-arrival queue snaked from the terminal out onto the tarmac! Luckily being Singaporean, we were able to bypass the queue to the immigration counters but with only 2 counters available, it still took quite a wait to clear immigration and customs. Baggage belt was at most 10 meters long that airport staff had to remove luggage from the belt to prevent bags from chocking at the end of the belt. In fact, the arrival hall was so small that it felt more like a room! The whole terminal seemed overwhelmed by our A319 planeload! What an interesting experience! But I guess thinks are going to change for the better as Lombok's new international airport would be opening soon. On with my holiday in Lombok!
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Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Mataram-Lombok Island - AMI



Comfortable flight on Silkair but IFE needs to be updated.



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