Review of SilkAir flight Mataram-Lombok Island Singapore in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 127
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 05 Aug 10, 19:30
Arrival at 05 Aug 10, 22:10
MI 59 reviews
By 2389
Published on 30th September 2013
05 August 2010
MI 127
Mataram Lombok (AMI) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

After a really relaxing holiday with a spa session by the beach just before departing to the airport, I literally had to drag myself to the airport for the flight home. The taxi driver had initially dropped us at the larger domestic terminal (there were no signages of stating which terminal was domestic or international) but upon entering the terminal we realised that all the flights shown on the FID display were domestic and the Silkair counter was no where to be found. It was only when we asked that the security guys informed that our Silkair flight would be departing from the building further down the road, about 50m away. So we had to drag ourselves over to the international terminal for check-in. Just like arrival, the check-in area was just like a small room with 3 desks opened for Silkair. The other airline using the terminal is Merpati, with their daily flight to Kuala Lumpur via Surabaya.

We were apparently one of the last few pax to check-in. A view of the check-in room. Departure tax payment and sole immigration counter was just beside, right of the photo.
photo 4884757117_c07a60d4ae_b

After clearing immigration, one can either hang out at the small cafe, 3 shops or this open-air pavilion.
photo 4884756995_f54307de33_b

If you decided to clear through security, you will end up at the gatehold room which consists of rows of metal benches and a toilet, with view of the tarmac.
photo 4885358576_e94c26bf6a_b

My boarding pass stub.
photo 4885360076_25cfdbbeb7_b

This evening, the airport was slightly busier, with another Merpati B733 on the tarmac. The flight was departing to Kuala Lumpur via Surabaya and was delayed for 2hrs. Our A319 had also arrived from Singapore. Wow, I had seen the other international departure!

Merpati B733 taxiing to the runway.
photo 4884757387_990c11ba81_b

Soon, boarding call was announced and we had a nice stroll across the tarmac to our A319 aircraft. Pax, including me, were posing for pictures in front of the plane with no interference from the ground staff, unlike in Singapore where eagle-eyed security officers would remind you that photo taking is not allowed once you whip out your camera on the tarmac while boarding at the budget terminal.

Walking to our plane, with passengers posing for photos. So nice!
photo 4885359342_f08e3bc2e6_b

Climbing up the stairs.
photo 4885359442_04a952726a_b

This A319, 9V-SBG, was fitted with new business and economy seats. The economy seats were supposed to be slim-line seats fitted with adjustable headrests, which equates to harder and more uncomfortable seats but an additional row of seats. This is true as I find the seats more comfortable and with more seatpitch on the older aircraft. Crew were equally friendly this evening, with a total of 7 cabin crew (!!) onboard. I then realised that 2 of them were trainee crew on their training flight. So we had a whopping 5 cabin crew in economy today! Our flight was 100% full in economy but business class was almost empty.

photo 4885359588_f912b9f77d_b

Definitely tighter seat pitch. Seats were also hard and slightly uncomfortable.
photo 4884757287_0f274ae167_b

Surprisingly, no boarding music was played this time round. After all pax had boarded, doors were immediately closed and engines were started. There was no need for pushback and the pilot just taxied and turned towards the runway. Flight time was announced to be 2hr30min at 36000ft. Safety video was also played.

Safety video playing.

The taxi to the runway was so short that the safety video was still playing while we were holding on the runway itself. After the video has ended, cabin crew walked through the cabin for a last inspection and switching on the reading lights for passengers who were reading before the cabin was dimmed. All this while, we were holding on the runway!

Dimmed cabin but the reading lights were very bright!
photo 4885360544_5d9f7ed843_b

After the cabin was secured, we blasted down the runway. The takeoff was very powerful!

After seatbelt signs were switched off, crew issued immigration forms and a round of WBJ. Screens also came down and showed silent programmes.

Cabin after takeoff.
photo 4884758805_39b0f713b7_b

Again after about 45min of cruise, dinner service commenced. There were a choice of Chicken with pasta or Spicy fish with rice. As we were seated at the second last row and the carts started from the front, the crew had ran out of the chicken when they reached us. So unwillingly, we had to settle for the fish even though the chicken option looked much more appetizing.

Dinner service.

photo 4885359802_487c562456_b

Fried fish with spicy sauce and rice. Again offered with fruits. Had a 7-up to go along. The meal was ok, nothing to shout about.
photo 4885359936_d00efa5b9a_b

After trays were cleared, I made a trip to the lavatories. The lavatories on this newer aircraft were fitted with wooden laminated flooring!
photo 4885359674_5f72887752_b

Amenities in the toilet. The only amenities were soap, tissues and sanitary pads…
photo 4884758905_d94f651dfc_b

As it was my birthday, my friend had arranged with Silkair to request a birthday cake, which was presented by the crew towards the end of the flight. As we were descending shortly, the crew packed the cake for me to take away at the end of the flight.

Strawberry cheese cake, compliments of Silkair. It was big!
photo 4885360242_c2251bef7f_b

Landing into Changi Rwy 20R.

Taxiing pass a BA B744 at T1.
photo 4884758469_2bd0efb5a6_b

Parked at T2 Gate E11.
photo 4884758569_d1f0b2887c_b

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Cabin crew7.5

Mataram-Lombok Island - AMI


Singapore - SIN



Silkair offers a decent product for its regional flights but I may hesitate to fly them on longer range flights due to lack of entertainment and amenities. If there were able to install proper IFE similar to Garuda on their B738NGs, it would definitely improve their product offerings. However with Silkair's low cost base, I don't see this happening in the near future.



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