Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Cape Town in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 480
Class Economy
Seat 55K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 11:35
Take-off 19 Jan 11, 01:25
Arrival at 19 Jan 11, 07:00
SQ   #7 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 660 reviews
By 4328
Published on 30th September 2013
This trip was booked with my Krisflyer miles, costing my about 47K miles for a return economy ticket. Taxes came up to nearly S$400. I and my friend decided to go to Cape Town as it is definitely something different from the European cities and of course, a continent I have not step foot on.

On the day of departure, arrived at Terminal 2 where the check-in hall seemed like a ghost town. It was almost practically empty as there were not many flights departing from T2 late at night. Check-in agents were just talking to each other or looking bored. Check-in was swift as we had performed an online check-in and baggage was sent on the way.

My boarding pass.
photo 5397772016_bc26f9d314_b

Immigration again was painless and our first stop was to the Greenmarket for a quick meal which luckily, we had as will be explained later.

Starters from buffet
photo 5397786348_4406d16fcd_b

Tempura Set
photo 5397770912_dfe4f13a6a_b

Grilled Mackerel Set
photo 5397770558_dcb01b90b5_b

Exploring T2 after the meal. It was very quiet at 12am at night.
photo 5397771790_b942e2c447_b

Silkair A320 and SQ B772 resting for the night.
photo 5397771228_6fa03dc75e_b

Maintenance works going on another Silkair plane.
photo 5397186895_74cbcb5434_b

19 January 2011
Singapore Airlines
SQ 480
Singapore (SIN) - Cape Town (CPT)
Economy Class

The departure gate, which was at E12, meant a long walk down the finger of the terminal to the last gate. Boarding was just started as we reached the gate. It was very orderly with the ground staff emphasizing that boarding has to be done by row numbers.
photo 5397173605_0752a61413_b

Our plane for the journey.
photo 5397173873_de86b722a1_b

Boarding in process. The flight was quite full, with about 220/255 pax load, mainly South Africans returning home after their summer vacation. Luckily our middle seat remained empty.
photo 5397773120_4dd477d426_b

At the gate.
photo 5397184333_b641ddc625_b

Already on the seats were a pillow and blanket. Pillows were the smaller blue ones and not ones used in the new cabins. However legroom was great as usual on the 772ER planes. And as I had chose row 55 where the cabin starts to curve towards the rear, the window seats get an extra 1-2 inches pitch!
photo 5397175375_b6189ddc9b_b

The seats on the older cabins, though quite hard, are more comfortable than the new economy seats, especially for long-legged guys like me. We are able to stretch our legs under seat in front but we could not do that on the new seats as the seat base is lower, restricting the movement of the legs. You can refer to my previous review of the new seats on SQ's A330 flight which was extremely flawed in design comfort.

After passengers had completed boarding, the same process starts of giving out hot towels and menus. Headsets were distributed after takeoff. We pushed back on time and taxied for takeoff. Flight time was announced to be 11hrs 30min.

Taxi to the runway.
photo 5397174565_782f7dbf57_b

Crossing the bridge to T3 and Runway 02L.

Takeoff into the night skies!

Climbing. Lights of Singapore in the distance.
photo 5397174953_08253852db_b

Lets have a look at the seat pocket contents.
photo 5397175727_d7ba358c34_b

After seatbelt signs were turned off, headsets and amenity kits (which comprises of socks and toothbrush only) were handed out.
photo 5397176033_1446892eac_b

Firstly, cabin crew came round with packets of nuts and drinks on trays. I had an orange juice.
photo 5397775426_5191534eae_b

Lets take a look at the menu and see what is served for supper (if you think that supper would be served).

light bites
Warm masala chicken with potato wrap


Warm double deck tuna sandwich

hot beverages
Coffee - Tea
Rooibos tea

Horrors! Where is the supper that is normally served on long-haul overnight flights?? On similar long-haul flights, SQ would serve a supper after takeoff but to South Africa, SQ won't even serve a proper meal? Shorther flights to Oz or NZ would get much better meals! I guess SQ's notion is that since there are no competition, why bother? Well I guess MH which also serves Cape Town is not much of a competition for SQ, and I am very sure MH would serve better meals.

Our refreshment, masala chicken with potato wrap. One word, PATHETIC. It was the type used to be served on short Penang flights. Not even a chocolate bar on the tray which Ozzie flights would get on their refreshment trays. Even the crew, though they were very nice and friendly, seemed embarrassed serving it. I spoke to one of the crew regarding it and he was also surprised that no supper was served for the long flight.
photo 5397176829_345f7c5f3c_b

2 bites and it was gone. Luckily we had a meal earlier. Other passengers would have to starve for the next 10hrs till breakfast.
photo 5397776230_a08b9e7bb0_b

After the meal, I had a visit to the lavatory. The lotions and mouthwash are still there..
photo 5397177693_e149cbb885_b

Only toothbrushes and combs. No more shaving kits.
photo 5397777050_e97d9f8d82_b

Paper towels have been replaced with facial towels.
photo 5397184659_1e7c33d5d7_b

I settled into a movie and the lights were turned off. Crew did came around with water frequently. A delectable snack was also served mid-flight in the darkness, which was quite forgetable.


Fancy a snack in between your meals?
Simply take your pick from our range of delectable snacks
when our cabin crew comes around during snack service.

Savoury sandwich
Vegetarian sandwich

Roasted peanuts
Granola cereal bar
Ferrero Rocher chocolate bar
Lay's potato chips

After nodding off for a few hours, the sun began to rise.
photo 5397178367_11751899b8_b

Clear blue skies.
photo 5397783822_8c7218dc5b_b

Lights were switched on about 2.5hrs before landing. Crew first came around with hot towels followed by juices. Well, I must say that this set of crew has shown that the service on SQ is till up there among the best, apart from a few younger ones who were quite robotic in their service. Probably it is due to the crew being excited to go to Cape Town (since they only get to go there 3 months each year when there are non-stop flights, the rest are only shuttles from Jo'burg).

Landfall into South Afican, or the Africa continent. My first glance of Africa too!. We were somewhere over Durban.
photo 5397778046_81ba777930_b

Crew serving breakfast.
photo 5397178791_7b003fd2af_b

Lets have a look at the breakfast menu.


Fruit appetizer

wholesome beginnings
Fried noodles with char siew style roast pork,
vegetables and mushroom


Mushroom omelette with chicken sausage and
hash brown potatoes

from the bakery
Breakfast roll
Butter - Fruit preserve

hot beverages
Coffee - Tea
Rooibos tea

Seems normal right? Lets look at the breakfast tray…
photo 5397179581_ba36f89d48_b

Something's missing? The tray seemed too empty? Yep, missing are the yoghurt, muffin and tub of water!! Terrible! We passengers to South Africa are not even worthy of a full SQ breakfast! Passengers on regional overnight flights get even better breakfasts than this! And the main courses are so small that I need to have 2 of them (compliments of the crew) to even feel a bit full.

Hard-as-rock roll, butter and jam, green chilli for noodles. Boy, do I miss TG's breakfast croissants.
photo 5397185465_c6f76ed87a_b

Pork char siew noodles. Nice but I could finish it in 3 mouthfuls.
photo 5397179969_157e15c63d_b

Mushroom omelette. It was ok.
photo 5397180359_06154466c1_b

Fruits. Slightly more variety this time round.
photo 5397180607_ed61f2ef29_b

Sea of clouds.
photo 5397780068_5813b6d268_b

We started our descend about half hour before arrival. Headsets were collected.

Descending into Cape Town with awesome views.
photo 5397181601_4648eb47e7_b

photo 5397780982_623c7a8d4b_b

Spoilers up…
photo 5397781108_8c69e7e644_b

For this sector, the crew did not rush to prepare the cabin for landing. The cabin crew only requested everyone to be seated and belted up about 15min prior to landing, which was different from the norm when the whole cabin would be in landing mode even before descend started.

Break in the clouds.
photo 5397785588_5d52fddce3_b

The view during approach and landing was beautiful! Cape town, lion's head and table mountain can be seen in the distance.
photo 5397781290_ce0b79d1a9_b

We are lower than table mountain!
photo 5397781558_449940d3db_b

Landing on Rwy19. The morning mist was very thick just before touchdown!

South African Airlink ERJ135
photo 5397185841_08dfe75c3e_b

Russian cargo plane
photo 5397186153_14701a2bf0_b

We parked beside a MH 744 which had also just arrived before us.
photo 5397781822_c622b6b475_b

Our aircraft during disembarkation.
photo 5397785936_c9bbf1afc8_b

Air Namibia B732
photo 5397183159_8995cd60b4_b

photo 5397782362_d895d4ef04_b

Welcome to South Africa!
photo 5397782726_50d9c0ffc6_b

Cape Town airport arrival hall.
photo 5397184005_5996a56c1b_b

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Overall, the service provided by the crew had been excellent. Apart from the newbies (whom one can easily tell by their robotic interaction), the rest of the crew are warm and friendly. Inflight entertainment is fine, of ocurse not as good as the ex3000 system. However, the food served is a real disaster. Most other airlines can serve much better food on similar length flights (budget airlines like Jetstar and Air Asia serve 2 full meals on their long haul flights even though it is payable). I am disgusted that passengers travelling to South Africa are discriminated against, probably due to low yields? However, being a world-class carrier, SQ should provide similar service wherever you are flying to.



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