Review of Singapore Airlines flight Paris Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 333
Class Economy
Seat 54B
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 11:50
Take-off 12 Feb 11, 11:15
Arrival at 13 Feb 11, 06:05
SQ   #5 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 630 reviews
By 5640
Published on 2nd October 2013
Now for the flight back. I had checked earlier on and it appeared that the flight was fully booked on Business and Economy. As usual, I checked in online a day before and was surprised that I was allocated the emergency seat row! Unlimited legroom without having to pay the extra! However, it was a middle seat but no worries, legroom is more important.

On the day of departure, reached CDG T1 about 2hrs before the flight and gosh, the queue for check-in was long! Luckily I had done online check-in earlier. After getting my tax refund on purchases, I proceeded to check-in my bags and get my boarding passes. According to the check-in agent, it was the start of the school holidays, thus explaining the full flight. In fact it was overbooked and I think a few pax were rebooked on another flight to their destination. Lots of kids on the flight too!

12 February 2011
Singapore Airlines
SQ 333
Paris CDG (CDG) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Went through immigration (where the EU line was much longer than the foreigners line) and immediately proceeded to the satellite where the plane was departing from. Security screening queue was long too (expected for a full A380 flight). After screening and entering the satellite building, there was not much else to do except for some plane spotting.

Retired Air France Concord
photo 5444883819_a7ca87e3f3_b

Air France B772
photo 5445485946_b9dea698be_b

US Airways A333
photo 5444884357_4c9e9f984b_b

SQ's boarding area and service desk. 3 gates were used to board our A380.
photo 5445486428_11fac3d2d7_b

The best I can get of the A380
photo 5445486670_bf53bf8bb3_b

Easyjet A319
photo 5444884953_4dbc75e0ff_b

My boarding pass. Main deck this time round, but emex exit row! Boarding was by sticker colour.
photo 5444893263_baa96e4028_b

Boarding commenced slightly more than 30min before STD. Even though the flight was full, boarding was orderly. However, no newspapers were available at the door.
photo 5445487520_cf357e8f56_b

Finally caught a glimpse of the reg no. 9V-SKE. My 2nd time onboard this aircraft! My first ever A380 flight was also onboard this plane.
photo 5444885919_2c48421aa0_b

Welcome onboard, Mr Yxxx. Amazingly, on all my last 4 SQ flights, I was welcomed by name at the door!! Proceeded to my seat at the aft cabin. As I was the first few to board, the cabin was still quite empty, but it began to fill up rapidly and was finally completely full.

photo 5444886175_1915b5f4f7_b

Economy class seat, First class legroom! But as I was in the middle seat, no videos will be available on this leg.
photo 5445488338_510054fb28_b

At the gate.
photo 5444886687_d567906e89_b

Surprisingly for the full flight, all pax boarded and settled down in a very orderly manner. In fact, everyone was onboard 10min before STD! And the cargo had not even finish loading yet. Flight time was announced to be 11hr 55 min, but on the flightmap, it showed only 11hrs 15min. Hot towels distributed and doors are closed right on schedule. We pushed back and taxied to the runway (the one nearer to T1) and departed towards the west.

After takeoff, amenity kits. menus and headsets were given out.

Climbing to 35000ft, I think. Not much views after this as it was cloudy most of the way.
photo 5444886883_6af974e20a_b

Just taken off.
photo 5445488994_41f82fb7a6_b

9V-SKE is equipped with the new e-Magazine feature on Krisworld. However Silver Kris magazines were still available in the seat pockets. After trying out the e-Mag feature, I would still say, gimme a real paper magazine anytime! It was too much of a chore to navigate through the system to read the text.
photo 5445489218_e03b8f55dd_b

Firstly, a full bar service was offered with peanuts. I had an apple juice.
photo 5444887637_134bc0cbce_b

Followed by a Singapore Sling. It was too strong! Compare the colour with that on my Cape Town flight.
photo 5444887937_589674182e_b

After bar service, lunch was served. Lets look at the menu.


Potato salad with baby shrimps

main Courses
Braised beef in red wine with seasonal
vegetables and potatoes


Stirfried fish fillet with celery in garlic sauce,
chinese vegetables and steamed rice

Cheese and crackers

Opera cake

from the bakery
Roll and butter

hot beverages
Coffee - Tea

Nope, there was no typo error. The oriental selection was exactly the same as the outbound from Singapore!! Well, it better not be uplifted from Singapore too!

I had the beef selection as it sounded better. Meal tray.
photo 5445490300_57b8cf7625_b

Courses unveiled. Baby shrimps were not too fresh. Beef and cake was good. Cheese was just a cheese spread. And who can forget the hard-rock bread (this time it was even harder!). I always wonder why SQ just cannot get their bread rolls right. Just use soft bread!
photo 5444888929_b5ef85b539_b

Service was rather fast (well, the inflight supervisor also came to help in economy. Suites must be empty then) but not too friendly, especially with the repeated pinging of call bells. In fact, call bells will ping almost every 5-10mins! If I were the crew member, I would also be annoyed.

Cabin view after lunch.
photo 5444888229_d266cec974_b

photo 5444889073_e3b746868d_b

Nightfall, but everyone were still awake. Well, it was still daytime in Paris. And as usual, the pinging of call bells continued every 15min.
photo 5445490998_910b867672_b

Snacks were laid out in the galley for pax to help themselves. 2 rounds of snack service were also conducted during the flight. However, pax prefer to go to the galley to help themselves to the snacks and chat among themselves there. Crew then tried to draw the curtains to keep pax out of the galley but to no avail as more came forward to help themselves to snacks and request for drinks. The crew members in the aft galley seemed stressed by this, and not to mention the continued pinging.


Fancy a snack in between your meals?
Simply take your pick from our range of delectable snacks
when our cabin crew comes around during snack service.

Savoury sandwich
Vegetarian sandwich

Roasted peanuts
Potato chips
Chocolate bar
Marble cake
Assorted biscuits

Snacks laid out in the galley.
photo 5445491298_3e7c25678c_b

Probably due to the unexpected short flight, lights were only switched on slightly less than 2hrs before landing. Normally, lights would be on 3hrs before landing. Hot towels offered and breakfast was served. Crew were quite in a rush now and the first breakfast trays only appeared 1.5hrs before landing.


Fruit appetizer

light starter
Fruit yoghurt

wholesome beginnings
Fried noodles with shredded pork, mushroom
and vegetables


Scrambled egg with tomato concasse, sauteed mushrooms,
chicken sausages and potatoes

from the bakery
Assorted breakfast rolls
Butter - Fruit preserve

hot beverages
Coffee - Tea

I only received my tray about 1hr before landing. And I was the first row to be served in the aft cabin! See how near we are to Singapore by now.
photo 5444889993_86b3de8b38_b

Chose the noodles which was actually not bad. Fruits, yoghurt and muffin were good too. Only the bread roll had become even tougher after the long flight. I guess one can use the bread rolls to stone somebody to death:biggrin:
photo 5445492198_9250f02bde_b

After breakfast was distributed, 2 empty carts came out to each aisle with the 2 crew on each aisle busy collecting back the empty trays. By then, we were only 40mins to arrival and the crew seemed flustered by the rush. Well, I went to the lavatory after finishing breakfastand stayed around there to get out of the way of the busy crew.

Tray collection
photo 5445492476_6dc348f12e_b

How to arm a Airbus door
photo 5444890993_119e507bf8_b

Spotted this small lift beside the toilet used to send meals and other stuff to the upper deck or vv.
photo 5445493156_20b991fa53_b

Door 5R.
photo 5445493402_ddac116522_b

Pilot's announcement came on and we were soon descending into Singapore. As the crew were all still busy clearing the galley, they only came around to collect headsets and check that pax had been readied for landing much later than usual. In fact, the crew only went to their landing positions when the pilot announced so. All looked so tired out with no smiles by then, haha.

We slammed onto the runway (with young children shocked to tears by the hard landing) 50min early at 0605hrs when the STA is 0655hrs. That was a really fast flight with strong tail winds! I could actually reach home even before the STA!

9V-SKE after disembarkation.
photo 5444891785_3a8b4d33b7_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Paris - CDG


Singapore - SIN



Probably due to the full flight but overall, I felt that the service provided on the 2 flights were just average and not too personal. Little smiles and robotic going-through the motion. Food wise, of course much better than my previous Cape Town flight (except for the bread roll). Punctuality, perfect!

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