Review of Cebu Pacific flight Manila Caticlan (Boracay) in Economy

Airline Cebu Pacific
Flight 5J 895
Class Economy
Seat 12D
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 28 Apr 11, 08:25
Arrival at 28 Apr 11, 09:25
5J 18 reviews
By 3571
Published on 2nd October 2013
The free shuttle bus ride from T1 to T3 took about 15min, making stops at T2(PR Terminal) and T4 (Domestic Terminal). Most passengers on the shuttle bus were transferring to T3 for Cebu Pacific flights, including quite a number on my Tiger flight. T3 was a complete contrast to T1, new and felt a bit like Bangkok's Sumbvarnabumi, but a bit sterile. Half the terminal was still closed off (with the only International airline being ANA) with the other half operating Cebu Pacific(5J) and Airphil Express(2P) flights. 5J was the major carrier though with long queues at the check-in counters.

Terminal 3 5J morning peak
photo 5694052120_1ffd7eb718_b

Common check-in for 5J domestic flights. Quite a long wait even with all counter opened. Check-in agents were all sweet young things (no one above the age of 40 in sight at the check-in desks) and all seemed happy performing their duties.
photo 5693480647_9bbd88c9e4_b

Receipt type boarding pass again.
photo 5694618395_ed58a3c552_b

I proceeded to explore the terminal after check-in. Not much facilities except for some eateries at the public area. The other other international airline, ANA, is also beginning its check-in process.
photo 5693480849_fee62694fb_b

One interesting thing observed: All passengers on flights to Caticlan have to go to the Body Weight counter before proceeding through security. There, agent will weight each passenger together with their hand luggage. This is due to the extremely short runway in Caticlan (only about 900m) and so aircrafts takeoff/landing there are severely weight restricted, which means calculating the exact weight of the plane is extremely crucial for a safe takeoff or landing. Check-in bags on Caticlan flights were also restricted to 10kgs and handcarry luggage at 5kgs.
photo 5694052402_111e327ee9_b

After this, I went to pay my 200pesos terminal charge (no airport tax included in tickets from Philippines) and through security. Security checks are done my gender, with each line specified for either males or females. Shoes have to be put through the xray machines too!!

Inside the departure area, the facilities are quite basic. Majority of the terminal remained closed though.
photo 5693481111_f2a436bf03_b

The 2 airlines operating from T3. Have a fun flight, everyone.
photo 5694052592_e74fe8dc4f_b

As we were flying turboprops, our plane would be parked at the remote stand. And so, the departure gate was a bus gate. Several other flights were also departing from the bus gates.
photo 5694052688_0128f722a1_b

28 April 2011
Cebu Pacific
5J 895
Manila (MNL) - Caticlan (MPH)
Budget Class

My 5J flight to Caticlan was only about S$70, which was relatively cheap considering how airlines normally charged astronomically high prices to Caticlan. Boarding was announced right on schedule. We were ferried by bus to our ATR72 aircraft parked on the tarmac with other props. Most passengers were also beach goers to Boracay
photo 5693481355_8486a5cf91_b

Boarding the ATR72.
photo 5693481421_87e0977e47_b

We received a friendly welcome by a crew at the door and proceeded to our seats. There was another crew member at the front of the plane assisting in the boarding process.
photo 5693481501_e205aa5aa8_b

Cabin still being boarded.
photo 5694055194_e4159c18f5_b

One of the aspects of 5J being a fun airline, pop songs were playing during the whole boarding process. Everyone were in a relaxed mood and some kids were even singing with the songs!

Katy Perry's Fireworks being played!!

One of the 2 well-groomed and friendly crew.
photo 5694055106_eefe0f8eac_b

Seat pitch is reasonable. Slightly better than the earlier Tiger flight. But the leather upholstery looked quite worn.
photo 5694053000_2cb998ce5b_b

At the stand with 2P planes beside. I would be flying the albino 2P Dash8 when returning!
photo 5694053086_c18c96e0b7_b

Safety card.
photo 5694053206_635c57257d_b

With inflight mag and airsick bag.
photo 5693481899_1b6883747e_b

A 5J A320 taxied past behind.
photo 5693481961_cd9e909cf8_b

Boarding was completed on time and the flight was totally full!! Flight time was announced to be 1hr. Crew then did a live safety demo. No dancing though, haha.

Engines started up and our ATR72 taxied to Rwy13 (the shorter of the 2 MNL runways) for takeoff.
photo 5694053512_6c7a0a3c5f_b

5J ATR72 and 2P DH8-400
photo 5693482095_d8ea37e023_b

The taxi, though only a short distance, took quite a while as many planes were queuing for takeoff. We passed the domestic terminal, T4, which is right at the end of Rwy13. Lots of Zest Air planes parked there too.

Holding at the start of Rwy13.
photo 5694055028_942f3e4cfe_b

Takeoff to Boracay!!

Making a right turn.
photo 5694053740_69f21ec10b_b

Over southern suburbs of Manila.
photo 5694053884_5a89daa721_b

Into the clouds.
photo 5694054964_c12533e0a7_b

Shortly after takeoff, seatbelt signs were turned of and service started. It was a great sunny day for flying with hardly any turbulence!

Second point why 5J is a fun airline, the crew started playing a game with the pax!! The crew announced that they would name some items and the first pax to raise up the item would get a prize, which is a 5J toiletries-type bag. 3 prizes were given out!

Following the game, the crew came down the aisle with 5J collectible items for sale. No offers of any BOB food/drinks though. I just while the flight away staring out at the window and catching a short nap.

Cabin view inflight. Note the 2 rear-facing passenger seats right at the front?
photo 5693482481_d79cea3f4a_b

Nice blue skies.
photo 5693482561_e24a153d3e_b

Over some clouds, but flight was still smooth.
photo 5693482645_d982daec99_b

Some Philippine islands in the middle of the open sea.
photo 5693482739_c58b5895bf_b

We soon started a steep descent into Caticlan. The approach into Caticlan was spectacular!!

Flaps down and approaching back to the coast.
photo 5693482815_bc44a59b24_b

Flying beside hills.
photo 5694054228_f050d5a1df_b

Passing a small seaside town.
photo 5693482999_da72df209d_b

The landing to Caticlan was amzing! Beautiful scenery before touchdown and hard braking on the short 900m runway! A few aircrafts had either landed short or overrun the runway in the past. Watch the video for the landing!

Parked at the tarmac, with the 2P albino prop just landed after us.
photo 5694054436_90e87d0b53_b

Albino prop parked beside us. I think the tarmac can only allow a maximum of 4 planes to be parked.
photo 5693483573_2f7ae18014_b

photo 5694054542_0901772b97_b

Last look at the ATR72. Baggage being unloaded.
photo 5693483357_decf753f6c_b

The arrival hall is just a sheltered shed. Passengers will wait there for their check-in bags to be delivered directly to them from the plane on carts.
photo 5693483475_fd4a8bf20e_b

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Overall a short and interesting flight on Cebu Pacific. Not much service except for the inflight entertainment but this is expected for the budget airline. Start of my beach retreat!

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