Review of Singapore Airlines flight Manila Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 917
Class Business
Seat 15A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 03:20
Take-off 03 May 11, 14:10
Arrival at 03 May 11, 17:30
SQ   #3 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 632 reviews
By 6476
Published on 3rd October 2013
As mentioned earlier, I had initially redeemed economy tickets for the flight back on SQ. But recently with the 50% off redemption miles applicable for my flight, we cancelled our economy tickets and booked on business class instead for almost the same number of miles! It would be my first SQ business class experience, even though it would be on the old regional business class seat (if I had returned 1 day early, I would have scored a spacebed as SQ sent a B744 to MNL on SQ910/917 the day before due to the high loads in economy).

On the day of departure, we took a cab to NAIA T1, the crappiest terminal of NAIA (imagine going back to the 70s) and as expected, was stuck in a slight jam. We arrived 2hrs before departure time and proceeded to check-in after security checks at the entrance.

NAIA T1 Check-in hall
photo 5699647092_26f9f559d1_b

SQ's check-in counters were located at a corner. First and Business queues were non-existent but Economy was long (not seen in photo). There were about 8 check-in counters opened for the flight.
photo 5699074569_275e2dbb06_b

My first ever SQ Business Class boarding pass!
photo 5699663430_04229de402_b

After check-in, all pax have to pay a 750pesos terminal fee (why does the crappy T1 charges the same as the much newer T2 or T3?) followed by security and departure immigration. Through that, I proceeded to the Silver Kris Lounge located beside Gate 7.
photo 5699647200_9ec6dc6c6f_b

Singapore Girl welcoming us to the lounge.
photo 5699649138_4a190db7a0_b

The lounge has 2 sections, First and Business, but was quite small, however with a reasonable selection of food and drinks. No shower facilities too but there was free wifi and a work area. The lounge filled up with quite a number of passengers.

Hot food selection
photo 5699647656_a39647c2d0_b

Sandwiches and cakes.
photo 5699647780_c20088cf34_b

Some of the food I had.
photo 5699075639_d1fa8fdd8a_b

Coffee after refreshments.
photo 5699648512_6378fdc132_b

As the lounge faces the active runway, it offers a great view for plane-spotting!

Cathay B744 parked just beside the lounge.
photo 5699075165_7e9e4f466a_b

TG A333 arrived from BKK
photo 5699648066_d0a95a5c02_b

KE B773 taxi for takeoff to ICN
photo 5699075913_03bbc13d7f_b

SV B744 landing.
photo 5699648292_9d0739a725_b

CX B744 push back. This aircraft is an ex-SQ plane! (PW4056 engines)
photo 5699076087_d2d78446a9_b

PR B744 landing
photo 5699076697_fcbf0c3580_b

JL B763 arrived.
photo 5699648844_7830f529bc_b

Arrival of 9V-SQC. 3rd oldest B777 in SQ's fleet. Almost 14yrs old!!
photo 5699648636_74e8b76745_b

Of course, there were also lots of other local airlines (5J, 2P etc) departing and arriving.

About half hour before departure time, we left the lounge for our aircraft at Gate 9.
photo 5699649268_2a115cc930_b

Shops in the terminal building. Felt like a shopping center in the 80s.
photo 5699649420_2c46273e89_b

At the gate.
photo 5699077241_17e5a4099a_b

Gatehold room. The flight was pretty full! I was so glad to have upgraded to Business Class! Found out that the load is 3F/31J/222Y. Chock-a-block in economy today!
photo 5699077383_3548151a4b_b

SQC still being refueled.
photo 5699649832_41360ed9b1_b

03 May 2011
Singapore Airlines
SQ 917
Manila (MNL) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

Boarding started quite late at about 1400hrs for a 1410hrs departure. No reasons given for the late boarding though. I was welcomed aboard (but not greeted by name at the door, opposite of my last 4 SQ flights where I was greeted by name even though I was flying economy). Proceeded to my seat at the first row of the aft business cabin. A big pillow and a blanket were already on the seat. Menu and headphones were preset in the magazine rack at the seat.
photo 5699077635_17ea5dba67_b

Boarding in progress.
photo 5699650170_2c655208ae_b

At the gate.
photo 5699077765_a7257458e9_b

Legroom at Row 15. Nice! Newspapers were also offered but not magazines.
photo 5699650366_caedd33a78_b

Following that, hot towels and welcome drinks were offered. What better way to start my first Business Class experience than a Bollinger Special Cuvee champagne!
photo 5699078285_d4c04e9a27_b

Boarding was completed quickly and we started our pushback 10min late. Flight time was estimated to be 3hrs.
photo 5699650562_aee1979290_b

Safety video was shown and we had a short taxi to Rwy06.

There was no queue for takeoff! Unlike an hour ago when I saw a long queue of planes waiting for takeoff, some even waited for almost half hour!
Takeoff from Rwy06. Downtown Makati can be seen!

Office towers in Makati can be seen!
photo 5699650664_06be979a61_b

Making a right turn towards Singapore.
photo 5699650774_af6594755f_b

photo 5699078633_a8fde0d32d_b

After seatbelt signs were off, the crew came around with the Business class amenity kit of sockettes and eyeshades.
photo 5699078991_0b37e62fe4_b

Noise-cancellation headphones.
photo 5699078765_c6e1012191_b

All the inflight mags and menu.
photo 5699651104_6e9946875a_b

Lets take a look at the beverages available:

Champagne and Wines
photo 5699081981_a1e2a7e920_b

More Wines and Port
photo 5699654130_e4375f983c_b

Cocktails and Spirits
photo 5699079137_1c06245ab0_b

Coffees and Teas. The selection is mind boggling!
photo 5699079303_1be37a6c1a_b

Of course, juices and soft drinks (similar to economy) are also available.

Now for the food menu! Light meal would be served on this flight.
photo 5699651678_07227789b8_b

The crew then came around with post-takeoff drinks and a packet of nuts. I had ordered a Silver Kris Sling earlier on. Choices of main meals were also taken.
photo 5699651788_b3df341b95_b

More champagne!
photo 5699079689_1ebd2b2b22_b

I made a quick visit to the lavatory. Similar to economy, just better L'occitan amenities.
photo 5699079811_de87b7ddc9_b

photo 5699079909_0966bbe98f_b

Meal service starts! Firstly the meal tray with starter was handed out.
photo 5699652376_71583c8e84_b

Hot smoked salmon with pear slaw
Oven smoked salmon served with pear coleslaw, mixed salad, salmon roes and lemon
It was not bad!
photo 5699652576_325d312bf7_b

A selection of bread was offered. I had the garlic bread and a soft roll.
photo 5699652428_411b60794e_b

After the starter was cleared, crew handed out main courses from the galley.
photo 5699654000_acd7beaa6e_b

Rellenong manok
Filipino style chicken stuffed with pork, sauteed green beans, carrots and steamed rice
I had this dish. It was good. Presentation was also great.
photo 5699080557_7774a309f3_b

Seared pork fillet and confit pork belly, apple chutney, savoy cabbage, fondant potato
Exclusively created by Gordon Ramsay, London
I also tried some of my friend's pork. It was delicious! But the pork belly may not appeal to some.
photo 5699652852_a72b28d4c1_b

New York Cheesecake (It was a bit rich for my liking though)
photo 5699080843_c510662b9a_b

To round off the meal, I had a Colombian Supremo coffee.
photo 5699080957_3280e38724_b

Crew clearing the meals.
photo 5699653224_4b79f90618_b

We flew into some rough weather, but the turbulence was not too bad.
photo 5699082067_1375ba4bfc_b

After the heavy light meal, I just relaxed in my seat. Even though the seat is a regional business class seat, it was still rather comfortable with great legroom and descent recline (maybe i was too used to economy). I am sure the new business class seats would be much better! However inflight entertainment was crap on this non AVOD equipped aircraft. Screen quality was fuzzy and choices of films limited. Even the audio channel I wanted to listen to was not working! So I just switched on the flight map for entertainment.
photo 5699654420_9aa87f4c09_b

Also had a TWG Singapore Breakfast Tea with honey.
photo 5699653368_989635ebc5_b

All too soon, the flight came to an end as we started our descend into Singapore.
photo 5699081271_59d4aae4da_b

Approaching Bintan. The crew handed out bottles of water to each passenger and secured the cabin for landing.
photo 5699081361_eaf11c35a7_b

We flew around in circles as it was arrival peak at Changi. Sunset over Indonesian islands.
photo 5699081425_c6f05575ff_b

Final approach into Changi Rwy02L.
photo 5699081515_26485aaf8f_b

Landing into Changi. QF A380 landed just before us!

Touched down about 10min late. After landing, we had a long taxi to Terminal 2 Gate F37.
photo 5699081619_733a41ab23_b

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It was a good experience on SQ Business Class. As I am mainly an economy flyer, I could not compare to any previous biz experience, but it is definitely better than any economy flight! Hopefully I can get the chance to fly on business class again in the near future, be it SQ or any other airline!

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