Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Flight 3K 513
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 17 Aug 11, 19:10
Arrival at 17 Aug 11, 20:30
3K 49 reviews
By 2521
Published on 5th October 2013
Barely a week after my trip to Auckland, it was yet another short trip to the neighbouring city of Bangkok. Purpose of trip: Food, massages, and more food! With so many reports on the SIN-BKK sectors around, it will mainly be a pictorial report. Outbound is on Jetstar while inbound was booked on Thai AirAsia (Jetstar's evening return flight is too late for my liking even though prices are slightly cheaper).

Checked in about 2hrs before departure for the evening flight and proceeded to The Green Market in Terminal 2 for a free set meal compliments of my credit card. Priority Pass holders will get the same set meal too! Lets take a look at the set meal offering:

Japanese appetisers buffet
photo 6069756294_07f44ed6e7_b

Grilled cod fish
photo 6069756574_3e157afe71_b

photo 6069209959_8531ca33a7_b

Steamed egg. There was also a bowl of garlic rice and a lime juice drink.
photo 6069757264_4253639603_b

After dinner, we proceeded to the gate. Flight had just started boarding. It seems that quite a number of passengers were connecting from the Jetstar MEL & AKL flights.

17 August 2011
Jetstar Asia
3K 513
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class

Yep, Jetstar do issue proper boarding passes.
photo 6069210647_35533b514c_b

My 3rd flight on 9V-JSC, having just flown on her a month earlier from KL.
photo 6069210963_9a9b1684cb_b

Couple of SQ A333s departing.
photo 6069211155_ebcaf7024c_b

This plane has the Valuair titles too!
photo 6069758282_8a0bf7628e_b

Crew preparing the plane for departure. Flight time was 2hrs. Load was about 60-70%, not too full.
photo 6069758682_6dddb8902e_b

Myth: All seats on 3K's A320 are 29 pitch.
Truth: Only the seats in front have 29 pitch. Those in the rear have horrible seat pitch!
I was seated in row 29 (2nd last row) and the legroom is so much less than when I was seated in row 10 on this exact same aircraft!

Row 29 legroom
photo 6069212229_532cac3d02_b

Row 10 legroom (from previous flight)
photo 5957710931_96c655cd80_b

Note to myself: Try not to get seats towards the rear of the plane if possible on the next 3K A320 flight.

We pushed back on-time.
photo 6069759184_9a1c0d7fc7_b

Some plane spotting during the short taxi to the active runway 20C. We were number 6 for takeoff. Busy evening at Changi!

Good to see you again! Jetstar's A332 VH-EBE preparing for her flight to Auckland. Flew her just a week before this trip back from AKL.
photo 6069212703_d3cf19aaf0_b

Jet Airways A332.
photo 6069213089_98ff94ac41_b

Another A330, this time a Qantas A333.
photo 6069213595_5c115df9ca_b

After holding for more about 10min, we finally took off from Rwy20C.

Making a turn back towards the airport.
photo 6069762842_1a54cc087d_b

Dusk over Singapore. You can spot T3 at the bottom right corner.
photo 6069760858_5455c51727_b

The sky is on fire!
photo 6069214609_d6b1938428_b

Stuff in seat pocket.
photo 6069214873_aee73d9aeb_b

Shortly after seat belt signs were switched off, crew came down with immigration forms followed by onboard food and beverage sales. Sales on this flight were not bad, and a number of passengers even ordered hot meals! Great commission for the cabin crew I guess. However as I had my meal earlier on, I did not order anything on this short flight.

Crew conducting BOB service.

Final few minutes of sunlight.
photo 6069216395_18c0958bb6_b

Cabin view
photo 6069761696_8fe95233af_b

All too soon, we started our descent into Bangkok. Somewhere over Pattaya, I think.
photo 6069761840_6e50fa4332_b

Final approach to Rwy19R.
photo 6069762330_c78a60eed9_b

We landed 10min ahead of schedule. Not bad!

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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



Another smooth flight on Jetstar, just don't sit near the rear of the plane in the future.

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