Review of Tiger Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR 2106
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 30 Oct 11, 09:40
Arrival at 30 Oct 11, 11:15
TR 39 reviews
By 2713
Published on 5th October 2013
This trip was initially booked to involve 3 nights stay each in Bangkok and Taipei but due to the flooding situation in Bangkok, the Bangkok stay was canned. With some re-adjustments of flights, I would be flying to Taiwan for the whole 6 nights, clocking 4 different airlines (Tiger, KLM, TransAsia and SQ) in 3 classes (budget, economy and business!). It was a really terrific trip to Taiwan!! Cheap and great food, friendly locals, beautiful scenery, a holiday mecca for us Singaporeans! So lets get on with the report proper.

My routing up to Taipei would involved a transit stop in Bangkok as I could not cancel my flights but just reschedule them. The first flight would be a budget airline flight to BKK on Tiger. Initially I was booked on TR2112 but in order to catch the KLM flight to TPE, I had to change to an earlier flight. A change fee was paid through the online website even though Tiger offered a free rescheduling for pax to BKK by calling in, but the hotline was impossible to get through! I had sent a feedback to Tiger regarding my change fees but I am not getting my hopes high here.

30 October 2011
Tiger Airways
TR 2106
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Budget Class

As Tiger flights have been covered countless times and they all feel the same regardless of destination, ie. minimal service, this sector would be more pictorial.

Departing from Gate 8 of Budget Terminal.
photo 6318977812_b7e1565612_b

9V-TAT will be flying me to BKK. 3rd time on this exact aircraft in less than half a year!
photo 6318977980_93ec62874c_b

Was given Emex row for free!
photo 6318978158_4af6d9500e_b

Tiger Tales, BOB menu and safety card.
photo 6318978466_231dc6a20a_b

Tiger's newest A320 beside.
photo 6318978600_17697034f4_b

Fireflying off to Malaysia
photo 6318458225_4bb11d3c93_b

As the pax load was very light (around 50-60 pax), boarding was completed swiftly and doors closed. Safety demo was done. 4 female crew onboard today. Tiger recently hired quite a number of foreign crew. Today, 2 cabin crew (including the purser) and 1 pilot were Philippine nationals.
photo 6318457637_cba48b5df5_b

Pushed back 10min late even though doors were closed early. Probably due to traffic.
photo 6318979210_74b082c5e2_b

SQ and MI birds queuing for takeoff.
photo 6318458795_f18baff430_b

Taxi to Rwy02C.
photo 6318459091_54a5c1a221_b


Blue skies
photo 6318979862_cf25f98c98_b

Post take-off announcement.

Climbing to our cruising altitude of 30,000ft. Quite a low altitude today.
photo 6318459361_1a437f5868_b

Crew conducting buy-on-board service.
photo 6318459499_bc2e349527_b

Wonderful seat pitch again
photo 6318980208_55ef5e1e18_b

What to do in an emergency.
photo 6318980546_f3baeca4ce_b

Look how empty the flight was!
photo 6318980338_5029e0547a_b

Cabin view from the rear.
photo 6318980686_b63a876005_b

Starting descent into BKK
photo 6318980800_3bd1c2c5e0_b

We were put in a holding pattern south of BKK for 15min due to congestion in BKK.
photo 6318980906_33a0b20d81_b

Flew up beside the airport and turned back south. No floods seen around the airport perimeter.
photo 6318460457_0c2c2a8211_b

On finals to Rwy01R with flooded fields in sight. Is this normal?
photo 6318460571_8602bb13fc_b

Landing on Rwy 01R 15min late due to air-traffic congestion.

Welcome to TG land.
photo 6318981258_f06e4f9728_b

Eithad B77W, Orient Thai and S7.
photo 6318993504_24dbaecb55_b

Transaero B744. Ex-SQ plane I guess.
photo 6318473319_d55720cac1_b

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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



Overall, the empty plane and emex seat row made this short hop quite a pleasant ride.

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