Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Cairo Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH8453
Class Economy
Seat 50K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 09:35
Take-off 19 Apr 20, 14:00
Arrival at 20 Apr 20, 05:35
MH 203 reviews
Mohd Amiruddin
Published on 15th October 2020

Airline : Malaysia Airlines
Flight : MH 8453
Route : Cairo – Kuala Lumpur
Aircraft : A380
Duration : 11 Hours
Date : 19th April 2020

Hello again! This time I will be reporting a special repatriation flight report.

Egypt has imposed a partial lockdown since early of March, hence all education institution has to be closed. After a month of lockdown, finally a non-government student agency has made a step to bring Malaysian student home in corporation with Malaysia’s national flag carrier Malaysia Airlines on a special repatriation flight.

However this is not free, but with a fare reaching MYR4500 ($1080) one way per head. My flight is the second flight after a very successful and historic flight 3 weeks earlier before my flight. The first flight was operated by Airbus A330-300, but due to increasing demand Malaysia Airlines agreed to send their giant Airbus A380 that could carry almost 450 passengers, and suprisingly this flight is full!

As any other repatriation flight, this flight aimed to carry Malaysian students who wished to go home and also to bring back stranded Malaysian expats and tourists after closure of Cairo Airport for commercial flight since 18th of March.

On the day of departure, we were asked to gather at one place because our bus will take us to the airport. We were given breakfast and the bus shuttle service are all included in the price we paid.

photo picture_20201015_112324482

There were 8 buses from Cairo governorate. Other buses from other governorates such as Alexandria, Mansoura and Tanta also heading to Cairo Airport that morning.

As you can see, Egyptian is so stubborn. They didn’t mind hanging out at the street and drinking chai (tea) with friends. No social/physical distancing, no mask and no care at all like there’s nothing happen at that time.

photo picture_20201015_112344924

Entering Cairo Airport

photo picture_20201015_112403915

Most of the buses from other governorates have arrived earlier.

photo picture_20201015_112422530

A very long queue to enter the small Terminal 1’s entrance.

photo picture_20201015_112440526

Lining for check-in. We were given 30 kg luggage allowance each

photo picture_20201015_112509408

It was a very rare sight to see ‘Kuala Lumpur’ in Cairo Airport

photo picture_20201015_112531063

Enter text here…

photo picture_20201015_112551619

Our lovely cabin crew just arrived to the airport. They arrived in Cairo a day before today’s flight

photo picture_20201015_112613104

Seat number was given randomly and I was so lucky to get window seat. This boarding pass I will keep as it is very memorable for me.

photo picture_20201015_112631984


]One hour before departure time, we were carried to the aircraft by bus. Look, airport authority never mind about social distancing

photo picture_20201015_112653899

For record, Malaysia Airlines is the second airlines that bring Airbus A380 to Cairo. The first is Emirates Airlines which operate regular A380 service to Cairo four times weekly.

photo picture_20201015_112721310

Feel so close to home right now!

photo picture_20201015_112740792

Two cabin crew were waiting at the ground before the stair at two doors for temperature scanning

photo picture_20201015_112757338

We were welcomed ‘Selamat Datang’ at the aircraft door and directed to our respective aisle.
What a massive wing!

photo picture_20201015_112819573

Legroom is excellent for me 

photo picture_20201015_112858663

Enter text here…

photo picture_20201015_112840627

Passenger announcement. Chief flight attendant welcomed us on this special flight back home and thanked us for choosing Malaysia Airlines.

photo picture_20201015_112918317

This flight will take approximately 11 hours

photo picture_20201015_112941228

Inflight entertainment

photo picture_20201015_113004429

Lunch was served shortly after take off. Our friendly cabin crew showed a paper with chicken or beef pictures for us to make a selection. Meal prepared by Cairo airport catering. I chose beef curry with rice, together with chocolate cake, egyptian style salad, orange juice and MH’s salted peanut

photo picture_20201015_113023806

I spent my time sleeping until we reached Sumatera Island where cabin light is turned on for breakfast service.

photo picture_20201015_113043333

No option for breakfast, we were served cheese omellete with sausage and baked potato. Turkey ham and cheese, yoghurt, bread roll and spread. Hot drinks were also available.

photo picture_20201015_113100450

Cabin crew took some pictures with other passengers. I could see they are so friendly and enjoy doing their service on this flight.

photo picture_20201015_113125600

Approaching Kuala Lumpur Airport

photo picture_20201015_113159357

Safely landed at 5.35 am.

photo picture_20201015_113215722

Cabin crew welcomed us home and we prayed together that this Covid-19 will disappear one day and prayed we are all in good health. Together we care, together we fight Covid-19.

After arrival, we were hold in a waiting hall before released to immigration and health clearance. All by group of 15 passengers.

photo picture_20201015_113141558

As if you know, KLIA has aerotrain to transfer passenger between main terminal and satellite terminal. But during this time, no aerotrain service but we were transferred by bus that carry 15 passengers in each trip.

Arrived at Kuala Lumpur Airport at 5.35 am and we were released to our quarantine hotel at 11 am after a long procedure of immigration, health screening, hotel arrangement, baggage reclaim, luggage sanitation, waiting for bus that will carry us to our quarantine station.

photo picture_20201015_113233442

At this time, the government of Malaysia supported the cost of obligatory quarantine for those who coming back from overseas. We were escorted by police to our respective hotel. However as of July, all Malaysian from overseas have to pay half of the actual cost while foreigners must pay in full cost.

This is not the last and only repatriation flight from Egypt. If I could remember, there were around 12 repatriation flights operated by Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia X.

*Why so many flights? because Egypt is one of the largest country where Malaysian live in.

Now I have return to Egypt to continue my class. I flew with Turkish Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Cairo via Istanbul. Economy class from Kuala Lumpur and Business class from Istanbul.

photo picture_20200927_141924572

photo picture_20200928_104008825

Feel free to watch my videos my YouTube channel. However this repatriation flight is not covered in my YouTube channel due to lack of video documentation.

Thank you for reading :)

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Thank you Mum, Malaysia Airline, Government of Malaysia, Healthcare frontliners, Royal Malaysian Police, and Royal Malaysian Armed Force :*



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