Review of TransAsia Airways flight Taipei City Hualien in Economy

Airline TransAsia Airways
Flight GE 7
Class Economy
Seat 7D
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 02 Nov 11, 07:00
Arrival at 02 Nov 11, 07:35
GE 21 reviews
By 2905
Published on 6th October 2013
Since we were to be in Taipei for 6 nights, we decided to get out of Taipei to Taroko Gorge for a day-trip. In order to save time traveling, we joined a day tour from Taipei to Taroko Gorge, flying to the city of Hualien on TransAsia Airways early in the morning and returning back to Taipei by train in the evening. The city of Hualien is only 120km from Taipei and the flight from Taipei to Hualien is the shortest flight I have ever flown on a plane. Probably one of the shortest scheduled flights in the world too? And the route is also probably one of the exotic routes to fly on. It would be interesting to experience such a short domestic flight in Taiwan.

The flight was scheduled to depart from Taipei Songshan, which is the domestic airport (currently also used for limited international services to Japan and Mainland China) right smack in the city center, at 0700hrs. We were picked up from the hotel at 0600hrs and reached the airport just after a 15min drive.

Songshan T2, which is the domestic terminal. The original domestic terminal, T1, has been refurbished and now used for international flights.
photo 6325445491_dc6385f855_b

At the TransAsia ticketing counter to pick up our air tickets. There were 11 of us in the tour group.
photo 6326198846_aa44a4e384_b

Ticketing counters of other Taiwanese domestic airlines.
photo 6326214916_1c40b87bd1_b

Check-in counters for TransAsia flights. Check-in closes 30mins before departure for domestic flights.
photo 6326199464_bbde025791_b

Our tour leader in Taipei checked in for us and handed us our boarding passes. It was basically a slip of paper.
photo 6326199522_598556f629_b

02 November 2011
TransAsia Airways
GE 007
Taipei Songshan (TSA) - Hualien (HUN)
ATR 72
Economy Class

After issued with boarding passes, the whole group went through security into the boarding lounge. Security was fast and we were soon in the sterile looking departure lounge. Nothing fanciful, just rows of seats, a cafe and boarding gates.
photo 6325446059_712a8c58f2_b

We will be flying TransAsia today!
photo 6326200638_3ef36f5bbf_b

Our flight will be boarding after the Makung flight.
photo 6325446293_b74c2c4f45_b

Lets do some plane spotting! Uni Air MD90.
photo 6325462175_80cdb82892_b

Mandarin Airlines ERJ190
photo 6326201106_b5db5e3b31_b

Finally we are boarding! Will be bussed to the aircraft parked at the remote stand.
photo 6325447157_eea3ed27dc_b

On the bus towards our aircraft. Eva Air A332 and JAL B763 parked at the International Terminal ready to operate flights to Haneda.
photo 6326216404_ec7dd27f9e_b

FAT MD80 stored on the tarmac.
photo 6325475319_c319e89133_b

Early morning at Songshan. China Airlines A333 parked on the remote stand.
photo 6326203106_c09840eacb_b

Reached our ATR72 prop B-22811. It is the 2nd newest ATR72 in TransAsia's fleet and is delivered in 2007.
photo 6325448867_e82e27a1d0_b

Another view of our plane.
photo 6325450249_37b2ea7c24_b

Boarding. I was one of the last to board so that I can enjoy my photo taking on the tarmac. No ground staff stopped us from snapping shots on the tarmac.
photo 6326203428_ed78f5384d_b

Passengers settles down very quickly and the crew immediately prepared the plane for departure. There were 3 cabin crew onboard today, including a trainee crew. Most of the other passengers on the flight this morning were businessmen flying to Hualien for a day of work, judging by the suits and briefcases. Newspapers were also offered at the door. Crew also did a newspaper run down the aisle. Flight time was scheduled to be 35min but the actual flying time was a mere 20mins at most.
photo 6325450497_59abb9070f_b

Seat pitch was actually rather good.
photo 6325451477_7dcd7a1da5_b

Contents in seat pocket. Inflight magazine, duty-free mag, safety card and 1 more magazine which I forgot what it was. Quite a lot of stuff for a domestic flight I must say. Even onboard shopping is offered on this short flight!
photo 6326204888_82484467f9_b

Cabin view towards the front.
photo 6325470707_62c495f937_b

Doors were closed, engines started and cabin crew performed a manual safety demo. No time wasted here! We then had a fast taxi to Rwy10.
photo 6325450773_8d22b945f6_b

There was no wait and we immediately took off after turning onto the runway.

We initially passed through thick clouds but the clouds cleared shortly after. Beautiful scenery of outer Taipei after takeoff.
photo 6325467919_e594ee3339_b

Service announcement by the crew after takeoff. It was a very long announcement!

Followed shortly by the pilot announcement. We would only be flying at 10,000ft today!

Flying along the beautiful east coast of Taiwan.
photo 6326205896_31abc6bd5c_b

The beautiful TransAsia stewardesses then rolled a cart down the aisle offering packet drinks and wet towelettes.
photo 6325451707_af484787c0_b

On offer were either red tea or an energy drink.
photo 6325451993_8435fe9970_b

Seatbelt signs were switched on throughout the whole flight as according to the pilot, there might be some bumps. But I guess it was to reduce inconveniences to the cabin crew during their service on the very short flight.

The flight was so short that when the crew were still serving drinks halfway down the cabin, we started our descent! However the crew still managed to finish serving all passengers and immediately collected the trash and prepared the aircraft for landing.

See the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
photo 6326206074_a1e0f06483_b

Almost there. Beautiful mountains!
photo 6326206242_c1bd12aecc_b

Nearing Hualien. The scenery is stunning!
photo 6326207442_01c71b915a_b

Flew over Hualien city and making a turn back to the airport.
photo 6326207822_2e15e4bb99_b
Runway in sight.
photo 6325454645_d1b35a3e0e_b

Landing at Hualien Airport Rwy03. The airport is also an airforce base and so photo-taking were actually prohibited while on the ground. An announcement was also made regarding this. But then…'v=HrNIFWmCBNs

Just a very short taxi to the deserted terminal. I wonder when was the last time the aerobridges were used.
photo 6326208488_b6660a2def_b

View of seats during disembarkation.
photo 6325455243_7faff4661d_b

There were airforce personnel on the tarmac to stop anyone from taking photographs. So no photos of the aircraft on the tarmac. However I managed to capture a shot from the terminal building.
photo 6325457667_113a11b045_b

These are all the arrivals to Hualien airport in a day.
photo 6325458711_d46cd71ea6_b

The airport looked very new and clean. And it is definitely very underutilized!
photo 6325460633_ace698ca2a_b

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TransAsia Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Taipei City - TSA


Hualien - HUN



It was a short and pleasant flight on TransAsia Airways and an interesting experience to try out a Taiwanese domestic flight. I was actually surprised that TransAsia was able to accomplish the services on such a short flight. I was not even expecting a drink, much less newspapers and onboard shopping on the 20min hop. Excellent service by TransAsia!

Information on the route Taipei City (TSA) Hualien (HUN)


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    marathon GOLD 9857 Comments

    Oh no, this is not the shortest scheduled flight in the world, or in Taiwan, for that matter ! My shortest Taiwanese flight was GNI-TTT (10 minutes, beating TTT-GNI by 2 minutes thanks to the tailwind), TTT-KYD and back was also very short.
    A Korean low cost airline started services to/from TSA in 2012, as far as I remember.
    Check-in closes at ETD-20', and I have checked in even later than that on a TSA-KNH flight before the one I was scheduled to fly.
    There is no limit on picture taking on the tarmac in TSA, but using electronic equipment (including cameras) is prohibited on all Taiwanese domestic flights, and there is always an annoucmenet and a sign displayed by a FA before take-off. The FAs are not aggressive about it, but they do remind you that this is forbiddent if they see you. I never tried to take a picture of the FAs in flight. Very nice lighting conditions that morning !
    I had a very similar experience on this route, only that I woke later and flew on the next flight. Thanks for this report !

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