Review of Tiger Airways flight Singapore Chennai in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR2636
Class Economy
Seat 28D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 13 Dec 12, 22:10
Arrival at 13 Dec 12, 22:55
TR 39 reviews
By GOLD 328
Published on 25th October 2020

Trip Report : Singapore - Chennai on Tiger Airways

Flight details:
Airlines: Tiger Airways (TR)
Flight : TR2636 SIN-MAA
Reg : 9V-TAQ
Aircraft: Airbus 320-232
Departure (SIN) : 2210
Arrival (MAA) : 2359
Total time : 04h19m
Distance : 2914 km or 1811 miles

Video: Tiger Airways TR2636 Singapore to Chennai


Had just arrived on Scoot. Read report by clicking: Scoot - Sydney to Singapore

I was in a rush to collect the bag and check-in for Tiger flight to Chennai. Made the blunder of picking someone else's bag. Had to report at Information counter. Security came with a test kit and did a swab test on the bag. Everything clear, I was allowed to enter in the customs area and get my own bag.

A lesson learnt - Check the bag before leaving.


I had 2 1/2hrs before my next flight. Lost about 1hr to retrieve my bag.

photo image012

At the check-in counter, requested for Window seat, Was informed the flight was full. I was offered middle or aisle seat. I accepted the aisle offer.

photo image018photo image001

Terminal 2

Flight schedule displaying departures

Terminal was not busy as it was past peak departure time.

photo image016

Dinner Time

Was feeling hungry but with little time left for boarding. I decided to check the Sth Indian Restaurant at Terminal 2, just above the TR check-in. Was a long queue at Annapurna, skipped dinner, headed for immigration. No issues here.

photo image010

View from eating area.

photo image021


After dinner, headed towards immigration, being christmas, decorated.

photo image011

Check-in counters.

photo image020

Passed through immigration without any issue.

photo image019


Arrived at the gate, had just bent to tie my shoelace and someone cut the line. Was annoyed due to earlier incident and I hate this behaviour, calmed myself down as there was not many ahead.

photo image022


After few minutes of wait, boarding was called. view of the aircraft before boarding.

photo image023

View while waiting to board.

photo image002

Crew at the door, while passengers putting bags in bins.

photo image003


I was tired after a long flight and was hoping the neighbour doesn't turn up, but that wasn't going to be the case. Lucky the middle seat remained empty.

My neighbour turned out to be another character, returning to India after his Work Permit (WP) had expired. When the phones should be shutdown, he kept turning it on.

photo image024photo image025

Pushback and Takeoff

After doors were closed, crew carried manual safety demonstration.

While the flight was taxing, another guy got a call on his mobile. It was an unusual flight, where the steward was a school teacher, enforcing the rule.

I couldn't speak Tamil, and he had limited English skills. My neighbour kept taking off his seat belt, while the plane was ready to takeoff, I had to tell him to wear it.

When the plane had just taken off, maybe 10 feet from ground, he took off his seat-belt and wanted to go to the toilet. The steward yelled at him to seat down. I told him, he has to wait for few mins. Later when the plane had stablised. he didn't get up for about an hour. I was very tired and hoped the flight ended soon.

photo image026

Cabin Service

Crew began service on this flight after attaining cruising height.

photo image027

I had eaten earlier was still hungry and wasn't sure what would be available after landing. I ordered Tiger beer on Tiger.

photo image028

and also hot food .

photo image029

Chicken rice, food was hot.

photo image030

Cabin view

Seating in all economy 3-3. I rested after diner , Cabin light was switched off after dinner. Cabin crew distributed Indian immigration and customs forms. I had to fill the form for my neighbour and another person as they could not understand how to to fill.

photo image031

Seat Pocket Material

Seat pocket had inflight magazine, tigerbites, safety card  duty free catalogue.

photo image032

Tiger Tales - Inflight magazine

photo image033

Safety Card - Tiger Airways Airbus A320

photo image034


Chennai is 4 hrs away from Singapore, Captain came on the mic and announced that soon will be descending. Cabin crew conducted checks and got ready for landing. Landing was smooth, After a short taxi arrived at the gate.

photo image035


Seated in the last seats, waited for others to disembark.

photo image036

Immigration and Custom

Immigration was quick as not many with foreign passports. Someone tried to cut the line at immigration. I told him to go back and stand in queue.

Custom was walk through the green channel as I had nothing to declare.

photo image004

Exiting TerMinal

Had to wait at the airport for the next flight. Was hungry, everything had close down. Asked the CISF guys if I there are any shops inside, was told there is a restaurant outside. I was not familiar with Chennai.

photo image005

Didn't want to drag the bag around. Showed my ticket and got inside the waiting area for morning flight to Mumbai.

photo image037

Waiting area had hard seats, Being tired was able to sleep for few hours.

photo image038photo image039

I hope you enjoyed the report.

Thanks for reading.


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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Singapore - SIN


Chennai - MAA



Tiger Airways offered best price for the time of the year. Flight departed and arrived on time. Food was hot on board. Price of food was reasonable. Overall it was a satisfactory flight.



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