Review of Lufthansa flight Berlin Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1955
Class Economy
Seat 22K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 07 Nov 20, 21:20
Arrival at 07 Nov 20, 22:30
LH   #39 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1413 reviews
By 1818
Published on 17th November 2020

Hello and welcome to the trip report of the most special trip that I have ever taken in my whole life!

I really managed to convince my father to take a flight to Berlin Tegel in the morning and back to Munich on the same day, to get to visit Berlin Tegel upon it's day of closure! That also meant that I would finally fly an Airbus A350-900 and that even on a flight within Germany! I am sure that this was one of the only possibilities ever to take a wide-body on a intra Germany Lufthansa flight since they deployed the B747 to Berlin from Frankfurt to catch up all the Air Berlin passenger that couldn't get anywhere after AB got bankrupt back in 2017. 
Even though the trip wasn't cheap at all, mostly because I only decided to take the flights three weeks before and the prices started at 400€ r/t in economy!
Nevertheless, fasten your seat belt and enjoy reading the most special trip report I will ever publish!
Also, you'll get to see some beautiful shots of Berlin Tegel, so please enjoy. I would be really happy about feedback! 


  • LH1936 MUC-TXL A319-1 Economy Coming soon
  • LH1955 LAST LH FLIGHT FROM TXL A350-900 Economy You are here

tegel airport

I will start this trip report right away with my arrival from Munich on LH1936. Seated on 12F, we smoothly landed on runway 08L and taxied to Lufthansa's gate at Tegel A01. Looking out of the window after the pilot gave the order to disembark, you could see the last Brussels Airlines flight from Tegel to Brussels, operated by an A319-100.

photo img_5781

So we de-boarded by rows and went through one of the iconic red gangways into the terminal, which have seen much use.

photo img_5785

And this was the first view we were given after entering the terminal! How beautiful this architecture matches the lightning conditions!

photo img_5793

And in landscape mode… Can't get enough of this! In the building on the right side, nah not the tower, you can find Lufthansa's Business and Senator lounge, the Senator lounge being one level above.

photo img_5794

The view onto our plane from directly in front. Even the ground staff took pics of every plane they could. 
If you in this pic are seeing a plane in Air Berlin colors, you aren't high or have got too less sleep. It's D-ASGK, the last plane in Air Berlin base colors, operated by German carrier SUNDAir. The plane was chartered by a friend of mine, Niklas Lemke for sightseeing flights from Tegel to Tegel and Tegel to BER! Sadly the flights were already fully booked when I decided to come to Tegel on 07.11, I would have been on one of those for sure.

photo img_5799

Only some handful of flights would still depart or land on this day, with the most being sightseeing or charter flights. The most where even cancelled :/.

photo img_5810

Flights to Berlin Tegel, arriving from … Berlin Tegel? You don't see that every day. The WDL arrival from Memmingen FMM/EDJA carried the football club Hertha BSC Berlin to their match against Augsburg and back.

photo img_5812

The departure board.

photo img_5815

Wouldn't it have been its last day of operation, the airport would have been deserted. For example gates 3 and 4 didn't see any flights.

photo img_5819

That's what a gate area in Tegel looked like. Tegel did not work like a normal airport, every gate had it's own check-in, where you directly proceeded to the security, there was no other way. Only Lufthansa had its own check-in desks because of the large amount of daily flights that were only operated by Lufthansa (>25). 

photo img_5822

Such texts were spread all over the airport.

photo img_5826-93285

Gate A05. I had about 12 hours of lay-over, I didn't count the times I walked in circles haha. This is only possible because Tegels Terminal is shaped like an Hexagon. That means that you just can't get lost, you'll always come back to where you started.

photo img_5836

The monitors at the Air France gate showed this beautiful hashtag! Air France was the very last airline to perform a flight to/from Tegel, as it also was the first one.

photo img_5849

Fly long-haul from Tegel! These were the destinations served before Corona:
Doha - Qatar Airways
Singapur - NokScoot
Toronto - Air Canada Rouge
New York - United
Philadelphia - American Airlines
Ulan Bator - MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Peking - Hainan Airlines 

photo img_5864

Before COVID, you could also fly with DAT, advertising themselves as the Vikings Airline! They flew to Saarbrücken in Germany as they won the EU subsidaries on this route. The route to Bornholm, a Swedish isle, was just a positioning flight also sold to the public. 

photo img_5867

After walking through the whole hexagon once, you arrived into the main building with the "plaza".

photo img_5873-11415

Follow always the signs with the arrows to the lounge haha!

photo img_5874

An even more retro looking departure board.

photo img_5875

But before going into the lounge, I still wanted to take outside pics of Tegel and get something "proper" to eat. Proper? Yes, as due to the partly silly restrictions of the German government, you aren't allowed to eat anything in the lounge, there are only sandwiches to go.

photo img_5885

Just another angle.

photo img_5890-99851

Holy shit this was my favorite pic I took on my trip damn!

photo img_5900

View from the "upper deck". 

photo img_5907

Then I went to the lounge, main purpose: Working and spending nine long hours.

photo img_5909

Lufthansa says Goodbye to Berlin Tegel!

photo img_5911

The Senator Lounge would have been one level above but was closed due to Corona. In the foreground you can already see the complete service you could get in the lounge. A sandwich and Lufthansa's Elisabethen water.

photo img_5912

The seating area was very comfortable and reminded me of the SEN seating spaces in MUC and FRA.

photo img_5915

On the other hand, the view was priceless!

photo img_5918

Both other airline Lounges, AF/KL and BA were closed, in BAs everything was already prepared for the transition to BER.

photo img_5930

The Lufthansa Worldshop tried to sell as much suitcases as they could, giving 20 percent on the already lowered prices.

photo img_5936

I already checked in at home for both flights but for memorabilia of Tegel I went to the Lufthansa counters and made them print out a real one for me! Also I asked for a cash upgrade but as expected there was no free seat in C since five weeks, when they announced that they would be deploying an A359.

photo img_5947-99270-63691

Later to the end, there were way less people in the terminal and the reporters of the RBB had gone, but other interesting people had arrived…

photo img_5952

photo img_5958

Then there was this literally drunk ex Air Berlin crew that came just to make party…

photo img_5969

One person it was surely worth taking a pic with is Engelbert Lüdke Daldrup, CEO of the FBB, the company which all 3 (now 1) airports belong to! And yes I had really my Adidas X Lufthansa sneakers on haha.

photo img_5980-50692

Then it was already 19:30 and for me time to go through security, where some Lufthansa and Lufthansaviews staff was awaiting all the passengers of LH1955!
And look what was written on that white carton: 20x Worldshop Goodie Bag TXL Abschied 07.11. 
YES! We were handed out goodiebags containing worldshop vouchers, an obligatory Lufthansa rubber duck and some interesting leaflets about Berlins aviation history! 

photo img_5993

The gate area started to get really crowded!

photo img_6008-19073

Spot D-AIXI, our little beautiful A350-900 named Dortmund, in new colors!

photo img_6011

Suddenly about six airport staff members came in and began to sing some old songs with slightly changed texts commemorating Tegel, like "Über den Wolken", written by Reinhard Mey.

photo img_6019

Then boarding started, of course, in groups, starting with the HONs, then C and SENs, and then three groups of Y passengers.

photo img_6030

The very last flight of the Lufthansa Group from Berlin Tegel … The end of an era

photo img_6031

We were given even more goodies, but this time from the ground staff, a remove before flight tag with #danketxl on it! 

photo img_6039

Last time going through Tegels gangways into the LH gate A01….

photo img_6038

What a beast this engine is!

photo img_6041

Now let's just jump right into my seat, 22K!

photo img_6052

Lufthansa's standard long-haul IFE.

photo img_6058

What a wingview! I of course mounted my GoPro onto the window.

photo img_6060

Sadly, only the tail camera was working this evening.

photo img_6063

Legroom was ok but is a long-haul no go for me, as I am 1,87 and my legs started to hurt upon arrival in Munich.

photo img_6064

This pic was taken by a friend of mine out of the tunnel to Terminal C:

photo img_6074

Almost fully booked!

photo img_6082

Also the terminal shined under a beautiful light!

photo img_6093

Loads of ground staff standing, filming and waving to us as we taxied once around the whole terminal! Yes, that's possible in Tegel, you can taxi around the whole terminal what is kind of unique!

photo img_6105

My very first water salute and with a high chance, the only one I will have ever gotten!

photo img_6108photo img_6113photo img_6122

Taxiing around the hexagon! I apologize for the bad quality. Apples cameras are normally lit, but not under low light conditions, and the cabin light was not just dimmed but shut down completely…

On the runway.

photo img_6150

Lufthansa 1955, over and out.
The most beautiful part of my whole trip was the takeoff and the wing wave we performed afterwards. Can you imagine how beautiful it is that a whole plane with the length of 66,9 meters banks right and then immediately left, to pay salute to an airport that will close after several years of service?  

photo img_6154

After connecting to Lufthansa FlyNet to read the newest issue of DER SPIEGEL, I saw that we had a delay of thirty minutes but really no one cared.

photo img_6162

The whole service on this flight consisted of an Elisabethen still water, but the crew was so nice that they even brought my seat neighbour red wine after he had asked after it.

The approach into Munich was in my opinion one of the most scariest I have ever been on. Due to MASSIVE FOG you couldn't see further than about 25 meters!!!!!!
Because of that, I think that it was even the hardest landing I had ever experienced, but surely the one with the most claps after landing. Bringing us down safely was surely worth the claps, mister captain.
To commemorate the day I asked a crew member to take a pic of me in the C cabin, what was no problem. 

We were the only passengers in whole terminal 2, there were only some three of four persons trying to sleep on a hard bench, waiting for the next morning to come.

photo img_6183photo img_6186

It was spooky to see all the baggage claims in Munich with no people, only ours was turning slowly.

photo img_6196

After this immense trip of 22 hours, with the fog it still took 3 hours instead of 1.20 to reach my home safely, almost hitting a deer on a road in bavaria.
I got only one more thing to add:

 As it took me five and a half hours to write this report, I would be really happy about feedback!

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Cabin crew7.5

Lufthansa Business Lounge


Berlin - TXL


Munich - MUC



#DANKETXL, it was surely the greatest aviation adventure I have ever taken. #DankeLufthansa but of course #DANKETXL, gone but not forgotten. Nevertheless, I am also eager on trying BER on a one day trip next year!

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  • Comment 567020 by
    Aigle_voyageur 760 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR.

    Very beautiful pictures for this special flight in A350.

    I remember I flew to TXL 5 years ago and despite its look "old school", it was a great airport.

    Have safe flights. ;)

  • Comment 567037 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5842 Comments

    Hi FlyLars, thanks so much for sharing this very special report on the last LH flight from TXL! It’s hard to believe that after all the many many delays, BER is Fiiiinally open!

    Thanks again for sharing this with us!

    • Comment 567049 by
      flyLars AUTHOR 54 Comments

      Hey Kévin, thanks for commenting! Already planning my trip, I knew that this would be one I just had to cover here!

      It’s hard to believe that after all the many many delays, BER is Fiiiinally open!

      Oh yes especially for me as a German it was really hard to see how foolish they were at building the airport! I am really eager on trying BER next spring on a one day trip, the LH Lounge is really nice, a friend of mine told me!
      Stay Safe!

  • Comment 567068 by
    KL651 TEAM 4517 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Well there was a goodie bag but LH could have made the flight even more special by offering champagne or Sekt to everyone.
    I'm surprised by the price of the flight, with all the restrictions it's nice to know there's still a demand from the enthusiats at leat.
    Was the flight fully booked ?

    • Comment 567070 by
      flyLars AUTHOR 54 Comments

      Hey KL651.
      Giving out drinks would not have been compatible with the German „Infektionsschutzverordnung“, the regulation on containing the pandemic. As you could see with the lounge, you also weren’t allowed to eat or drink in there, just grab something to eat and a water. And bout 250 without mask all sipping some champagne in a gate area that was crowded as hell, you surely know TXL, would have got a big mess!
      Regarding the price, I know some friends of mine that were some of the first to book and managed to pay only 200 r/t plus 50€ for the Business cash upgrade. I just decided way to late so I had to pay an expensive price. The flight was almost booked out, 20 seats left in main eco cabin, Y+ and C were fully booked and people had to be downgraded!
      The demand is still there, on the flight to Berlin on an A319 on a normal Saturday morning, there were also just 10 seats left! Demand is still there!
      Stay safe!

  • Comment 567094 by
    Plainfreak 46 Comments

    Hi Lars,
    Awesome report and thanks for taking the time to write it up. What a unique event, and lucky you to be part of it. Visited TXL several times and remember it for its uniqueness. As well as the Currywurst stand which was someplace outside of the terminal.
    Best, Daniel

    • Comment 567104 by
      flyLars AUTHOR 54 Comments

      Thank you so much Daniel!
      Tegel was indeed unique! A lounge before security, able to taxi around the terminal, every gate has its own security! Oh yes I know which stand you mean: Es(s)bahn! I know I already had some Currywurst there haha!
      Stay safe!

  • Comment 567119 by
    Jett Tyler SILVER 252 Comments

    It was an amazing read! I am sad I didn't get to do a farewell trip to TXL this year, but I look forward to enjoying BER on future trips.
    You were lucky getting to do this once in a lifetime trip!

  • Comment 567136 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 570 Comments

    Never gotten the chance to fly to TXL nor did I hear good stories about, but it's always sad to see an airport with historic value to be closed. The legroom does not seem impressive indeed on LH on their A350, while it is definitely an preferred aircraft to fly on on longhaul together with the A330. Thanks for reporting, but perhaps you could take more photos in a landscape mode instead of a portrait mode, It became a bit of a pain to scroll down on mobile. Thanks again and keep them coming!

    • Comment 567140 by
      flyLars AUTHOR 54 Comments

      Hey Thomas, thanks for your comment!

      The legroom does not seem impressive indeed on LH on their A350, while it is definitely an preferred aircraft to fly on on longhaul together with the A330.

      Infact it wasn‘t and I am not sure wether I would make it sitting there 10 hours in Y. The C also isn‘t that good as the seats are to narrow, even though that wouldn’t be a problem for me. Let’s see when Lufthansa introduces the First and new Business for the 350, still I guess not before 2023.
      perhaps you could take more photos in a landscape mode instead of a portrait mode

      Trust me I tried, but on my next trip in December I’ll try to take even more pics in landscape mode!
      Stay safe!

  • Comment 567155 by
    airberlin GOLD 1589 Comments

    Hallo Lars, vielen lieben Dank für dieses tolles Report!
    I was waiting for it :). I’ve been there on that day and the atmosphere was just so great. I had the impression to be back in the 90’s. I was on the last KLM flight at 18:20. My report will follow. But probably in the french version of the site. Your plane had not yet arrived at that time.
    It sad to see that Lufthansa did not made a more special moment of this one time event in a life. For 400€ return they could have propose more... I was as well on flights from TXL and the “Infektionsschutzverordnung” was interpreted in a very different way... you’ll see. LH really disappointed me during this crisis.
    Looking forward reading more from you!
    Schönes Wochenende 😁

    • Comment 567167 by
      flyLars AUTHOR 54 Comments

      Servus Airberlin, danke für dein Lob!😊

      My report will follow. But probably in the french version of the site

      I will be waiting for it, let’s see if my french is good enough for understanding it completely!
      For 400€ return they could have propose more...

      Indeed, at least a flight certificate like they did with Air France would be fairly nice!
      “Infektionsschutzverordnung” was interpreted in a very different way...

      Haha how true that is! I sat around infront of Gate A01 around one hour before boarding and watched the people pass by. There was a significantly high number of people who just had the mask below the nose, what hasn‘t got ANY protecting effect. In Bavaria this is handled a bit more seriously, you can easily get a fine if the mask gets down under the nose.
      LH really disappointed me during this crisis.

      Regarding Economy and handling with Senators and HONs, absolutely. In Business Class imo not, they even slightly improved their service! But just a bottle of water on a one hour flight, not even a chocolate? Come on Lufthansa! Same goes for the lounges, you just can‘t put people who paid some thousands of euros into a lounge with Pax who paid 200€ for a C ticket, even if there is no service, like they’re doing in Frankfurt right now!
      Dir ebenfalls ein schönes Wochenende und bleib gesund,
      Lars! 😉

  • Comment 579584 by
    ChrisB GOLD 1973 Comments

    Thanks for the nice report with very mice photos
    What a luck about the A350!
    I really like the last picture of the A350 thank you Texel!
    Thanks for sharing

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