Review of SWISS flight Munich Zurich in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1101
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 23 Dec 21, 10:30
Arrival at 23 Dec 21, 11:30
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By 653
Published on 28th December 2021

Hello and welcome to another flight report of mine.

This routing would take me to Porto again, though via Zurich and not on the direct flight from Munich. 
The morning of the 23th of December was rather cold and there were snow and frost layers around the airport. Nevertheless, the route to the airport was smooth and quite fast. 


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at the airport

I do think that everyone can agree on the fact that Munichs terminal is just beautiful, especially under this morning light.

photo img_7658

As you can see, the MAC was widely empty, just as the terminal, too. Quite unusual for the 23th of December, when many people fly home for christmas and businessmen return from travels.

photo img_7660

The Business Class check-in though, was packed. That's because of the necessary document-check one has to undergo when travelling right now. Lufthansa does have an Online Document Check which would erase the need of a check at check-in but it is tremendously understaffed and one sadly does not get any results until departure time, trust me, I tried several times.
For my flight to Portugal via Switzerland I fortunately needed nothing but just the PLC of Switzerland and PLFe of Portugal. 

photo img_7662

The departure board was quite full, the security in the background not though.
It only took around three minutes to clear it. Comparing it with the last few Christmas holiday seasons (2020 but especially 2019) one could easily see that this year, there are way less passengers than usual.  

lufthansa business class lounge g28

As I did not get any breakfast and it was already about nine o'clock, I went straight to the Business Class Lounge at Gate G28.

photo img_7683

The entrance to both Senator and Business Lounges was a bit crowded, but after a few minutes my boarding pass got scanned and my Certificate of Recovery was scanned by the (friendly !) lounge dragon.

Thanks god, the old, pre-Corona service has reached the Lufthansa Lounges again!

photo img_7689

I decided to go for one of the bar tables and enjoyed seeing the carafes with flavoured water again, reminding of the times without Covid. They were changed twice during my 1,5 hour stay and it is a huge advantage to have those nearby and not having to go to the buffet when just wanting to drink some water.

The buffet in Munich is split in three respectively four parts. There is the main buffet with hot dishes, the bar and the pretzel-stand, then a little one with just cornflakes and sweets/snacks, and another one with cold dishes, which were different fruit salads on my visit. Furthermore there is on some special occasions another small buffet, which was some sort of 'Christmas Market'-Buffet, which can be seen later.

photo img_7695

The pretzel-stand, alongside bread rolls and some mediocre croissants.

photo img_7707

Cold cuts and cheese.

photo img_7704

Salty snacks and gummy bears.

photo img_7700

And the little "Christmas market" as called on the menu. Definitely a nice touch, though I did not try anything.

photo img_7696

The only hot food choice on that morning. Way too creamy scrambled eggs accompanied by too hard mushrooms. I have to admit that I have already eaten better in this lounge.

photo img_7713

And the wine-list for those interested. 

At 10:20 I made my way out of the lounge in order to get to my gate, as boarding already started at 10:00. In some cases I like to board as late as possible so I don't have to hang around the boarding zone unproductive.

As Gate G27 is only one minute by foot from the Business Lounge at G28, I arrived directly, seeing a huge crowd for my flight to Zurich. I tried to figure out why there were still that many pax who had not boarded yet and saw that we would be taken to our A320 by Bus. Really? A outer stand even though the Gate itself was empty? Oh my lord. 

photo img_7721

After then boarding the bus and waiting inside for twenty minutes as some pax did not fill out the PLC of Switzerland, we performed a fifteen minute ride all over the apron to the outermost stand possible in Munich. Really frustrating seeing all the free terminal stands.

finally onboard

photo img_7738

Our aircraft, HB-JLQ.

photo img_7748

Fuselage-Shoot as they would call it on the french site xD.

photo img_7754

My seat for the fifty-minute hop to Zurich, 1A.

Just after settling in, the Maitre de Cabine (Purser on SWISS flights) made an announcement that we would have a delay of about 30 minutes and arrive in Zurich 40 minutes late. Short reminder: My whole transit time for Zurich was 55 Minutes. I asked her if she already knew our arrival gate and the one of my connecting flight, but she did not, apart from telling me that we would arrive in B and my flight would depart in A. 

In the end I heard her talking with an agent from Lufthansa who came up the stairs to clear some formalities and therefore got to know the reason for our delay. A passenger in the first bus to our plane collapsed and therefore was classified unfit to fly. His and the baggage of his wife now would be searched among the other baggage in the aircrafts belly in order to unload them.

photo img_7770

With 35 minutes of delay we taxied to the runway. Thanks god, we did not have to de-ice even though it had negative degrees, as that would have costed even more time.

photo img_7771

Bye-Bye Munich.

photo img_7780

It was a really beautiful morning as the ground was frozen and the Alps were visible.

photo img_7804photo img_7817

meal service

photo img_7840

Shortly after takeoff it was already time for our little breakfast-snack-service.

photo img_7846-92543

The meal was absolutely okay when regarding the amount and the flight-length, but did not taste at all. That is quite unfortunate as I like SWISSs catering normally.
But these two sodden toasts with egg topping and ham were just bland and tasteless. The dessert unfortunately wasn't particularly better.

photo img_7848

I had two orange juices alongside it.

photo img_7863

Beautifully snow-covered Switzerland from above. I especially like those clouds in the background.

photo img_7878

Overflying foggy lake Constance.

will i make my connection?

photo img_7888

Then, ten minutes prior landing, the close-call connecting flights were finally shown on the screens. Mine is LX2060 to Porto, departing A65. That of course meant that I would not be able to visit the Senator Lounge, but it seemed that I'd still get my connection.

photo img_7912

The pilot literally smashed it down on the runway.

photo img_7922

We then directly taxied to our gate at the B-Pier. I was the first one to rush out of the plane.

photo img_7926

Thanks for bringing us safely to Zurich, HB-JLQ.

photo img_7930

And then rushed to A65.

Yes, I did make my connection (My baggage did not though).

Thanks for reading my report until down here, hope to see you commenting or under my next report.
 Furthermore, I wish everyone here at flight-report a happy new year, but especially a safe one with loads of travel.

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Cabin crew7.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge G - G


Munich - MUC


Zurich - ZRH



A mediocre short hop on SWISS Business Class. The catering was appropriate but tasteless and getting us an apron stand was nothing but unnecessary. The crew was friendly though and I fortunately made my connection.
Let's see if the connecting flight will be better.

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  • Comment 591069 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6348 Comments
    Hi FlyLars, thanks for this new FR !

    The Bavaria region was really ahead of the game with requirement of FFP2/KN95 masks. It seems everyone wants them now with Omicron, but of course they're running out of stock. Luckily my spouse flies to Munich often for work and I followed Bavaria's lead and got KN95 masks months ago for travel.

    Nice to see such a good selection of food in the LH lounge. I love that wall of Pretzels! I really want one now haha. I get the impression that LH lounges in MUC are more pleasant than in FRA, just from the FRs I've seen.

    After then boarding the bus and waiting inside for twenty minutes as some pax did not fill out the PLC of Switzerland, we performed a fifteen minute ride all over the apron to the outermost stand possible in Munich. Really frustrating seeing all the free terminal stands.

    Yikes, that sounds much more like a pre-pandemic FRA experience!

    Yes, I did make my connection (My baggage did not though).

    Shame, seems like a silly delay. Delays for sanitary paperwork should not be happening 2 years into the pandemic anymore!

    Too bad it was a mediocre flight with LX, at least the LH lounge was a nice experience.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!
    • Comment 591398 by
      flyLars AUTHOR 56 Comments
      Hi Kévin,
      Thank you so much for stopping by!
      Indeed the FFP2 masks are getting even more popular at the moment. Here in Bavaria, they have been as you wrote quite correctly already obligatory for a longer period of time now already.
      The food selection in the LH lounges has become really considerable and the wall of pretzel is my favorite aspect, too xD. (Especially the ones covered with cheese.) I'd also say that the lounges here at MUC are a little bit better than the ones in FRA, though there is one I tremendously like, the Business Class Lounge at A26. It was a first class lounge once ago and it is really spacious, features amazing views of the tarmac (Which are not obstructed as at the A13 Business and A50 SEN lounge) and even showers, something you nowadays won't find in any Business Class Lounge. Furthermore, it is located one level above departures and most of the people just pass by without seeing it.
      It surely was a silly delay. I sincerely don't know why there still are people who manage to travel without informing themselves about the needed measures. Glad I got my baggage with the next SWISS flight from ZRH that afternoon.
      This flight was just mediocre, yes, but the connecting flight was much better, writing on the fr right now haha.
      Thank you too for stopping by and a happy new year!

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