Review of Qantas flight Sydney Singapore in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF 31
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 08:15
Take-off 08 Dec 11, 22:05
Arrival at 09 Dec 11, 03:20
QF   #7 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 154 reviews
By 4533
Published on 8th October 2013
Again, I hopped onto the free transfer bus to transfer to the International Terminal. Enjoyed a tour of the hangars and tarmac again!

Even a B737 looks big at ground level.
photo 6520551217_3210189b5d_b

B744 in Wallabies livery.
photo 6520551565_20b8b1e18f_b

photo 6520551885_6c19e9249b_b

China Southern B772 preparing for takeoff.
photo 6520552259_bc762425e4_b

Qantas B744.
photo 6520552639_6d7c28d400_b

Now the surprised. Upon arrival at Sydney did I discover my flight back to Singapore was delayed for almost 5hrs! The original 1730hrs departure was rescheduled to 2205hrs, reason given that the aircraft is in maintenance and QF did not have any spare A380s till one arrived back from SIN (QF32) at 2030hrs. However I was surprised I was not informed of the delay in CBR even though my boarding pass had already been printed with the new boarding time (which I did not notice) and my 6hrs transit had now became 11hrs! That is way too long even for an aviation enthusiast at Sydney Airport with an open air viewing gallery! To make things worse, I had only discovered of the delay when I could not find QF31 on the FIDS at the check-in hall and had to approach a QF ground staff for assistance. Only then was I informed and given a A$30 meal voucher.

So nothing much to do in the terminal except for spotting planes at the viewing gallery…

Qantas B744 and A380.
photo 6520553277_003414700a_b

QF A330 landing with the city skyline in the background.
photo 6520553963_edfc888e88_b

SQ A380 departing to SIN as SQ222.
photo 6520554281_103b95d8b4_b

SQ vs Aussie Airlines!
photo 6520554665_788a1813f4_b

Lots of departures now! BA B772 departing to SIN too. TG A346 off to BKK.
photo 6520555099_b25f64ea27_b

Jetstar A320 in Quiksilver livery.
photo 6520556137_2f3833418a_b

Another SIN departure. QF6 to SIN/FRA. We were not offered to be transferred onto this or the earlier BA flight.
photo 6520555595_95a5d921ae_b

The final sector of this trip, flying on QF's A380. As I had flown on SQ's A380 a number of times, I would be doing some comparisons on the 2 airline's whalejets. Our delayed flight was now one of the last few flights to depart the airport before the curfew starts.

After immigration at SYD airport. It has gone through a thorough renovation.
photo 6529553105_cbca1ca8d7_b

08 December 2011
QF 31
Sydney (SYD) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Upon reaching the gate, an announcement was made that we would be expecting another 30min delay due to some technical issues and it would be resolved soon. Groans…. Luckily boarding started soon and we were allowed to board. Finally!! I could see that all passengers were restless and weary by now. Felt sorry for those going up to London. The flight was operated by OQB, Qantas's oldest A380 still flying (OQA is still stuck in SIN after the major engine incident).

Again greeted by name upon boarding and directed to the correct aisle. I was seated in the aft section of the plane. The aft section on QF's A380 has less seats than SQ's due to the installation of the self-service bar at the rear and 4 toilets (SQ has no bar and only 2 toilets at the aft section). Overhead bins are all the A330/340-styled ones rather than the B777-styled bins (which SQ uses on its first few A380s) which are much more difficult to close. Individual air-vents are also available above every seat unlike SQ.

Boarding in progress. The flight was not too full and I had an empty seat beside again.
photo 6529553205_b3e690d24b_b

Towards the rear.
photo 6529559089_b8bb8aee7e_b

At the gate.
photo 6529553509_20f554c8b9_b

On each seat was placed a blanket, a huge pillow and headset. Lets take a look at the seat itself. Interestingly, the seat belt is an unconventional car-seatbelt type where you push the button to release the buckle.
photo 6529553371_c83e071ab3_b

Seat pitch is not that fantastic (better than QF 744s though) but honestly speaking, the seats are slightly more comfortable than on SQ's A380 as I could stretch out my legs under the seat in front, something which I could not do on SQ's seats even though SQ has an inch pitch more. The seats are also equipped with foot nets in place of foot rests, quite a novel invention I must say and it does not restricts leg-room. However it was missing on my seat. Adjustable head-rests are very sturdy and do work unlike SQ's ones which falls flat whenever you rest your head on it. The PTV screen also has touch-screen capabilities.
photo 6529553741_b5ab3e21a8_b

Entertainment handset are hidden under the armrest, which I much prefer than on the seatback. USB ports are also at the front of the armrest.However there is no personal mirror and lack of small compartments to store personal things.
photo 6529554443_e56198eb9a_b

The stuff in the seat-pocket.
photo 6529554071_2876cc201c_b

Menus were given out while we were on ground. No amenity kit was distributed though, probably as this flight was not original an overnight flight.
photo 6529558971_ca2abbc86a_b

Offerings for the flight.
photo 6529553919_421a13f53f_b

The inflight entertainment started while we were still on ground. Again, we were encouraged to use it all the way till landing at Changi. Personally I find Qantas's entertainment much more user-friendly than SQ's. Movies available may be slightly less but the TV series offered are much more!
photo 6529558861_929ef3f07b_b

As there were no particular movie that I would like to watch, I stuck the Glee Season 2 foe the flight. Qantas has 14 episodes from the season on offer!
photo 6529554291_e4346491da_b

The captain came on and apologised for the major delay, explaining that the A380 operating our flight was scheduled for routine maintenance and there was a shortage of A380s as delivery of the latest aircraft was delayed. The past few days have also seen QF31 being substituted by B744s on certain days. Flight time to SIN would be 7hr 30min. We were pushed back at about 2230hrs and safety video/demo was performed.

Qantas A380 safety video.

QF has the cool tail-camera view function where you can see the exterior of the plane through your PTVs!
photo 6529554523_22150d4307_b

Beginning our taxi to Rwy16R. Lights were dimmed at the side but it was still very bright in the cabin.
photo 6529554621_83dccbc94a_b

Finally took off from SYD at about 2240hrs, a 5hrs delay!

Flight map shortly after takeoff.
photo 6529554709_4c41704101_b

Another view of the seats.
photo 6529554817_d0a715de3a_b

After seat belt signs were off, service started, with the procedural distribution of drinking water bottles, followed by arrival immigration forms. A few crew were also at the rear stocking up the self-service bar.
photo 6529554931_1925fb0224_b

I made a visit to the lavatory as well as the bar. The lavatory only has the basic amenities, but the tap is automatically-activated.
photo 6529555029_f9ff2f3c79_b

Now here is the cool part, the self-service bar! QF has 2 of these in economy class on the A380s, a big one at the rear and a smaller bar at the mid-section of the cabin. The bar was stocked with sweet and savory cookies, soft drinks, ice and cups and a drinking water dispenser. How I wish SQ would have something like this too!
photo 6529555133_03809685fb_b

Compartments of cookies. Longer flights would have more substantial snacks I guess.
photo 6529555261_004d550c41_b

Selection of chilled soft drinks!
photo 6529555439_b579ea9b6d_b

Chocolate chip cookie and savory biscotti from the bar.
photo 6529555549_cc7c901f5b_b

Back to my seat and relax with Glee!
photo 6529555631_6ee3189124_b

Meal service soon started. This set of crew was again friendly and professional.
photo 6529555751_52b693f3b0_b

Dinner. The meal was much better than the outbound. I had an Appletiser to go along. An interesting drink onboard!
photo 6529555849_1e9e5eeeab_b

Sun blushed Tomato and Parmesan Salad with Balsamic Dressing. A very simple and healthy salad.
photo 6529556235_e07c59e308_b

I chose the Chinese-styled pork with rice. It was not bad but the vegetables were tasteless.
photo 6529555995_8501d8368c_b

My seatmate's roast chicken.
photo 6529556113_3a658b578c_b

Cheese and crackers.
photo 6529556501_1ac18d3692_b

Great tiramisu dessert! I could have more of this!
photo 6529556385_9dfe476f88_b

Overall, the meal was a vast improvement over the one that was catered out of SIN. After meals were served, crew came around offering coffee or tea.
photo 6529556595_778783713e_b

During tray collection, again Cadbury hot chocolate or peppermint tea was served.
photo 6529556699_49da47841f_b

I simply love Qantas's hot chocolate service!
photo 6529556835_40a8df3edf_b

After everything was cleared away, the cabin was dimmed to allow pax to rest. Mood-lighting in action.
photo 6529556925_b6a2d88877_b

About half an hour after lights were dimmed, a crew appeared and offered ice-cream to those who were still awake. Of course I gladly had mine to enjoy with Glee!
photo 6529557017_ddb4d77bb3_b

It was only a small bar, but pretty enjoyable.
photo 6529557107_5509ea0b5f_b

I also managed to nap to 2 hours. The seat was comfortable enough to sleep in. During the flight, there were also instances of turbulence but the pilot never switched on the seat belt signs, which on SQ, would have warranted the signs to be on and crew making loud announcements to wake up the whole plane.

About 1.5hrs prior to landing, a snack was served. It was a hot pizza with a chocolate bar.
photo 6529557203_aa646f393a_b

This was the only let-down of the whole flight. The pizza sandwich tasted nasty! I had two bites and left it.
photo 6529557325_6b8a926ee7_b

Walked around to stretch my legs a bit. The magazine compartment at the rear.
photo 6529557609_7a6766c9da_b

Stairways to heaven, aka premium economy and business class.
photo 6529557729_cbbbab7124_b

photo 6529557935_cafc1222eb_b

Cabin view.
photo 6529557827_3b2486626d_b

Before long, we were starting our descent into Changi. We were allowed to use the IFE till touchdown. 3 minutes to landing and on final approach to Rwy02C.
photo 6529558035_97375d544f_b

Landing 5hrs late at 0320am!

Parked at gate C23.
photo 6529558195_3e28fd4cd8_b

Disembarking. My mess-up seat for the flight.
photo 6529558377_1e890563bb_b

The green seats in the mid-section.
photo 6529558507_69c0c10996_b

And the red seats at the forward cabin.
photo 6529558625_0ce31506cb_b

Last look at OQB. Parked beside a sister A320.
photo 6529558767_f1b49f4199_b

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Cabin crew8.0

Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



Other than the 5hrs delay (which Qantas could have better handled/compensated and I have sent a feedback letter regarding, to which I received a A$300 flight voucher as compensation a month later), I truly enjoyed the A380 ride. As a comparison to SQ's A380, I prefer Qantas's A380 more, mainly for its seat comfort and the awesome self-serve bar. Of course SQ would have better cabin service and meals, but QF is not too far behind. I would not hesitate to fly on a QF A380 again but probably not on the B744. QF also excels on its domestic shop hops which are pretty impressive when you consider the service on Asian carriers on similar length flights.

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