Review of KLM flight Bergen Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL1190
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 26 Dec 19, 17:25
Arrival at 26 Dec 19, 19:10
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By GOLD 571
Published on 4th December 2020

Next part of this routing which now looks more like that: (you'll see what happened in the course of this FR)


transfer bgo

I was pretty pleased to see that you deboard the plane airside, meaning the transfer should be fast and easy.

photo img_4308_resultat

Yes but … no. We arrived at the E gates and I was due to leave from D gates.

photo img_4309_resultat

Since D gates are domestic, you need to go through customs.

photo img_4311_resultat

And just before the arrival hall, a small note says that all luggages need to be collected, cleared through customs and re-checked landside. At this time it is 02PM and my flight leaves at 02:40. That would make the connection basically impossible. There are other passengers to TOS and we asked one of the Wideroe agent at the luggage claim. He advised us to leave the luggages there and that they will transferred to the next flight, in the evening.

Quick decision to be made: shall I wait for my bag and take the risk to miss my flight (keeping in mind that they are all full for the next couple of days) or go to my flight and have my luggage delivered later in the evening or worst case, the day after? The call is easy, I head to my next flight.

You first need to clear immigration and customs and then go from the arrival level up to the departure level. If I would have had my luggage, I would have needed to go to the check in counter to recheck it. But here, I can go directly to security.

photo img_4312_resultat

The security was a bit of a pain since absolutely everything that works with a power plug or battery needs to be taken out. That took a good another 10'. I then rushed to my gate where boarding should have started.

photo img_4310_resultat

The airport is pretty nice but not really time to make a lot of pictures.

photo img_4315_resultat

Here is my gate!

photo img_4316_resultat

And this is then the WTF moment: my plane has just been announced with a 25' delay. If I had known earlier, I would have had more than enough time to pick up my suitcase and recheck it.

photo img_4317_resultat

the story

20' before take off, there is still no plane at the gate. I have a quick look at FR24 but there is no registration yet for the plane that would do my flight. I know it was supposed to be an E-2, LN-WEA has left BGO to OSL a few minutes before, LN-WEB is currently in HEL where it flies for AY, LN-WEC is in BGO and has arrived two hours before from TRD. LN-WEX, the very last E-2 delivered to Wideroe is parked somewhere in Spain since two months.

LN-WEC should then be the plane for this flight but I don't see it. Wideroe has lots of issues with its E-2 since they don't have enough cockpit crew to fly them. They barely have the strict minimum even though they operate them since a bit more than 2 years. To add to this problems, the engines of the E-2 are not known for their big reliability and WF has lots of troubles with them. However, the past two weeks, it seemed  that the E-2 fleet was, more or less operating fine.

A WF handling agent arrived at the gate next to us and I took the opportunity to ask her if she has some information. She checks and informs me that the plane has a technical issue and thinks that the boarding would be delayed by at least an additional hour. I ask her if she thinks it would make sense to go back to retrieve my suitcase and check it in. She advises not to do so, since the plane might be released earlier and that by the time I arrive to the check it, it might be closed. She also adds that I will need to pick up my luggage at the airport in TOS and that WF will not deliver it to my accommodation, since I decided not to clear to customs in BGO, I would need to clear it in TOS.

The problem with that was that my accommodation was really remote and not downtown and this story will not only cost me a double taxi ride to and from the airport, but also lots of time. Needless to say that I was a bit on the angry side, with that massive delay I would have had more than enough time to pick up my bag here, if I had been informed earlier about the delay.

And a few minutes later, everything changes: the flight is now cancelled. The way we have been informed was something I have never experienced before: a public adress is made that the flight is cancelled but that there is no need to go to the Wideroe desk but to check our inbox or SMS and that we would be informed about our new time/date of departure. End of the story.

I do not think too long, since the flight is cancelled, people will need to reclaim their luggages, meaning I could also take the opportunity to pick up mine. I walk pretty quickly to the baggage claim area in order to be out as soon as possible since I plan, despite being told not to, to go to the WF desk. I am on a codeshare ticket and I doubt they have any information about how to contact me.

I see my suitcase on a trolley close to the lost and found. But … I am on the domestic side and the lost and found is on the other side. I ask to o there and at first I have been told no. A bit angry about all that happened I try to make my long story short and I am allowed to re-enter international arrivals. I pick up my luggage and go through the customs with it. 

I go back upstairs at the departure hall and quickly make my way to the Wideroe counter where two people are already waiting. A WF agent comes my way and asks if I am one of the cancelled TOS pax. He says that I have to go to the Clarion Hotel, take a room and wait for WF to contact me about options, that all flights are fully booked tonight but there might be space available tomorrow night via Bodo. I asked who will take care about the overnight costs and meals, he said "you but you need to keep all receipt and submit for reimbursement to WF"

Since that flight is supposed to depart (if seats are available) on Saturday night and I was already due to come back on Monday morning, I decline and say that I want the airline to send me back to Switzerland. The agent insists on me going to the hotel but I also insist that there is no point for me to overnight here in Bergen as I now want to go back home.

I wait for a bit and when it's my turn the agent at the counter simply says she can't help as I have a KLM ticket. Behind her there is a sign stating "Wideroe, handling agent for KLM". I point her to the sign and tell her that since they handle their flights here, she is also in charge of finding a solution. She looks super angry but starts to look for options. She offers me the Air France flight to CDG, leaving 05:30PM, arriving CDG 08P with a connecting flight to Basel at 08:45. The flight from Bergen arrives terminal F and I need to go to terminal G, which is remote and only accessible by bus. For that kind of connection, the minimum transfer time is 01H. I decline and she says that this is the only option. But no, I had already checked, there is a much better connection via Amsterdam same day. I ask her to book me on that flight as I know seats are available. She stands up and says she will go and look for a colleague that knows how KL systems work … and goes away.

After 15' another agent arrives wearing a KL badge and asks me what I want. I ask her if her colleague explained it, she is not aware of the situation. I explain what I want and she simply answers that there is nothing she can do.

I begin to lose patience and elevate slightly the tone of my voice by saying she holds a KL badge, the sign says they handle KL and if she does nothing I will phone right now to the KL Platinum line and explain that the people here do not want to do anything.

In no more than two minutes I had my itinerary and was good to go! This is not only unbelievable but unacceptable! At the other counter there are two Swiss citizens that where also on my flight and due to go to TOS. As they planned to stay for the week there, they accepted to go to the hotel and be wait listed on the flight to TOS via Bodo the next evening. I asked them if they won't mind to send me per mail how things worked and they said sure.

This is what happened to them: they left saturday late evening to TOS via BDO but in BDO, their plane had a technical issue and the second leg was cancelled. They had to overnight in BDO. They eventually gave up and flew back to BGO on Sunday and back to Switzerland on Monday.

back home!

I go through security again and make my way airside:

photo img_4318_resultat

There is a fast track for Elite passengers but no lounge access for KL or AF. There is a SAS café but I am not eligible to enter. WF gave me a compensation voucher for 15€, I will then go to the Starbucks lounge :)

I'll spend my time there to cancel my accommodation and already send the claims for the EU compensation and my insurance claims.

A good hour before departure, I head to the international gates. This way:

photo img_4319_resultat

Duty free:

photo img_4320_resultat

My flight is on time:

photo img_4321_resultat

the flight

Boarding is messy, no priority, no real call, the door to the jet bridge is opened and that's it.

photo img_4322_resultat

The classic 737 cabin:

photo img_4325_resultatphoto img_4324_resultat

The recline is far better in J thant in Y but still, this is not a real business seat:

photo img_4326_resultat

Lateral view:

photo img_4327_resultat

The seat pitch is great:

photo img_4331_resultat


photo img_4330_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_4332_resultatphoto img_4333_resultatphoto img_4334_resultat

On time push back:

photo img_4335_resultatphoto img_4336_resultat

A light dinner is served:

photo img_4337_resultat

Supposed to be a pasta salad but I could hardly fine some, lost in the greens.

photo img_4340_resultat

The tomato stew was nothing else than a bad ketchup and the dessert was ways to sweet.

photo img_4338_resultat

That is what is on offer for breakfast:

photo img_4339_resultat


photo img_4341_resultat

The toilets were clean:

photo img_4344_resultatphoto img_4345_resultat

The door and the galley:

photo img_4342_resultatphoto img_4343_resultat

We were only two passengers for 8 seats, the flight was really smooth.

photo img_4347_resultat

We landed 15' early, leaving a bit time to head to the lounge.

photo img_4349_resultat
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Cabin crew8.0

Bergen - BGO


Amsterdam - AMS



That was an adventure...

I got the EU compensation back but that was it, no miles compensation nor voucher for the stress and the week-end that has been lost in full.

Thanks for reading this pretty long story, next part of the journey to be online soon.

Stay safe!

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  • Comment 567879 by
    lefrid BRONZE 1574 Comments
    Hi Esteban,
    A good flight to nowhere before the COVID :-)
    I can fully imagine the stress you had to face, especially in front of unhelpful persons who should be there to find solutions.
    Why are they working in customer facing positions?
    Even if the flight is under two hours the offered meal seems on the light side. I guess no champagne was available.
    • Comment 567905 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 19155 Comments
      Thank you for the comment!

      This was exactly the question I asked myself, what those people were doing there...

      No champagne on board KL short / domestic flights, only sparkling wine.

      Have a good evening!
  • Comment 568138 by
    KL651 TEAM 4530 Comments
    Thanks for this FR Stephan.
    What an ordeal and what a disappointment to fly all the way to Bergen to just end up stuck there.
    Really bad and rude attitude from Wideroe, I can't imagine how this whole experience would have turned out for a pax without rebooking knowledge.
    The Swiss couple wasn't able to reach their destination either, Do you know why Wideroe's operations are so unreliable?
    • Comment 568141 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 19155 Comments
      Thanks Etienne for the nice comment. Yes, it is because they don't have enough crews trained on the E-Jet and the issues with the engines. Both combined made them having lots of troubles...

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