Review of Delta Air Lines flight Seattle Los Angeles in Domestic First

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1544
Seat 02D
Aircraft Boeing 717-200
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 16 Jan 18, 08:40
Arrival at 16 Jan 18, 11:40
DL   #27 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 687 reviews
By GOLD 415
Published on 10th December 2020

Seattle Tacoma International Airport

We just landed from Fairbanks and we have a connection to LAX in roughly 90", as we walk to our gate, we saw this nice shop where I will spend a few dollars :)

photo dsc_0675

The boarding screen for our flight, since we had enough time we went for a much needed coffee.

photo dsc_0676

Back to the gate, the standby list:

photo dsc_0682

E-175 Compass for Delta:

photo dsc_0677

Our plane is here but this is the best picture I can take:

photo dsc_0678

A321 AA:

photo dsc_0681

Horizon for Alaska Dash 8-Q400:

photo dsc_0683

Another E175:

photo dsc_0684

flight to la

Boarding started on time, the jetty and the aircraft door:

photo dsc_0687photo dsc_0688

The welcome at the door wasn't particulary friendly. The Domestic First cabin:

The seat recline is pretty good:

photo dsc_0693

Pillow and blanket:

photo dsc_0694

Pre departure drink:

photo dsc_0695

Safety card:

The pitch is ok, but no IFE onboard any of the B717:

photo dsc_0702photo dsc_0704

But there are power sockets and WIFI.

photo dsc_0703


photo dsc_0705

We pushed back on time, a pair of Embraer and B757:

photo dsc_0706


photo dsc_0707

And two 74F:

photo dsc_0708photo dsc_0709

A300 FedEx:

photo dsc_0710

Grand Caravan Cargo and DHL 767 behind:

photo dsc_0711photo dsc_0712

Then it's our turn:

photo dsc_0713

Beautiful views over Tacoma:

photo dsc_0715photo dsc_0716photo dsc_0717

No winglet, wingtip or anything  here:

photo dsc_0719

Hot towel to begin with, handed out by a purser that decided no to smile that morning. Sad.

photo dsc_0722

The views are beautiful:

For breakfast we had the choice between milk and cereals or a hot egg sandwich. We took the egg sandwich:

photo dsc_0728

It looks as bad as it tasted. Hard, overcooked, I was still looking for the eggs when I finished it. Only the fruits saved the meal.
I worked a bit on my laptop and soon, the Pacific is in sight:

photo dsc_0732photo dsc_0733

Nice view over LAX:

photo dsc_0734photo dsc_0735photo dsc_0736

Always a great moment when you are able to see the airport where you will land:

photo dsc_0737

Still descending:

photo dsc_0739

LA Downtown:

photo dsc_0740photo dsc_0741

Hollywood sign in distance:

photo dsc_0742

And landed:

photo dsc_0744

Eva Air and Virgin Australia:

photo dsc_0745photo dsc_0746

We landed 40 minutes early and our gate isn't available, we had to wait next to the TBIT:

photo dsc_0747

HongKong Airlines A350:

photo dsc_0748

ANA 773:

photo dsc_0749

DL 333:

photo dsc_0750

After 15' we are allowed to roll further, Volaris A319:

photo dsc_0751


photo dsc_0752

And we docked at T3. The farewell was as the rest of the flight, just average.

photo dsc_0754


photo dsc_0753

Inside the terminal:

photo dsc_0755photo dsc_0756

To the baggage claim:

photo dsc_0757

Our bags arrived first, we then had a 16H layover in LAX.

BONUS Fairbanks and Alaska

Fairbanks isn't what I would say a beautiful city but there are things to see and to do and is a perfect base to explore the north.

This is the Chena River and our hotel on the other bank of the river:

photo dsc_0326photo dsc_0329

Sunrise at 11AM:

photo dsc_0332

The flags are frozen, that morning the temperature was at -35:

photo dsc_0337

The city:

photo dsc_0342

Yukon Quest  is THE dog mushing race. It starts or finishes either at Fairbanks or Whitehorse in Canada. The dogs run over 1'000 miles. That year they started from Fairbanks early February.

photo dsc_0338photo dsc_0339

We went for a 36H expedition in tents and cabins on the Tanana River bank, one hour drive from Fairbanks with friends. It was just amazing, since there is no running water, no cell phone and just solar power. Not to mention, no indoor restrooms nor bath :)

After the drive we unloaded the dogs and the sleds, parked the car, my parents went for a two hours mushing tour and my friend's husband and I went walking to the cabin, a good hour through the forest.

photo dsc_0510


photo dsc_0512

My parents would sleep here:

photo dsc_0509photo dsc_0527

While I was to sleep in this tent:

photo dsc_0513photo dsc_0516

Those are the restrooms. OK they come with a view, but you really think twice before you go when the outside temperature is a -30F or below.

photo dsc_0518

The kitchen tent:

photo dsc_0522photo dsc_0523

The dogs sleep outside or under this plastic roof:

photo dsc_0524photo dsc_0525

Those dogs love cold, and they have absolutely no problems to stay outside until almost -40…
If the temperature drops below or if they want to go inside, my friends have absolutely no issues to let them in. They are really sweet and love cuddles, hugs or everything like that:
Here are Kathul and Yap;

photo dsc_0537

Kathul is still a puppy, she is only 4 months old:

photo dsc_0539

Eowin, the lead dog:

photo dsc_0558

Polar, is the oldest, he is 11 year old and doesn't much anymore. But still, the good retired boy, loves to walk or run next to the sled:

photo dsc_0560

Our friends are crazy about their dogs. When they can't run anymore, they keep them as family dogs and the dogs do basically what they want. Big mushing companies do not often care about them. When they are not able to mush anymore they are either sold, given to an animal care association or simply… killed. This is why I would always recommend, if you go for a mushing tour, to go with a local, small business that cares about their dogs and treats them well.

Here are the sleds:

photo dsc_0526

The following day we did some snowshoes walking:

photo dsc_0549

Sunset over the Tanana River:

photo dsc_0528photo dsc_0530

I wasn't able to overnight in the tent since it was really cold and humid. For my friends this wouldn't be a problem but they anticipated the fact that is would not work for me and had a camp bed available in my parents cabin :)

The following day we went out for more dog mushing. Here's Jenna with my mother in the sled:

photo dsc_0570

Mushing on an ice river is really great. Far different then mushing on snow:

photo dsc_0566photo dsc_0576

Back to Fairbanks with the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center: a very nice and totally free of charge museum:

We also went for an evening swim at Chena hot springs, where the ourside temperature was around -30F and the water at 100F. A must do. If you have the chance to be there, just go for a swim but do not overnight since the hotel is old, not really tidy and very very expensive.

They also have a runway for sightseeing flights and they purchased an old Everts Air Cargo DC4 that sits here. The plane will never move since it is impossible for it to take off from the short runway.

photo dsc_0505

To conclude a mini hotel bonus with the Springhills Fairbanks, which is a good choice: breakfast is included, there is a kitchenette in every room and there is a swimming pool together with a whirlpool.

photo dsc_0344photo dsc_0345photo dsc_0346
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew5.0

Seattle - SEA


Los Angeles - LAX



Sad that DL did not install IFE's in their 717 and the catering was also sub par.

The cabin crew clearly had a bad day, wasn't fun or nice to fly with them.

Thanks for reading! Next part will be online soon.

Information on the route Seattle (SEA) Los Angeles (LAX)


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    Thanks for the report. Sorry you had a less than pleasant experience with DL. Aside from the subpar meal, It’s also disappointing to see them use the 717 on such a competitive route with many well heeled travelers. At least you had fun in Fairbanks. Hoping to make it up there one of these days :)

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