Review of Delta Air Lines flight Los Angeles Honolulu in Domestic First

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1283
Seat 03D
Flight time 06:15
Take-off 17 Jan 18, 08:10
Arrival at 17 Jan 18, 12:25
DL   #27 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 687 reviews
By GOLD 6269
Published on 11th December 2020


The next part of the journey will bring us to Hawaii, three years ago, I already had the chance to organize a combined Alaska/Hawaii trip and we loved the cold/hot experience. We decided to do it again.

As we travelled with separate tickets, there was a long haul ticket, a ticket to Alaska and another to Hawaii, I went for a layover in LAX to allow some buffer in case of any misco or problems.

LAX Terminal 2 and 3

We took the hotel shuttle that dropped us off at T2. I was looking forward to taking off from T2 since it was entirely renewed but no. We checked in there but had to go to the old T3 to board.

This is the check in zone:

photo dsc_0787photo dsc_0788photo dsc_0789

Who checks where:

photo dsc_0790

TSA was a breeze and in no time we were at T3:

photo dsc_0791photo dsc_0793

The major concern of the old T3 is that there is almost no views to the exterior. Very very few windows.

photo dsc_0796photo dsc_0797


photo dsc_0792

Our flight was leaving at 08:10 and to be on the safe side since early morning can be crowded, we took the 05:00A shuttle. See it is 05:42, we had the shuttle, checked in, cleared TSA. If I had known, we could have slept a bit longer. But you never know.

Morning fuel:

photo dsc_0794

On time flight:

photo dsc_0795

This 757 goes to MSY:

photo dsc_0798photo dsc_0799

Info screens for the pilots:

photo dsc_0800

This A321 goes to ATL:

photo dsc_0801

WestJet 738:

photo dsc_0803

Fuselage shoot of a 752:

photo dsc_0804

Theme Building:

photo dsc_0806


photo dsc_0809

The flight wasn't full, good for non rev:

photo dsc_0807photo dsc_0808

the flight

Boarding started on time:

photo dsc_0810

The Delta One cabin:

photo dsc_0811photo dsc_0812

I wanted that flight as this is the only one from the West Coast to use a wide body. The flight takes around 05H30 making it almost a long haul flight. I was disappointed to see that the pillows and the blankets were standard domestic first and not long haul ones. Sad.

photo dsc_0814photo dsc_0815photo dsc_0819

I took a coffee as  welcome drink:

photo dsc_0816

DL A330:

photo dsc_0818

The seat pitch:

photo dsc_0820

Safety Card:

photo dsc_0821photo dsc_0822

The headset is the long haul one:

photo dsc_0823photo dsc_0824

We pushed back on time:

Flight information:

photo dsc_0830photo dsc_0831photo dsc_0832

And off we go:

photo dsc_0833photo dsc_0835photo dsc_0836

The massive winglet:

photo dsc_0838photo dsc_0839

This way please:

photo dsc_0840

Hot towel to start:

photo dsc_0841

The tray table:

photo dsc_0842photo dsc_0843photo dsc_0844

Aperitive drinks are offered, I took a Mai Tai:

photo dsc_0845photo dsc_0846

The IFE selection is pretty large with lots of movies in French:

photo dsc_0847

I was also very disappointed by the catering, since we got exactly the same breakfast as the day before from Fairbanks to Seattle. I believed that the flight from LAX would be considered as "outbound" vs the Fairbanks flight as "inbound" and have at least a different catering or even better, an extended offer due to the duration of the flight, but no.
Apart from the aperitive service, there wasn't any difference:

photo dsc_0849photo dsc_0850

Cream cheese was available upon request but our cabin attendant forgot to serve the bagels to go with. Not a big deal, she noticed her mistake and came with it shortly after.

Then a tour to the lavatories:

photo dsc_0851photo dsc_0852

I then took a two hours nap to finish my night:

photo dsc_0853photo dsc_0854

When I woke up we were in the middle of the Pacific:

photo dsc_0855photo dsc_0856

Snacks are handed out:

photo dsc_0858

Together with an apple juice:

photo dsc_0859

Later we started our descent:

photo dsc_0860

This is Maui, we have been there the year before, a great island but not our favorite. At this point she was #2 (first one was Big Island). Here you can see the airport, OGG:

photo dsc_0861photo dsc_0862

Winglet shoot:

photo dsc_0864

This is the city of Lahaina:

photo dsc_0865photo dsc_0866

We overflew Lanai:

And Molokai in distance:

photo dsc_0871photo dsc_0873

Then comes Honolulu and the Oahu island. Lots of people think that Hawaii is the name of Honolulu's island but no. It is definitively Oahu. The island of Hawaii is also known as Big Island, the last island south of the archipelago. Hawaii is also the only island with two majors international airports: Kona and Hilo. Also the only one with active volcanoes.

photo dsc_0874photo dsc_0875

Diamond Head:

photo dsc_0876photo dsc_0878

And Waikiki:

photo dsc_0877

HNL in distance:

photo dsc_0879

U Turn for us:

photo dsc_0881

Kalaeloa Airport, with a beautiful DC8-63CF pax / combiATI that belonged to ATI, the last airline that operated DC8 pax.

photo dsc_0882photo dsc_0885photo dsc_0887

Almost there:

On the ground:

photo dsc_0892

HA 717:

photo dsc_0893

JAL 772:

photo dsc_0894

I love those pictures of this beautiful bird:

photo dsc_0895photo dsc_0896


photo dsc_0897

We parked next to another 767:

photo dsc_0898

We deboarded the plane and the crew wished Aloha to Hawaii to everyone.

photo dsc_0899

For us, HNL wasn't the last stop, we headed to the inter-islands terminal.

photo dsc_0901photo dsc_0902

The fameous japanese garden:

photo dsc_0903photo dsc_0904

AS with a special livery followed by ANA:

photo dsc_0905photo dsc_0906

HNL control tower:

photo dsc_0908photo dsc_0909

Air Asia A330:

photo dsc_0910

and the Disney AS 738:

photo dsc_0911

To conclude an hotel bonus and some more spotting.

We decided to overnight at the Marriott, being a Titanium member (at that time the highest status was Platinum, which I had) I knew the chances to get upgraded where high and we were assigned balcony rooms instead of the standard ones.

photo dsc_0760photo dsc_0762photo dsc_0763

The bathroom:

photo dsc_0758photo dsc_0759

And the beautiful balcony with pool view:

photo dsc_0764photo dsc_0765photo dsc_0767

But the must is the lounge on the 18th with great views over LAX:

photo dsc_0769photo dsc_0770photo dsc_0771

FedEx MD11:

photo dsc_0772photo dsc_0773

UA 738:

photo dsc_0774photo dsc_0775photo dsc_0776


photo dsc_0777

TN A340-300, long gone:

photo dsc_0778


photo dsc_0779

And Great Lakes again ready for boarding:

photo dsc_0780


photo dsc_0782

NZ to AKL:

photo dsc_0783

Interjet from MEX:

photo dsc_0784photo dsc_0786
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.0

Los Angeles - LAX


Honolulu - HNL



I find it sad that the cabin don't come with international amenities like pillows or blanket.

The catering was also not great for such a long flight.

But the flight did its job: bring us safely to the Hawaiian Islands.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next flight :)

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