Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Singapore Macau in Economy

Flight 3K 575
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 12 Jan 12, 13:40
Arrival at 12 Jan 12, 17:15
3K 47 reviews
By 2752
Published on 9th October 2013
This would be a short report of the weekend trip I did to Macau and Hong Kong over the weekend and also my first trip of 2012. As Jetstar was offering a rather good deal on the dates I wanted, at around S$300 return (Starter Plus fare) inclusive of meals and drinks, one-way luggage from HKG, priority boarding, free seat selection and QFF miles/$30 Jetstar voucher, i pounced on it and booked the weekend trip. The main focus of the trip was food, food and more food! As most of us here are well-versed on service provided by budget airlines, I will keep the descriptions short and let the photos do the story-telling.

12 January 2012
Jetstar Asia
3K 575
Singapore (SIN) - Macau (MFM)
Economy Class

This would be one of 3K's last flights to Macau as 3K would be suspending the route from early Feb. Guess the SIN-MFM route is really hard to sustain, with SQ, MI and now 3K pulling out, leaving Tiger and Air Macau serving the sector. Guess the lack of business travellers is a major disincentive for serving the city.

Just some comments regarding the flight, I feel that Jetstar provides the best cabin service among all budget carriers operating from Singapore. The cabin crew are mostly friendly and professional, very willing to assist in boarding (assisting in stowing luggage, showing passengers to seats), keeping a strong cabin presence during flight, answering call-bells promptly etc, just as in any other full-service carriers. This flight is no exception, with really good service for a LCC. On my past experiences on Tiger and AirAsia, the crew would mainly use their eye-powers to welcome passengers onboard, rush through cabin service and followed by the disappearing act. If I would to rate cabin service among the 3 major budget airlines, I would rate:
1. Jetstar
2. AirAsia
3. Tiger
However Jetstar still have some way to go regarding punctuality. 2 out of my 6 flights with them in the last half year have seen more than 2 hours delay, including my flight back from HKG on this trip. Enough of ramblings, on to the photos proper.

Jetstar issues proper boarding passes now! Supermarket receipts are a thing of the past.
photo 6741793941_01f10e0891_b

Some plane-spotting. China Southern A320.
photo 6741793555_9d4ca65fb4_b

My plane to MFM being catered.
photo 6741793733_6c139b8ef4_b

A Sweet China Airlines A330. And more Jetstars (A320 and A330).
photo 6741793889_70e8b408e1_b

Another view of 9V-JSB.
photo 6741794113_6af611d19e_b

Boarding. The flight was not too full, probably about 60% full at most. Some of the pax could get a whole row each.
photo 6741794275_7f49529a64_b

Legroom at row 25 was really tight! Learnt my lesson, avoid rows 25 and above on all budget airlines' A320s. Row 24 on my flight back had slightly more legroom.
photo 6741794607_18f478814f_b

The stuff in the seat pocket. Inflight magazine was quite worn.
photo 6741795963_db5196e5df_b

At the gate.
photo 6741794441_374fc1d576_b

Pushback. Myanmar Airways A321 just arrived into the gate beside.
photo 6741794761_3c5e8f6f26_b

Safety demo by the crew. The crew member at the front is a Japanese crew.
photo 6741794949_597b72f695_b

We had a tour of Changi during taxi to Rwy02C. More Jetstars at T1.
photo 6741795033_611fb6e7a7_b

SriLankan Airlines A320 at T3.
photo 6741795189_665d181211_b

SQ A333 and B772.
photo 6741795339_64c91d9ea2_b

Of course couldn't miss the A380!
photo 6741795481_bf837015e4_b

SQ B773.
photo 6741795599_42fea9f042_b

Garuda baby Boeing B735.
photo 6741795781_82037ba490_b

Crossing over the bridge to the other side of Changi.

Finally reaching the runway after a very long taxi! A Firefly ATR72 ahead of us.
photo 6741796135_fb24dbbe23_b

We are next for departure.
photo 6741796293_a61dc8407a_b

Takeoff from Runway 02C.

View of eastern Singapore. My place of residence could be seen from here!
photo 6741796471_2b2d08af5d_b

Ascending over Malaysia.
photo 6741796611_197cf7d371_b

Post-takeoff announcement.

Climbing. Not sure at what altitude were we flying as the pilot did not address us during the entire flight. It was very cloudy for most of the flight with patches of light turbulence, but the seatbelt signs never came on.
photo 6741796733_80cc3987cd_b

As our Starter Plus fare includes a meal and 2 drinks, a crew approached us shortly after the seatbelt signs went off and asked for our choices. 4 choices of meals were offered. Just like in Business Class! Hahaha!

The choices on this flight were:
- Nasi Lemak
- Vietnamese Curry Chicken with Rice
- Japanese Curry Chicken with Rice
- Rendang Chicken with Rice (Chef's special)

I chose the Rendang chicken while my friend had the Nasi Lemak.

Meal with drinks.
photo 6741796919_f2b7c2bf0a_b

My chef's special, Rendang Chicken. Seriously, it is almost tasteless. I wouldn't fork out S$8 for this. Bad!
photo 6741797227_228c398ed1_b

My friend's Nasi Lemak. Slightly better choice, but still not that fantastic.
photo 6741797059_c5de01cf29_b

Conducting the buy-on-board meal service. There were quite a number of takers for snacks and drinks.
photo 6741797371_cf043555c6_b

Cabin view.
photo 6741797477_bcd8ae9d9f_b

This was the scenery for most of the flight enroute to Macau. White…
photo 6741797605_cfe26f4d81_b

Jetstar Business class lie-flat seats. We had a row each to relax in.
photo 6741797745_1577473957_b

Finally the clouds cleared.
photo 6741797911_c19c259f84_b

But not for long and it was clouds again below.
photo 6741798013_3f88ec80b6_b

Descending into Macau. More clouds.
photo 6741798133_4dd2cc0626_b

Final approach into Macau. Nothing but fog and the sea below. Really dreadful weather.
photo 6741798243_e3a0705418_b

Landing into Macau.

Sands VIP B737-300.
photo 6741798369_65a408cdf1_b

and their B747SP. Luxury charter for the high-rollers!
photo 6741798527_07b7e6951c_b

Welcome to Macau! Air Macau A319 beside.
photo 6741798651_5268c2a998_b

Landed 5 minutes early into Macau despite our late departure.
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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Singapore - SIN


Macau - MFM



Overall a reasonably comfortable flight for this sector, especially with the light passenger load.



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    marathon GOLD 9819 Comments

    I was wondering where Taipa is - it looked like Taipei with a typo. That's the result of Flight Report's quaint choice for Version 2 of listing the name of the airport, rather than that of the city it serves . Anyway, even though the plane landed some 80 minutes away from my favorite Asian city, this is an interesting report, with the comparison of the local budgets airlines. Thanks !

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