Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Kuala Lumpur Singapore in Economy

Flight 3K 686
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 25 Mar 12, 14:35
Arrival at 25 Mar 12, 15:50
3K 47 reviews
By 2643
Published on 12th October 2013
Just a night in Kuala Lumpur and back to Singapore next.

25 March 2012
Jetstar Asia
3K 686
Kuala Lumpur(KUL) - Singapore(SIN)
Budget Class

Check-in was done online earlier, with the possibility of choosing seats too! Obtained my boarding pass at KLIA about 75min before departure.
photo 6985531400_b77c2f68f2_b

Not many interesting aircraft other lots of MHs and Air Asias. An Emirates B773ER being prepared for flight.
photo 7131615131_d91b6a7243_b

My Jetstar plane arriving slightly late (reason given by pilot due to congestion at Changi. What's new…).
photo 7131615303_d90e72f072_b

First time flying on 9V-JSJ. Rather new plane this is.
photo 6985531890_6f3588c1f0_b

Boarding in progress. Again very friendly and helpful Jetstar crew who were proactively assisting with the storage of cabin bags and guiding pax to seats. Truthfully speaking, other than the different uniform, they seemed like just any other SQ crew during the boarding process. Similar with SQ, a resident of Singapore could also feel like home upon stepping onto a Jetstar Asia flight, haha. Cabin was very clean and new, with Jetstar radio music blaring during the entire boarding process.
photo 6985532250_4cf6af791c_b

Towards the rear. The plane eventually filled up almost to the brim.
photo 6985532406_6594bcb5f2_b

Across the aisle. Now horrors! The seats on this aircraft could not be reclined! They are all stuck in this very position.
photo 6985532074_ce8ccbf1dc_b

Very poor seat pitch. Added with the non-reclining seats, it made for quite an uncomfortable short flight. Any flight longer than 2 hours on these seats would be murderous! The seats are so unpopular that Jetstar soon scrapped the seats on their new planes.
photo 7131616223_2b86ef8a81_b

China Airlines B744 parked beside.
photo 6985532560_95bddd4a9b_b

MH B738 taxi into gate.
photo 7131616333_ce3902d795_b

Soon, we pushed back with engines starting up. Apologies, but you will hear a child who refused to be strapped in screaming/wailing in most of the below videos.

Safety briefing on this aircraft was pre-recorded. Crew just performed the manual demo while we taxied to the runway.

Sri Lankan A320 following us.
photo 6985532984_78b086a6eb_b

Took off from Rwy32R for the 30min hop to Singapore.

Making a left turn shortly after takeoff.
photo 7131616677_33a7599f48_b

Flying back over KLIA. You can see KLIA2 and a new runway being constructed!
photo 6985533564_0cf557587c_b

Window view
photo 6985533358_6236603393_b

We flew along the coast all the way towards Singapore.
photo 7131617199_b38745f289_b

Snacks or drinks?
photo 7131617407_55f444e2e9_b

Along the coast again.
photo 6985534174_c59400066e_b

We flew all the way south towards the Indonesian Riau islands before turning up north to Changi. Don't it looked like the Maldives islands?
photo 7131617663_40347c5e8a_b

However due to traffic, we made turns over Batam, adding 5-10min to the flying time.
photo 7131617817_f3da1758c8_b

More islands.
photo 7131618101_5081830b34_b

Finally on our approach.
photo 7131617979_2bb7f48e40_b

Congestion at sea too!
photo 6985534830_be656dc575_b

Landing at Changi Rwy02L. Even though we were only 15min late, the crew still apologised for the late arrival. Good job, Jetstar!

Parked at Terminal 1.
photo 6985535140_04377e6b80_b

Myanmar Airways A321 beside.
photo 7131618759_04c7f37cdc_b

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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu6.5

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Singapore - SIN



A couple of good flights on Jetstar again. Only complaint is the dreadful non-reclining seats on the return sector. Hopefully Jetstar does not use this plane for flights of 4hrs or more as it could be really unbearable comfort wise!

Information on the route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Singapore (SIN)


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