Review of Tiger Airways flight Penang Singapore in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR 2423
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 27 May 12, 12:20
Arrival at 27 May 12, 13:30
TR 39 reviews
By 2097
Published on 13th October 2013
After 2 nights and gaining 2 kilos in Penang, it was time to return back to Singapore. The flight was scheduled to depart at 1220hrs and I checked in at 1100hrs. As mentioned, Penang airport was undergoing a major interior renovation. Not sure about the domestic side but for the International side, both land and airside are still seeing renovation works, with most of it airside. However as there were not many international departures, it did not pose much of a problem.

27 May 2012
Tiger Airways
TR 2423
Penang(PEN) - Singapore(SIN)
Budget Class

Major upgrading works airside. The duty-free shops had to be shifted out to along the walkways!
photo 7295049486_2fe9dca94e_b

The Tiger landed early! It was already taxiing to the gate just after I had passed security.
photo 7295049822_ba37a84787_b

Approaching the gate. Second time flying on 9V-TAF this year! My previous flight on this aircraft was just 3 months back from Kuching to Singapore.
photo 7295050032_de1aaa963e_b

Some plane-spotting (not that there are many planes at the airport). FedEx A310F crossing the runway to the cargo ramp.
photo 7295050250_d31364d6b5_b

Air Asia A320, probably the most frequent visitor to Penang.
photo 7295052500_84d7e16eb6_b

Wings Air ATR72 to Medan.
photo 7295052742_45400b1bd4_b

After the arriving passengers had disembarked, boarding was announced at 1140hrs, a full 40min before STD!! Was welcomed aboard the aircraft by another set of friendly Tiger crew again. This time, I was seated at 3F, towards the front of the plane. Back to the reality of budget legroom.
photo 7295053306_8119e1c1b6_b

Air Asia beside, also departing to Singapore, and a MH B738 at the far end of the terminal.
photo 7295052984_b191541464_b

Flight time was announced to be 1hr. All passengers were boarded by 1205hrs but due to sorting out of pax numbers, doors were only closed at 1210hrs. Total load, 159/180.

Pushback with engine startup and safety briefing.

Passing a UPS B763F.
photo 7295053580_ae867341d7_b

MH B738 ahead of us.
photo 7295054088_944f44b487_b

Holding at Rwy04 for takeoff. Slight wait for takeoff clearance even though there were no planes landing.
photo 7295053824_c6cd4162bb_b

Take off!

Entering the mainland. A new bridge to Penang is currently being built.
photo 7295054326_0a22cf811d_b

After seatbelt signs were switched off, crew started the cabin service, first with the distribution of immigration forms, followed by buy-on-board snacks and drinks, and finally duty-free goods.
photo 7295054592_e1eaa4844b_b

As for me, my inflight entertainment would be staring out of the window….
photo 7295054824_72729963a5_b

Overflying KL.
photo 7295055076_0c8a1380bc_b

Soon, the pilot came on with the arrival announcement, just as we were over Malacca.

Some slight turbulence were encountered during descend.
photo 7295049190_f75bd206e0_b

Overflying Riau islands. Even though we landed from the north on Rwy20C, our flight was vectored south towards the Riau islands, making a loop up north towards Malaysia again before starting the approach into Changi. This approach pattern added about 5-10min into the flight time.
photo 7295055320_87f214db3b_b

Entering Malaysia at Penggarang.
photo 7295055766_b05e1ae9a7_b

Landing into Rwy20C. Spot the 2 Scooties in the hangers!

Landed at 1330hrs, 20min ahead of schedule! Well done, Tiger! Only had a very short taxi to Changi Budget Terminal.
photo 7295055510_1d7e82285f_b

Parked at the gate, beside turbotiger which flew me up to Penang just a couple of days ago.
photo 7295055970_21d969da66_b

With this probably being my last arrival into Budget Terminal, more photos must be taken! Disembarking…
photo 7295056152_24a17874fd_b

Tarmac of Budget Terminal.
photo 7295056366_8f937f9339_b

Down the stairs.
photo 7295056644_f865063463_b

And finally on the tarmac. No security today to stop me from taking photos!!
photo 7295057094_2593297c95_b

Last look of the tarmac area of Budget Terminal.
photo 7295056878_2dd75e3788_b

Along the hallway towards immigration.
photo 7295057356_aaae918c0b_b

The baggage sorting area.
photo 7295057718_33517ed1e1_b

Cebu Pacific just arrived before us.
photo 7295058152_c354157c37_b

The crowded arrival immigration hall. Luckily we were spared the extra security checks which the Cebu Pacific passengers had to go through.
photo 7295057990_7752308198_b

After immigration.
photo 7295059020_13d2cb2c3f_b

The 3 baggage belts have served us well.
photo 7295058424_323152023d_b

Out of the terminal, the shuttle bus pick-up point.
photo 7295058754_44d418f1b3_b

photo 7295059514_32d8594f93_b

No more of the ridiculous parking charges at Budget Terminal soon…
photo 7295059338_cf3f1a68f6_b

Budget Terminal, soon going down in history.
photo 7295048988_dff6188316_b
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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Penang - PEN


Singapore - SIN



Another comfortable flight on Tiger.

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