Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Mumbai in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ422
Class Economy
Seat 56A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:45
Take-off 22 Sep 07, 07:30
Arrival at 22 Sep 07, 10:45
SQ   #8 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 654 reviews
By GOLD 3123
Published on 11th February 2021

Trip Report : Singapore Airlines SQ422 Singapore - Mumbai

This report is from a trip in 2007. Click the bold text to read the earlier flight:  Trip Report : Singapore - Mumbai on Singapore Airlines. Aircraft in this trip report is Boeing 777-300 - non ER version.

Flight Details:
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight :SQ 422 SIN - BOM
Reg : 9V-SYI
Aircraft: Boeing 777-312
Dep - SIN : 07.30
Arr - BOM : 10.45
Flight time : 4 hours 55 minutes
Distance : 3,899 kilometers


I had stopped in Singapore enroute to Mumbai to visit relative working in Singapore. I had to arrive early,at the airport for catch this flight, took a taxi from city. I had spare time and while away taking photos.

photo image009

Changi ATC

photo image010

View of Terminal 3 under construction.

photo image011


I had spare time and did planespotting from viewing deck in Terminal 1.

photo image012

Air China Boeing 737

photo image014

Valuair A320

photo image015

Arrival Area

Time flew and I went to the arrival area to pick my luggage from the left baggage counter.

photo image006

Arrivals schedule

photo image008

Arrival area in Terminal

photo image007

Mumbai flight would be departing from Terminal 2.

photo image004

Check-in counter was not opened as I had arrived early.

photo image001


Check-in counter opened 2 hours before departure. Check-in row was 7.

photo image002

Terminal 2 morning flight schedule.

photo image003

Self-check Kiosk- was not available for this flight.

photo image005

I was one of the early passengers to check-in, ground staff checked my ticket, passport and visa. Got the boarding pass and I was ready for immigration.

Immigration and Shopping

I had kept the immigration stub received on arrival. When exiting, handed the stub and visa checked and passport was stamped.

I was allowed to enter the departure. Terminal 3 model on display in the public area.  I purchased gifts from the duty free shops. Walked towards gate area for security check.

photo image016


Gate was opened, I passed through security, had boarding pass checked and was allowed in the waiting area. Aircraft registration was 9V-SYI which is a Boeing 777-300, a non ER version.

photo image017

Boarding call was made,  The waiting area was not crowded. Crew was waiting at the door to welcome and direct passengers to their seats.

photo image019


I reached my seat and settled down. Had chosen 2-seater in the 2nd last row. The next seat was empty.

photo image020


Boarding completed soon, crew distributed cold towel on boarding.  Pushback commenced with crew demonstrating the safety details.

After a short taxi, departed from Singapore.

photo image021

View of Changi airport in 2007

photo image022

Cabin Service

On reaching cruise, crew distributed menu cards.

photo image023

Menu on board for Economy passengers. Cabin service commenced with drinks

photo image025

Window view heading West towards Bay of Bengal.

photo image026

Morning flight, most passengers were still resting and it was a quiet cabin.

photo image027


I chose the Thosai with chicken kheema option, which was soft and chicken kheema was good,

photo image028

Top view of tray

photo image029

Flying over Malacca strait

photo image030photo image031

Cabin view

Cabin view after breakfast, not much activity. No IFE in use as most passengers were resting. Probably due to early arrival at the airport. Crew on board served water and drinks during the flight.

photo image033

As I was not interested in entertainment, I watched outside the window.  Sun was on the other side. My row of seats was empty except the window seat on other side.

photo image034


Apart from turbulence over Bay of Bengal, the rest of the flight was uneventful. Flight path was close to Chennai. Crew started distributing the immigration and custom form.

photo image036

I took 1 form and filled before arriving in Mumbai.

photo image037

Form distribution in other aisle

photo image039

Video: Crew Distributing Immigration Form

Most of the flight was quiet with very little activity.

photo image041photo image042

Window shades were down as sun was blazing inside the cabin from starboard side.

photo image045

I got up to stretch my legs.

photo image047

Window on Boeing 777-300

photo image049

Last section on Boeing 777-300

photo image051


Captain came on the speaker and announced descend will commence shortly.

photo image054

Series of turn to reduce altitude.

photo image055photo image056

Crew checked the cabin and cleared rubbish. Seat were set upright, window shades were drawn up.

photo image058photo image059

Clear skies above clouds in September.

photo image061


Approach was from the East to land on runway 27. It had rained in Mumbai during September. Landing was on wet runway. After landing exited the runway and taxied towards International terminal.

photo image062

Kingfisher Airlines and Indian Airlines - Both have ceased operations. Kingfisher due to bankruptcy and other merged with Air India.

photo image063

Terminal 1A - Domestic

photo image064

Indian Airlines ready to taxi

photo image065photo image066

Terminal 1B

Sahara Airlines and Het Airways both have ceased operation. Sahara had merged with Jet Airways.

photo image067

Jet Airways was a big airlines in 2007

photo image068

Go Airways had colourful aircarfts.

photo image069

Sahara Airlines

photo image070

Taxi took around 10-15 mins

photo image071

Old ATC tower, which is now demolished. Being close to runway 14, Singapore Airlines used to stop or change flight times on non- availability of main runway 09-27

photo image072

Cargo terminal

photo image073

Jet Airways Boeing 777

photo image074

Fedex MD11F

photo image075

Biz jet

photo image076

Air India A310 parked in remote bay.

photo image077

view of taxi way, looking towards domestic terminal.

photo image078

Exiting taxi way towards International terminal

photo image079photo image080

Air India Express Boeing 737-800

photo image081

Mumbai Airport Terminal 2A which is demolished now.

photo image082

Indian Airlines A300 at Terminal 2B

photo image083

Terminal 2B was not used during this time, Just the gate were used for boarding and disembarkation. Leased Boeing 757 operating Kuwait flight.

photo image084

Singapore Airlines was in alliance with Air India which used Terminal 2C

photo image085

Arriving at gate

photo image086

Airside view as flight was connected to airbrdge

photo image087

Leased Air India Boeing 767-300

photo image088


Disembarkation was orderly, seated in the last seat, I chatted and thanked crew.

photo image089

Immigration and Custom

I chose this flight to avoid the chaos at immigration. International terminal was not busy in the morning as few international flight arrived.

Evening Singapore flight arrived in peak time along with Middle east flight, which used cause delay at immigration and custom.

After clearing immigration, I used the green channel in custom as I want carrying anything declarable.

Exiting Airport

Upon clearing customs, I exited the terminal 2c, felt the humidity and start sweating. Met with relatives and headed home.

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Mumbai - BOM



Singapore Airlines provided good service, on board Flight departed and arrived on time. Crew on board were friendly.

Singapore is a good and safe stop over destination. I spent few days before catching the flight.

Mumbai Airport international terminals have been demolished, replaced by a World class facility. Overall had a satisfactory flight.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Mumbai (BOM)


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