Review of ANA flight Tokyo Chicago in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH12
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:39
Take-off 12 Oct 18, 17:26
Arrival at 13 Oct 18, 14:05
NH   #30 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 232 reviews
Published on 17th February 2021

transiting & spotting at Tokyo Narita

After we arrived at NH12's Gate 53 from our NH834, my dad went to the tobacco lounge, while I went to planespotting around Narita Airport's Terminal 1, and spotted the following aircrafts.

photo 501803376

A ANA B777-381(ER) preparing to go to North America.

photo 867663150

3x ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliners along with a A320NEO in the background preparing for a domestic flight.

photo 1714961654

Another ANA B777-381(ER) preparing for its flight to North America, and after I took this photo, I went to find my dad and then we went to the Gate area to wait for boarding for NH12.

Boarding, pushback + taxing to runway

Boarding for NH12 commenced at 16:40, and we then queued up as soon as boarding commenced, and we then boarded also before the rest of economy thanks to my dad's star alliance gold statues, after we settled into our seats, I found the beautiful B77W wings.

photo 1940828899

After all passengers were settled, the cabin crews armed the cabin doors as the gate disconnected, and then at 17:12 we began to pushback from Gate 53 as the safety video began to play and the GE90 began to roll.

photo 630388960

We pushed onto Twy T3 at 17:14 JST, and we then started to taxi to Rwy 34L at 17:16 JST.

TAKEOFF & cruise

We arrived at Rwy 34L at 17:25 JST, and as we arrived at Rwy 34L, we immediately began to line up as the cabin crews quickly walked down the 77W to do a cabin check, and then at 17:26 JST we started rolling and pulled up 1 mins later smoothly.

After we tookoff, we flew into the clouds around Tokyo, and after we entered the dark clouds, there was nothing more to see from the windown, so I went and started watching movies and this 77W's IFE, and after  we waited patiently for around 1 hr 45 mins where our cabin crews came and server everyone their dinner at around 19:15 JST, and after I had my dinner, I continued to watch movies on the ANA IFE.

At around 09:10 CST, the cabin crew came and passed a mini tasty break to awaken passengers, and I asked for a cup of orange juice with the bread.

photo 661520503

As we entered Canada Airspace, I saw North America's sunrise on October 12 from FL350 which was actually very amazing.

photo 1830188839photo 1424672040photo 1060608271


After I watched the sunrise, I felt asleep until around 12:00 CST where the cabin crews came to serve us food, and because I was too slepy, I felt sleep again after eating our lunch until our final apporach towards cloudy Chicago's Rwy 28C.

photo 57434168photo 1675988828photo 2104989063

arrival at ord/kord

At 14:05, our aircraft JA734A landed safely on ORD's Rwy 28C as the reverse thrust immediately helped this 77W to slow down, and once again, this captain/fo did a very good buttered and smooth landing.

photo 1117498714

As soon after we touched downed safely on Rwy 28C and fully stopped downed, we slowly vacated Rwy 28C.

photo 1794260804photo 1098574209photo 1712156809

After few mins taxing, we arrived at our gate, which was Gate M19.

photo 1632384301photo 1440863667photo 1726659319

As soon we arrived at Gate M19, our GE90 engines shutted downed, and then the gate connected with this 77W, and after a few mins, it was time for me to say goodbye to this 77W that flew me from Tokyo to Chicago :(. And after we diembarked, we went to U.S Customs.

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Cabin crew10.0

Tokyo - NRT


Chicago - ORD



Overall, if you would like to fly from Tokyo to Chicago, NH12 is the best choice, because ANA also puts its Starwars BB-8 on this route other than the Los Angeles route and past NH2/1 Washington D.C route which is now replaces by NH102/1 from Haneda.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Japan Airlines avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 11 heures et 38 minutes.

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