Review of China Southern flight Ho Chi Minh City Wuhan in Economy

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ8318
Class Economy
Seat 36A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:29
Take-off 14 Jul 19, 01:27
Arrival at 14 Jul 19, 05:56
CZ 133 reviews
Published on 22nd February 2021


My family arrived at HCMC's Tan San Nhat Int'l Airport's Terminal 2 at 23:20 PM on Jul 13, and after we arrived, we went to China Southern Airline's Check-in counter and checked-in for CZ8318, and received the seat 36A.

photo 888975809

After we checked-in, we proceeded to the customs and security, and because this flight was a red-eye flght, there was barely any one at customs and security, so we entered airside under 15 mins, and after we entered airside, I went into spotting mode, and spotted the following aircrafts/flights.

photo 942071193

A Jetstar Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner registered VH-VKD preparing for JQ64 which departed 01:04 AM local time on Jul 14.

photo screen-shot-2021-02-22-at-174154

A Emirates B777-31H(ER) registered A6-EPT preparing for EK393 to Dubai which departs 23:55 PM local time on Jul 13, and a ANA B787-8 Dreamliner registered JA878A staying overnight for NH834 to Narita which departs 07:00 AM local time next day.

photo 1530023835

The China Southern Airlines B737-81B(WL) registered B-5760 carrying my to Wuhan as CZ8318.


Boarding for CZ8318 commenced at 01:10, and our family immeiadtely boarded CZ8318 as my little brother was also travelling with us.

photo 1308609343photo 937432230

After I have boarded B-5760 and settled in my seat, I saw B-5760's winglets and also saw an China Southern Airlines A320-232 registered B-6910 scheduled to depart at 04:55 AM local time for Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l Airport as CZ8474.

photo 1617299268


After all passengers have boarded, the CSN cabin crews armed the L1 door, and then the Gate disconnected, and then at 01:25 pushback commenced as the safety video began and the CFM56-7B26E began to start.

photo 1788540696photo 1555014775photo 376806645


photo 856043089

We pushed onto the taxiway at 18:28 UTC, and then we begin taxing at Rwy 25r at 18:30 UTC, and arrived at Rwy 25R at 18:37 UTC


We arrived at Rwy 25R at 18:37 UTC, and then we began to line up Rwy 25R at 18:38 UTC, and as soon we lined up on Rwy 25R, we began to roll down Rwy 25R.

photo 1922167740photo 1749046754

After we began to roll down the runway, we pulled up smoothly 1 mins after.


Shortly after takeoff, we reached cruise, and after we reached cruise, I went and fell asleep until around 20:40 UTC above Guangzhou where the cabin crews began to serve us delicious breakfasts.

After breakfest, I began to look out the window and look at CSN's megazine.

photo 91034183


At around 21:12 UTC on Jul 14, I saw Jul 14's sunrise, which was very beautiful, and then at around 21:25 UTC, we began to descend towards WUH/ZHHH

photo 1255124496


As we started to apporach and line up WUH's Rwy 22L, we entered a area of fog and dust, but even with the low visibility, our capt/fo still managed to do a soft buttered landing.

taxing to gate

Shortly after we've stopped downed, we vacated Rwy 22L as I saw the Wuhan Tianhe Int'l Airport in the fog.

parking stand arrival/disembarking

After 4 mins of taxing, we arrived at our parking stand/stand 337 at 22:01 UTC as our engine shutted downed and the cabin door disarmed.

photo 1395543993photo 762974963photo 1052369385

Few mins after, we disembarked the aircraft as we boarded a bus to the International arrival section since we parked at the Domestic side at WUH/ZHHH.

departing from wuh/zhhh

After we road the bus to the International Arrival area, our family went to China Customs and then we went to purchase tickets for the InterCity Train to Xiaogan East Station under C5323 which departs 00:43 UTC operated by an CRH2A-2017.

photo 1594755823photo 539815344photo 1062158806

20 mins after we departed from WUH/ZHHH, we arrived at our final destnation, Xiaogan East Station at 01:00 UTC AM.

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Cabin crew10.0

Ho Chi Minh City - SGN


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Overall, WUH/ZHHH is a great airport with many kinds of transportation reaching it, and CZ8318 is definetly a flight that everyone should try post-covid 19.



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  • Comment 571458 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 935 Comments

    I loved the livery of that China Southern 787!

    Trains in China are super cool, I think.

    Nice shots of WUH. It's huge!

    And the food... (sigh) Each report on an Asian airline only adds to my misery for being on the other side of the world. I think I'll move to Asia one of these days.

    Thanks for sharing another great report! :)

    • Comment 612608 by
      B777300ERANA AUTHOR 12 Comments

      Thank you for the support!

      Haha yes. The food are quiet tasty as there are plenty of spices and ingredints.ZHHH is definitely a great airport because its CZ's primay hub other thn CAN/ZGGG and has great internatonal capacity.

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