Review of ANA flight Los Angeles Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH5
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:01
Take-off 19 Oct 18, 13:35
Arrival at 19 Oct 18, 16:36
NH 210 reviews
Published on 24th March 2021


Around 09:10 on Oct 19, we arrived at Los Angeles's TBIT, and we arrived, we headed straight to check-in, but we had a little issue with my ticket, and the issue was that ANA can't find my passport in their booking system, so they called our ticket issuer, United, and after around 2 hrs, ANA's Los Angeles office finally solved the issue, and they finally could print our tickets from Los Angeles Ho Chi Minh City.

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After ANA finally printed our boarding passes out, we went to NH5's Gate 148, and 1 hr before departure, we arrived at Gate 148 at 11:45 local time, as I immediately saw a beautiful 3931 days old ANA Boeing 777-381(ER) registered JA782A preparing for this transpacific trip to Narita, while we were waiting to board, we heard that due to a technical problem, we will be departing late.

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Boarding finally commenced at 12:30 local time, 15 mins before ETA, and as boarding started, I felt happy, because I would once again be able to fly on my favourite airlines/ANA, and after 8-9 mins, I settled in my seat, and after I selttled in my seat, I saw the B777-300(ER)'s wingtips and also saw a OneWorld special livery JAL B777 parked next to us.

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After all the passengers boarded the aircraft, the gate disconnected and the cabin crews begin to arm the door, and after everything was settled, we begin to pushback from Gate 148 at 13:11 local time, and as we started pushback, I heard the beautiful GE90-115B starting, and then at 13:13 JA782A pushed completed on to the taxiway.

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After everything is settled, we begin taxing to Rwy 24L at 13:19, and on our way taxing to the runway, I've saw many aircrafts that I haven't seen before, such as a American Airlines B737 MAX 8, Asiana and British Airways A380, Air China China-France livery, China Southern Airlines B777-300(ER) 


We arrived at Rwy 24L at 13:33, and as we arrived at Rwy 24L, we begin to line up Rwy 24L, then. we begin to roll and rotate at 13:35 local time.

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We pulled up smoothly and safely from LAX at 05:35 AM JST.

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After 20-25 mins from departure, we reached crusing altitude, and then the CCs begin to serve us lunches about 1 hr 30 mins after departure.

After I've had my lunch, I went and watched a couple movies, and after enjoying some movies, I felt asleep for a couple of hours.

At around 14:50 JST, the CCs came around giving passengers linners.


At around 15:50 JST, we begin to descend towards NRT/RJAA smoothly.

final apporach & landing

Our B77W aligned up with NRT/RJAA's Rwy 34L at 16:30 JST, with the beautiful sunset in Tokyo, and after 5 mins, we landed safely at Tokyo as the revese thrust immediately slowed this B777-300ER downed.

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gate arrival & disembarking

After we have fully stopped downed, we vacated the runway, and then we taxied to our gate, and we arrived at our gate/57A at 16:43 JST.

After we fully stopped downed, the engines shutted downed, the gate connected, cabin doors opened, and then we disembarked from nH5 and went to the transit security to continue our trip back home to HCMC on NH833.

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Cabin crew10.0

Los Angeles - LAX


Tokyo - NRT



Overall, ANA is a great airline, and all of ANA's staffs are great, and because of their hospitability, it makes ANA a really great airline.

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