Review of Singapore Airlines flight Mumbai Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ421
Class Economy
Seat 56K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 05:20
Take-off 12 Oct 07, 11:45
Arrival at 12 Oct 07, 19:35
SQ   #2 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 620 reviews
By GOLD 3027
Published on 19th February 2021

Trip Report : Singapore Airlines SQ422 Mumbai - Singapore

This report is from return trip in 2007. Click the bold text to read the earlier flight: Singapore Airlines SQ422 Singapore - Mumbai

Flight details:
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight :SQ 422 SIN - BOM
Reg : 9V-SQD
Aircraft: Boeing 777-212/ER
Dep - BOM : 11.45
Arr - SIN : 19.35
Flight time : 4 hours 55 minutes
Distance : 3,899 kilometers

AiRPORT Arrival

I was dropped at the airport 3hrs before departure.

View of airport road

photo img_6354

Mumbai Airport was run by AAI -  government organisation, before privatisation.

photo img_6355photo img_6359

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport

photo img_6356

International Airport Terminal directions

photo img_6365

Singapore Airlines and Air India operated from Terminal 2C

photo img_6361

Ramp to Departure area

photo img_6358

Terminal 2C was on the left

photo img_6357

Peacock feather was the logo of newly privatised Mumbai airport.

photo img_6367

Terminal 2A in view

photo img_6369photo img_6368

Gate 3 was used to enter check-in

photo img_6370

Mumbai Airport Terminal view

photo img_6372

Security Check, Check-in and Immigration

Upon entering the terminal. All Check-in bags were scanned and secured tape.  Being a mid-morning flight, it wasnt busy.

Check-in queue was short, after receiving boarding card. Entered the immigration.

After completing immigration , there used to a customs check.

For security, had to go down a floor. Security check was conducted with metal detectors and hand patting. Hand bag was scanned. All handbag had to be  tags which were stamped along with boarding pass.

Waiting Area

After completing security, entered the duty free area, few government shops selling handicraft and tea/coffee shops were open along with airline lounge. Airport was undergoing temporary renovation as the Terminal building was to be demolished.

photo img_6377

Passengers waiting for Air India Express flight  boarding call.

photo img_6379

Table used during boarding

photo img_6381

Air India Express passengers flying via Nagpur to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

photo img_6382


I had completed all formalities and with spare time before boarding, spotting through 2 layers of glass. Singapore Airlines had just landed and arrived at gate

photo img_6383

Singapore Airlines 9V-SQD Boeing 777-200ER. Hard to take a good photo.

photo img_6384

Air India Boeing 747-400 named "Sanchi"  which was leased from Malaysian Airlines

photo img_6374

Corridor for departing passengers as was prepared for next flight to Singapore.

photo img_6386


Singapore Airlines flight was to depart from Gate 52 Boarding call was made, Queue was formed at the gate, Boarding pass and handbag security tag was checked along with passport.

Boarding was smooth and Crew was waiting at the door to welcome passengers.


After boarding, I walked to the rear section as I had booked a two seater. The flight being full, I had a companion from Singapore. View of Air India express Nagpur to Dammam, Saudi Arabia flight parked in remote gate. Passenger boarding had commenced for both flights simultaneously.

photo img_6391

Newly acquired Air India Boeing 777-300 had arrived and was parked near the Air India hangers. As passengers had boarded, doors were closed and pushback commenced.

photo img_6392

Closer view of Air India Boeing 777-300 in new livery along with Air India Express Boeing 737-800.

photo img_6393

Air India Boeing 747-400 in old livery. Crew conducted safety demonstrations manually and headed to their seats for departure.

photo img_6395

Vacated gate

photo img_6396

Air India Express prepares for departure.

photo img_6398

Air India Airbus A310 in old livery. Mumbai was Air India hub in those days.

photo img_6399

Taxi to runway 27

photo img_6400

View of aircrafts in remote bay.

photo img_6401

Kingfisher N727VJ Boeing 727 private jet

photo img_6402

Kingfisher was a growing airline during those days.

photo img_6403

Kingfisher following the Singapore Airlines along the taxiway.

photo img_6404

View of Spicejet landing while taxing

photo img_6405

Terminal view along with Kingfisher jet

photo img_6408

Holding short before entering runway.

photo img_6410

Entering the main runway 27 at Mumbai airport. In those days, landing and takeoff was from this runway always.

photo img_6412

Kingfisher next to depart.

photo img_6413


View of  Juhu airport in Western suburbs of Mumbai soon after departure.

photo img_6416

CAbin view

No viability below due to smog as aircraft turned east after departure,

photo img_6420

Cabin view after attaining cruising altitude.

photo img_6418

Smog cleared as aircraft flew over South Eastern Maharastra.

photo img_6422

Being mid-day most passengers were resting.

photo img_6423

Cloudy over Southern India due to Northeast monsoon

photo img_6427

Cabin Service

Crew distributed menu to passengers before the lunch service.

photo img_6429

Crew distributing lunch in the front section.

photo img_6431

Outside view while waiting for lunch.

photo img_6432

Checked menu option - Veg and non-veg [chicken]. under Indian selection and Non-veg[lamb]under international selection

photo img_6437

Flight information

photo img_6442

Flight map

photo img_6443

Crew began lunch distribution in rear section.

photo img_6445

Non Veg Lunch - Chooza Kesar malai chicken tikka in saffron sauce, corn with spinach and raisin pilaf rice, Kulcha bread

photo img_6447


After lunch, cabin was quiet and passengers had window shades down.

photo img_6450

it was bright outside till close to Malacca strait.

photo img_6449

It was bright on the being a day flight as flight was heading East.

photo img_6456

Evening sky as sun became less harsh

photo img_6468

View of flap

photo img_6469photo img_6471

View of Indonesian island. Crew handed the Singapore Immigration form, which I filled.

photo img_6472

Flight map along with the inflight magazine.

photo img_6474

Silverkris with cover of Singapore Airlines Airbus A380's first commercial  to Sydney starting in a month

photo img_6476

Singapore Airlines fleet information in Oct 2007.

photo img_6477photo img_6478

Flight information

photo img_6483

Flight map

photo img_6489-59785

VidEO: OnBoard

Window on Boeing 777-200ER

photo img_6492

Sun disappearing in Cloud

photo img_6493

Closer to Singapore

photo img_6496

Sun was disappearing as sun set approached.

photo img_6499

Departure Schedule

photo img_6506

Approach in Singapore

Cloudy outside as descent commenced.

photo img_6507photo img_6511

on final

photo img_6694photo img_6696

Landed as it got dark outside.

photo img_6699

Taxi to Terminal 2

photo img_6703

Arriving at GATE

Arrived at gate after a short taxi.

photo img_6704

Disembarkation was organised, No one was rushing. After exiting the aircraft, passed the Airbus A380 waiting area,

photo img_6709

Walking towards immigration

photo img_6710

Immigration and EXiting Airport

Arriving at immigration, handed the Singapore immigration form as I had visa on arrival. Passport was stamped, I waited few minutes to collect bag and was soon outside, took taxi to city.

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Mumbai - BOM


Singapore - SIN



Singapore Airlines flight was ontime and service good. Mumbai airport was old terminal which was undergoing renovation after privatisation.
Changi airport was efficient, immigration and bag was quick. Overall a satisfactory flight.

Information on the route Mumbai (BOM) Singapore (SIN)


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