Review of Singapore Airlines flight Malé Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 461
Class Economy
Seat 61A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 06 Aug 12, 14:50
Arrival at 06 Aug 12, 22:50
SQ   #4 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
By 5406
Published on 15th October 2013
The 'Airport Shuttle' from Male island.
photo 7774002636_61a24f3ffb_b

Entrance to the international departure hall.
photo 7774002102_fb4d71f339_b

Apparently a new terminal is being built.
photo 7774001558_d4afb072b9_b

Lets have a look at the departures for the day. Mainly domestic departures in the afternoon…
photo 7774000758_c1c8c6c90f_b

with more international departures in the evening hours.
photo 7774000324_e857778b3e_b

I had done a mobile online check-in earlier (the website check-in is not working for my agent booked itinerary…) and thus proceeded the internet check-in counters with no queues.
photo 7774001096_6c7d84ff81_b

View of the check-in area. Went through immigration and security with no hassles.
photo 7773999894_eecebdd4b8_b

My boarding pass. The Maldivian departure immigration stamp is cute!
photo 7773999568_77130b4c17_b

Grabbed a quick bite at the airport cafe (with not too ridiculous prices) and proceeded down a level to the waiting lounge. Reminded me of KL's LCCT Terminal!
photo 7773999112_5741884af7_b

Departure gate 3. Again, most passengers are PRC nationals, transiting in Singapore. However the load seemed quite light, probably around 50% full.
photo 7773998772_0ccbeb5a9d_b

Mega Maldives B763 arriving from a Chinese city.
photo 7773998386_dcb57bbaab_b

Boarding was announced by rows and it was again a long walk to the plane in the sun. Not that I minded!!
photo 7773998078_8cbe88315c_b

06 August 2012
Singapore Airlines
SQ 461
Male (MLE) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

World's Best Airline vs World's Most Awarded Airline
photo 7773997522_f9341c7ecf_b

9V-STH would be flying me back. Second time on her!
photo 7773997088_cb67d37ae3_b

Boarded the plane via stairs again. The set of crew on this flight was definitely much better than the incoming flight. Warm, genuine smiles and proactive assistance during boarding and more interaction with passengers. This should be the SQ that I know of!
photo 7773996716_8252ff8260_b

2 Mega Maldives B767s were parked beside.
photo 7773996364_ff39af740c_b

At the gate. Hot towels, menus and headphones were distributed with smiles. Flight time was announced to be a longer 4h35m due to strong headwinds.
photo 7773995940_2deab44dfc_b

All passengers were boarded by 1440hrs, 10min before STD of 1450hrs, but the captain came on the announced a 10min delay in pushback due to single runway operations restrictions at Male. As there were no taxiways in Male, we needed to allow some arrival planes to land before we can push back. When the slight delay was announced, the crew immediately came around with a water service, which was much appreciated with the hot weather. Conversely, no such service was conducted on the previous flight even though the delay stretched to almost half hour.
photo 7773995618_b78fa213e3_b

At exactly 1500hrs, we started our pushback. It was weird yet amazing to be pushed back directly onto the runway! There was absolutely no space for our A330 to taxi past the parked aircraft on the ramp.
photo 7773995260_b880ca72af_b

Engines started up and we backtracked along the runway. Spotted a few planes that had just landed, including A320s of Etihad and Sri Lankan.
photo 7773994752_96a1014003_b

And an Emirates B772.
photo 7773994364_9f99b8934a_b

Taxiing along the runway.

Just beside the sea!
photo 7773994048_49050dd7da_b

Made a U-turn at the end of the runway and departed from Rwy18.

Blue skies and blue sea….
photo 7773993688_1205670095_b

Last few glimpse of Maldives atolls…
photo 7773993412_36bde612c4_b

Goodbye, Maldives!
photo 7773992960_af0de88b6c_b

Tried to recline my seat, but unfortunately the seat was spoilt and cannot stay in the reclined position. No worries as the cabin was quite empty, I moved to the rear seat 61A. Surprisingly, the window seats at the last few rows felt to have slightly more seat pitch, probably due to the curvature of the cabin.
photo 7773992498_05dba32b3a_b

Climbing to cruising altitude. Nothing but the ocean for almost the entire flight.
photo 7773992108_6b755f7f33_b

First up, bar service and again using full bar carts. Of course, Singapore Sling for me! All of us were given 2 packets of nuts each again.
photo 7773991798_f4e3f5c16e_b

A second round of drinks were served, and the very kind stewardess along my aisle, on seeing my eaten packets of nuts, offered me another packet. Well, I politely declined but requested for an apple juice. Boy, I am beginning to like this set of crew!

Crew conducting bar service.
photo 7773991408_70e6dee875_b

About half hour after the bar service, dinner was served. Lets take a look at the menu. Hmm, not too exciting.
photo 7774002920_8b93c02939_b

Dinner is served. Had a coke light to go along.
photo 7773989966_fda4d8f484_b

Pasta and tuna salad. Simple starter.
photo 7773990490_454931e407_b

Cheese, crackers and roll.
photo 7773991028_198526304c_b

Braised beef with green peppercorn sauce with sauteed vegetable and mashed potatoes. Portion was sufficient but taste was not too inspiring.
photo 7773989040_bd3c2856b7_b

Stir fried chicken with ginger and spring onion, chinese vegetable and steamed rice. This selection was slightly better.
photo 7773989478_47dcfa913c_b

Again, the rich and creamy dessert was the redeeming factor. Enjoyed it with a cup of hot coffee. Chocolate cream cake with coffee sauce
photo 7773988086_cd36f5d725_b

Meal service in progress. The crew offered another 2 rounds of drinks after distribution of trays!
photo 7773988522_568a52b9c1_b

Amenities in lavatory, again…
photo 7773987642_4b9ec7634c_b

Cabin view.
photo 7773987094_00c861c71b_b

Settled into the seats (which was transformed into a mini-bed with the empty seat beside and thus more comfortable), and tried to find something to watch on Krisworld. Settled on a romantic comedy, but was so bored halfway that I started playing some games. Luckily I was not flying long-haul! Would be bored to tears if I did not have my own entertainment!
photo 7773986626_851e3cfac6_b

Sun is gradually setting.
photo 7773986212_05e603cba6_b

Midpoint of the flight.
photo 7773985812_92bb046cb7_b

photo 7773985328_1e41364899_b

SQ writing kit.
photo 7773984880_192e3d94bf_b

While overflying Sumatra, we experienced some rather strong turbulences due to changing wind directions. With the very strong headwinds coupled with peak arrival traffic, it further delayed our arrival timing to 2255hrs instead of the scheduled 2235hrs. Nearing Singapore.
photo 7773984472_ea0dbb0efb_b

Made a very long approach by flying along the southern coast of Singapore, up north towards Malaysia before making an approach back south into Changi.
photo 7773984068_6d07fcd544_b

Landing into Changi Rwy20R.

View of seats at the end of flight.
photo 7773983606_c979c3fcc4_b

Forward cabin.
photo 7773983106_e86c0e45de_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Malé - MLE


Singapore - SIN



SQ still maintained a minimum standard of service and amenities but the Singapore Girl experience in sorely lacking on the flight up to Male. Fortunately, the experience on the return flight is much better and restored some my confidence in SQ. Food wise, there is definitely room for improvement. After tasting the inflight meals on a variety of airlines over many flights, SQ had seldom impressed me with their economy meals. It is not the worst, but definitely not the best either. Probably this is due to personal preference but in this aspect, I find that TG fared much better with their economy meals. Inflight entertainment choices is not lacking, but the selection is definitely not comparable to some other airlines. Again, it could probably be just an August thingy. As for the inflight magazine, has SQ editors ran out of stories/ideas or is it to save on the weight? It is so thin that the inflight magazines of Jetstar/Tiger/Scoot appear to have more contents! Overall, SQ's economy class has lost some of its sparkle and does not offer the unique flying experience anymore. It could be other airlines are fast catching up or standards of SQ's crew service are now a hit or miss. The latter, I felt, is more of the case.

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