Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Munich in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH122
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 01 May 21, 21:15
Arrival at 01 May 21, 22:10
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Published on 19th November 2021

Hello and welcome to the return flight of my round-trip to Frankfurt earlier this year, exclusively to fly the A340-300 on the short hop from Munich to Frankfurt. 
This report covers the flight back to Munich after a four hour layover in Frankfurt in Lufthansa Business Class on the Airbus A319.


After de-boarding our lovely A340-300 from Munich and saying goodbye to my fellow travel companions, Joris and I decided to do some extensive lounge hopping as we both had a longer layover in Frankfurt. He would later be proceeding back to Berlin, whilst I'd take LH122 back to Munich.

This round-trip was taken in very early May of 2020, when the Coronavirus was peaking in Germany. Therefore, out of the 16 Lufthansa Lounges in Frankfurt, only the following four were open with miserable service and food options due to the restrictions back then:
The Business Class Lounge at A13, as well as the Senator Lounges at A50, B43 and Z50.
We decided to, even though the B43 Senator Lounge was Non-Schengen and we would have to exit and then re-enter the Schengen part through security, check it out as it is one of the biggest Lufthansa Lounges in existence.


Lufthansa senator lounge a50, schengen (Will be covered in another report)

As this report is already going to cover the basic three Lufthansa Lounges in Frankfurt and I would be taking exactly this flight (LH122) just three months later again, I opted to let out the Senator Lounge A50 review part in this report so this one wouldn't get too big.


  • LH122 - Business - Frankfurt to Munich - Airbus A350-900 Coming soon

photo img_4956photo img_4965

See you soon, Senator Lounge A50!

lufthansa business class lounge a13, schengen

And as one was not allowed to consume the relatively small offering which they was distributed by a lady at the exit in the lounge as lounges count as restaurants and in Germany only take-away was allowed earlier this year, we headed to the Business Class Lounge after leaving the Senator one. That is only a walk of roughly two minutes.

photo img_4968

Here we are! The front desk outside the lounge was not staffed, so the check of the documents and Covid tests was made inside.

photo img_4970

As we arrived the lounge was really widely empty, though later got fuller and fuller as there was a wave of European flights arriving.
As you can see, the buffet is completely empty. 

photo img_4971

The business/work center was entirely empty, too.

photo img_4976

D-AIFE, our plane from Munich to Frankfurt can be seen resting their at the gate. Sadly, every window in the lounge has this kind of stripes, don't know why though. Can't be to provide privacy as no one could see from the apron whats going on here.

photo img_4983

If you are a planespotter and want to take cool pictures of the planes taxiing, I´ll absolutely advise you to take that 10 minute walk to the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at A26 as the windows there are not covered and you actually have a really cool sight onto the runways and taxiways. Be aware of possible window reflections though.

photo img_4992

But, quite visibly, there was construction work in progress and it seemed as they were re-arranging some seating groups.

photo img_4994

I found myself a nice and quiet place, which was absolutely easy in the empty lounge. 
Though later on, there was a group of Eastern European businessmen, who steadily kept making video calls and conferences letting the noise level significantly rise. I don't understand why they just didn't go to the Business Center which is allocated in the lounge, but nevermind. And that is really one of the most significant differences to the Senator Lounges. There is absolutely no noise in latter. They are practical oases of tranquility. 

photo img_5022photo img_5006

Now on to the former "buffet".

photo img_5015photo img_5018

Complete emptiness. The food was only distributed at the exit, and it was absolutely forbidden to eat or even drink in the lounge.
The only things available were:
Water, coffee and tea on the side of the drinks, not even one juice or soft drink. Sandwiches, pretzels and cookies on the side of the food. The sandwiches tasted actually good and fresh, nothing to complain about. 

photo img_5027

As written above, the sandwiches were quite tasty and fresh, there was one vegetarian and one pastrami style one. Especially latter was actually good.

photo img_5028

The cookies were some pretzel topping and salted caramel style and tasted mediocre.

photo img_5031

After finishing our dinner, we decided to make our way to the Non-Schengen B part of FRA, clearing passport check upon leaving the Schengen-Zone. Was quite a funny talk with the policeman checking the passports.
"Uhm Sir you are flying to Munich, that is a Schengen flight, you are in the wrong part of the Terminal?!" 
Told him that I was just meeting someone in the Senator Lounge and was then allowed to pass.
His answer: "Crazy what people do just for frequent flyer miles" xD.

lufthansa senator lounge b43, non-schengen

The Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge was unfortunately closed, but as I've been there some times I can tell you that it's the best lounge in Frankfurt on the Business Class Lounge level.

photo img_5041

Did some "planespotting" on my way to the lounge.
D-ABUM, Condor's Retro B767, was resting at the gate waiting for its flight to Malé. 

photo img_5047

Beautiful plane indeed!

photo img_5052

Air India making its way to the runway.

photo img_5060

The star of the evening! It was the first time I saw an A388 since March of 2020. Unfortunately its parking position wasn't the best.

photo img_5069

But now let's finally take the stairs up to the Senator Lounge.

photo img_5075

The entrance. One can already spot the two signs outside which forbid one to consume food or drinks inside the lounge.

photo img_5082

As already written, the lounge is just massive. So I'll now just post a sequence of pictures of the different areas and seating groups. The Senator SPA was unfortunately closed (And is still).

The bar, which was  - guess what - not staffed but yes closed. 

photo img_5085

The theme of this lounges design is 'Lights', therefore they used bright yellow colours in contrast to Lufthansas brown Senator Lounge design.

The apron was quite empty. 

photo img_5092

One of the many seating groups. The lounge itself was very clean.

photo img_5102

View onto the former Buffett. And again, not a soul.

The buffet:

photo img_5124photo img_5132

After taking a little tour through the lounge I relaxed a few minutes in one of the chairs with apron view, looked upon my phone and though to myself: Boarding starts in forty minutes and you are still in the Non-Schengen part, hurry!
That is why I then indeed hurried to the lounge exit, grabbed myself one of the to-go items (was a sort of a chocolate cake, but it was nothing but horrible (!)) a coffee (which was bad, too though) and then speeded to the security control which I had to clear to get to the Schengen part again. 

photo img_5143

Frankfurt can be an absolute mess when connecting between the A, B and C parts.

photo img_5146

On my way to the security, which is quite a walk, I had a quick chat with the Emirates Crew which had just arrived from Dubai. 
Though while I was entitled to use the Star Alliance Gold Fastlane (Which saved my ass as the normal one was crowded), they even got through crew-security. Was quite nice talking to them about the A388 and the global aviation market recovery though. 

Still not at the security: 

photo img_5162

Another hallway to take:

photo img_5166

Finally arrived at the security. 

photo img_5168

Clearing security I then arrived at the gate, I just saw that my flight was slightly delayed by about 15 minutes. If I had known that, I would not have had to hurry that much, but it's okay though xD.

The biggest surprise though was that my crew from same-days MUC-FRA leg on the A340-300 was dead-heading on the same flight as me! It was lovely to talk to them. They found it quite funny that my friends and me took all these flights just to fly the Lufthansa A340-300 domestically.

Boarding procedure / Taxi

My plane for today's evening: D-AILY, named after Schweinfurt.

photo img_5183photo img_5187

Settled into my seat, 3A. That evening our flight hat eight rows of Business Class. That is just the average on Munich - Frankfurt vice versa.

photo img_5198

All doors inflight, ready for our taxi to the 'Startbahn West'.

photo img_5208

Taking off.

photo img_5222

meal service

Shortly after take-off, the meal service on this short hop began.
And as I had already feared, Lufthansa would serve me the same meal they did on every but two business class flights this year. Some sort of very bad luck I guess.

Nevertheless it did not taste that bad, but the plate was just very very cold. The bread roll had the consistence of a stone though. Dessert was great as every time. I was proactively offered refill twice, which is good for such a short hop.

photo img_5236934-71134

Finished it right in time.

photo img_5248938-31485

Safely arrived in Munich. We had immense trouble with weather and low visibility, so congrats to the pilot for still bringing us down safely.

photo img_5259940

All in all, thank you very much for reading and I do hope to see you commenting here or at one of the many planned next reports! 
Safe flights! 

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Cabin crew9.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge B42 - B


Frankfurt - FRA


Munich - MUC



Nice, short hop in Lufthansa Business Class. Catering was not the best, but as Lufthansa has already introduced a fully new service that is now water over the dam.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Comments

    Hi Lars, Nice report as always. Lucky to have had such a nice empty lounge! This is becoming more rare again as people become more confident flying once more.

    Catering is ok for such a short flight, but definitely a shame to have been served the same meal on so many different flights. But and as you mention new and supposedly improved catering has been introduced since. Looking forward to seeing what that looks like.

    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 587677 by
      flyLars AUTHOR 49 Comments

      Thank you very much for stopping by, Kévin! Yes, having such really empty lounges was really nice at that time, though that has already changed and they are getting fuller and fuller right now, but thanks god have their old meal services back :). Catering is more than okay in my opinion, too. I would be flying the same route one month and then three month later again though (Reports coming one day xD), getting every time the same meal. That is in my opinion not really okay. But yes they introduced the new Tasting Heimat menues and the opinions on them could not be more diverse. Looking forward to try and evaluate them myself soon.
      Thanks again for commenting!

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