Review of Qantas flight Melbourne Sydney in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF 440
Class Economy
Seat 48A
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 28 Nov 12, 14:30
Arrival at 28 Nov 12, 15:50
QF 154 reviews
By 3994
Published on 20th October 2013
For the return leg, I was booked on the MEL-SYD-SIN sectors instead of direct MEL-SIN as it was much cheaper to fly via SYD. Apparently not only me was doing this as there were also a number of Singaporean families doing the same, mostly connecting to the earlier QF5 in SYD. For me, I would be connecting to QF1, my 'final' QF A380 ride! The transit stop did not bother me much as I would also be flying on a new (but old) aircraft type, B767-300ER, on the short hop to Sydney.

I arrived at Melbourne Terminal 1, where all Qantas domestic flights depart from, about 1h15min before flight. All passengers with international connections would have to check in at dedicated desks for document checks and luggage drop. Domestic passengers may perform self check-ins at the automated booths. Again, I had checked in online prior the day before and only needed to pick up boarding passes and drop my luggage. The check-in attendant also ensured that I do know how to transit in Sydney. Been there, done that, so not much of a worry but for newbies, it could be quite confusing as it entails a change of terminal and a shuttle bus ride. Could be kinda stressful if the connection time is short.

Departure boards and security screening.
photo 8241415354_8e9e03f38e_b

My boarding passes for both flights.
photo 8241458944_2e94e6e76c_b

Through security and into the terminal. Time to do some spotting, but at Terminal 1, there were nothing much except QFs and more QFs. My B763ER, VH-OGT, already at the gate.
photo 8240346559_37b7f2962e_b

Jetstar A321 and A320 at the opposite end of the terminal. No aerobridges for the budget travellers!
photo 8241415102_1d31178bc6_b

Blue ribbon B738 to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation.
photo 8241414986_449f1a4f20_b

Another view of VH-OGT.
photo 8241415554_601c1a06ec_b

The boarding gate. Flight was code-shared with BA as well. Load seemed good and mainly were business travellers. As usual, newspapers were available at the gate for free.
photo 8240346159_7c8c9ee3c7_b

28 November 2012
QF 440
Melbourne (MEL) - Sydney (SYD)
Economy Class

Soon, boarding was announced and passengers formed an orderly queue to board. Once stepping into the aerobridge, headphones were also available to be picked up for the inflight entertainment. Yes, QF offers IFE on all flights, even as short as a 30min Sydney-Canberra hop! Was greeted by name again at the door by a friendly set of crew. I was seated at 48A, towards the rear of the plane.

Boarding in progress. Boarding was swift as I guess most passengers were frequent flyers on the route. Cabin definitely looked old but was clean.
photo 8240346047_68501fbbd7_b

Inflight magazines, safety card and headphones.
photo 8240345925_d2afe7a77d_b

Legroom was more than sufficient for the short flight.
photo 8240345777_4345d4fee8_b

Old school IFE controls. Music channels were already playing.
photo 8240345511_6178b25a55_b

At the gate. The flight time was announced to be 1hr. Flight filled up to the brim even for this mid-afternoon shuttle. Not bad considering that there are almost one QF flight every half hour between MEL-SYD!
photo 8240345633_6790abebdf_b

Dash 8s across.
photo 8240345405_7a336aeb1b_b

Pushback on scheduled and engine start.

Only had a very short taxi to the active runway. Across at the international terminal were SQ and QF A380s, preparing to head to SIN as well. The B737 looked so tiny beside!
photo 8241413884_773dcda944_b

Held at the runway while crew finished their safety demonstration and cabin checks. A DJ 737 departed before us.
photo 8240345211_4d61de9c65_b

Departing from the shorter Rwy27 towards the west.

Making right turns to head towards Sydney.

Dry and brown Australian landscape all the way.
photo 8240345129_50ea2a24c0_b

Shortly after seatbelt signs were switched off, cabin service started. Short comedies were played on the overhead TVs. For today's mid-afternoon flight, afternoon tea would be served. Service started from the front economy cabin, moving towards the rear. 2 crew on each aisle, 1 serving drinks while the other distributing snacks. Again, this set of crew were generally friendly and casual, the usual QF-style.
photo 8240345019_a031b3aefb_b

On offer were a cookie or an apple, but I believe you can request for both too. I only had the cookie, which was tasty!
photo 8241413426_82d05d4e7f_b

When the drinks cart reached, I had a coffee and a bottle of juice.
photo 8241413304_302744aced_b

Not long after, the plane started its descent into Sydney. Skies turned overcast when we neared SYD.
photo 8241413250_c4270d0881_b

Cabin was cleared and we descend into SYD. I was hoping that we would arrive from the north and luckily, we really did! But weather in SYD was horrid. Lots of low clouds with no sunshine.
photo 8241413140_b894e47e5b_b

Over the outskirts of Sydney.
photo 8241413048_6cc73337f2_b

Flaps and gears down. Getting lower..
photo 8240344343_edc7b01f11_b

Spot the Opera House!
photo 8240344223_3eb002112f_b

Nearly there. The entire Sydney skyline in the distance.
photo 8240344145_692361d33e_b

Touchdown on Rwy16R, right on schedule.

Passing a QF A380 while taxiing to Terminal 3.
photo 8240346739_b881af3a86_b

Parked at Terminal 3.
photo 8240344021_7a7902013c_b

Disembarking and passing the Business Class cabin.
photo 8241412426_c0bbf32838_b

Upon disembarkation, passengers with international connections would have to proceed to the transfer bus gate located beside Gate 1. There was a short wait for the bus as the gate agent wants to get all transfer pax departing on the earlier QF5 to Singapore onto it. All passenger connecting to QF5 were paged to hurry to the transfer bus gate.

Very soon, all connecting passengers arrived and we were allowed onto the bus. Time to tour SYD airport! Firstly, I got a glimpse of the bird that flew me in.
photo 8241618822_90439b07ed_b

All the QFs, with a special livery in between.
photo 8240549879_4c670b98df_b

Air Pacific B744 undergoing maintenance.
photo 8241618570_034649ed25_b

QF whale meets SQ whale.
photo 8241618400_985bc630d4_b

Up close and personal with SKM!
photo 8241618292_c856cdc4db_b

The QF A380 would be flying me home today.
photo 8240549309_15f2203109_b

Suddenly the mid-sized A330 seemed so gigantic!
photo 8240549157_db4b983b16_b
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Cabin crew8.0

Melbourne - MEL


Sydney - SYD



A short pleasant domestic flight as usual on QF.

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