Review of Qantas flight Sydney Singapore in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF 1
Class Economy
Seat 77K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 08:15
Take-off 28 Nov 12, 17:20
Arrival at 28 Nov 12, 22:35
QF 153 reviews
By 4986
Published on 20th October 2013
After reaching T1, I proceeded through immigration for my flight. Outbound immigration in Sydney was much smoother, with rarely a queue. On the other hand, I heard that MEL outbound immigration queues were as bad as the inbound. Through immigration and security and into the duty-free shops area. The upgraded terminal really is so much better now.
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After getting some duty-free liquor which is not available in Changi, I did a bit of aircraft spotting again. Here is a QF B738 landing with Sydney skyline in the background.
photo 8241617636_078d8414bb_b

VH-OQL, Qantas's newest A380, will be flying me back to Singapore today!
photo 8240548657_faebba27be_b

BA B744, also departing to Singapore.
photo 8241617326_011011c67a_b

QF5 operated by a B744, also going to Singapore and onwards to Frankfurt. This flight is scheduled 30min prior to my flight.
photo 8240548367_32a6faa636_b

28 November 2012
QF 1
Sydney (SYD) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

The gate that I was departing from is definitely too small to handle a full A380 load. Passengers queuing to board actually spilled over to the previous gate. Boarding was slightly delayed today, apparently due to the late arrival of this aircraft from the inbound destination. Finally boarding commenced at 1715hrs, only 10min prior to our STD. Boarding was only segregated by class, but not by row numbers, resulting in a bit of queue in the aerobridge. However surprisingly, it was still rather swift and orderly. A cabin crew was in the aerobridge guiding passengers to the correct entrance.

Up close with VH-OQL.
photo 8241617080_8ed604e679_b

Welcomed at the door but was not addressed by name this time round (the exception). No worries though. My seat today was at 77K, the last row of the green cabin. Again, The IFE was available for use immediately after boarding.
photo 8241616912_5c8a51a2bc_b

At the gate, with JQ A332 to Honolulu beside.
photo 8241616786_7768609c17_b

This aircraft was fitted with inflight Wi-fi service! However, I just read that QF had since suspended the inflight Wi-fi service from end November due to low demand from passengers. Looks like I was on one of the last flights that offered it.
photo 8240547717_1036cc6f1c_b

The entire flight again was extremely full! Must be near 100% load factor! Again, I was squashed beside 2 other pax on the middle and aisle. Departure was further delayed due to a no-show, who finally appeared just when the bags were about to be offloaded. Eventually we pushed back at about slightly 6pm, more than half hour behind schedule. However the captain assured that with the short flight time of only 7h40min, we would make up most of the lost time.

Best entertainment, skycam! Pushing back.
photo 8241616520_a0f0758c17_b

Safety video was shown, proudly presented by the Australian Cricket Team.
photo 8240547439_301a31596a_b

A QF B763 freighter.
photo 8241616246_0087903e80_b

We only had a very short taxi to Rwy16R.
photo 8241616124_e8faa9e74d_b

Holding at Rwy16R. We are next to go.
photo 8241616000_b6532a7ab1_b

And we are off!!

Climbing above the dense cloud layer.
photo 8240546925_ee44dab51f_b

Really short flight time today.
photo 8241615710_70191c95d1_b

Making right turns to head towards SIN.
photo 8241615570_19c115762b_b

Climbing to cruising altitude.
photo 8241615452_b2d6b20631_b

Cabin announcement and apologies for the delay.

At cruise.
photo 8240546393_a13b88f421_b

Shortly after seatbelt signs were turned off, crew started service. Today, menu cards were distributed.
photo 8240546277_35d2d5a0d3_b

Menu with journey planner.
photo 8241615058_267fd9c33d_b

What shall I have for dinner?
photo 8241614922_4cc4575e30_b

And the extensive drinks menu.
photo 8240545843_ef6d26660d_b

Bottled water was then given out to all passengers.
photo 8240545703_3851ccb4d9_b

Australian outback.
photo 8241614448_85bb6e23b7_b

View of the cabin. No empty seats at all!
photo 8241614298_fe4637fb14_b

Starting on my movie. Managed to catch 2 movies on the flight.
photo 8241614148_b996004566_b

Very soon, dinner is served. My row was served directly from the galley behind. The portions were definitely more substantial than on the SIN-MEL sector. I had a sparkling wine to go along.
photo 8241613972_7fde0cbb99_b

Items unveiled. The salad was simple and refreshing. I chose the lamb with pasta for main.
photo 8240544891_e13e7c2d7e_b

The lamb was really tender and juicy, and accompanying pumpkin mash (not stated in menu) and veges sweet, coupled with the egg pasta. Overall a very satisfying main course and rather large portion too! Thumbs up for this.
photo 8241613664_de6764d0db_b

Cheese and crackers, as well as the dessert of cookies and cream mousse. The dessert may be off-the-shelf type, but was very tasty! I could have more of it!
photo 8241613462_2f8b08426a_b

Scenery outside while having dinner.
photo 8241613286_666aebe3b0_b

Everything was gone within 15 minutes!
photo 8241613114_0de231cd7c_b

Crew serving coffee or tea.
photo 8240544075_e49685c5c5_b

Had a cup of tea to end the meal before meal tray were collected.
photo 8241612878_863c295673_b

By this time, the sun was setting.
photo 8241612718_34453ca869_b

Orange skies…
photo 8240543603_dd3a107011_b

Did a bit of exploration of the A380 after meal, since it would most probably be my last QF A380 ride anyway. View of the rear cabin.
photo 8240543457_8fe75974d5_b

Magazine rack just beside the rear stairs. There were actually a variety of magazines in the racks!
photo 8240543147_f51fcb2b28_b

The self-service bar again, well-stocked with drinks. Fresh apples were also available.
photo 8241612260_dac12db269_b

And the cookies compartment, which you would have to open to select your cookies.
photo 8240542467_b190e9c995_b

2 types of cookies on offer, sweet or savory.
photo 8240542359_9aab7aa555_b

About an hour after dinner, crew conducted the Relax and Unwind service, which first consisted of hot chocolate with marshmallow or peppermint tea. Of course I went with the hot chocolate!
photo 8241611978_f415b489b3_b

This was followed by a mango ice-cream bar!! My sweet tooth was really satisfied on this flight!
photo 8240542801_7b7f4bb267_b

After this, I again settled into my movies for the rest of the flight. What a comfortable way to fly! Watch the IFE all the way till about an hour prior to arrival, when a refreshment was served. The refreshment consisted of a pizza, which actually tasted great! A chocolate dessert also accompanied the pizza. Interestingly, passengers who ordered special meals got served an entire casserole of food, similar to portions served for dinner. Looked like passengers ordering special meals got a better deal.
photo 8241611694_b67372b5bf_b

Nearing Singapore…
photo 8240542573_dc968977e0_b

Descend started about 30min out of SIN, but the captain only announced for the crew to prepare for arrival 20min out. Not too early, not too late. Guess QF's pre-landing preparations are much simpler, without the need to collect headsets and stuff. Seatbelt signs only came on 10min prior to landing.

Landing into Changi Rwy02L.

Arrived 15min late. Not too bad considering the almost 1hr late departure. Had a short taxi to Terminal 1 and parked beside the QF B744 which had also just arrived from Sydney.
photo 8240542217_a44a27ae2c_b

A final shot of my green seat before disembarking.
photo 8240542105_0ae000046d_b

Goodbye, QF A380. We will miss you in SIN. Sob…
photo 8240541937_d762cc626e_b

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Cabin crew8.5

Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



My 'final' flight on Qantas A380 was great! Service was friendly and casual as usual (those who flew Asian airlines regularly might not be used to the casualness), and offerings on the SYD-SIN sector was definitely above my expectations. Also, the QF A380 is a really comfortable aircraft to fly in, and the great IFE as well as the self-service bar, will definitely be missed.

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