Review of Air France flight Paris Buenos Aires in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF228
Class Business
Seat 5A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 13:55
Take-off 02 May 19, 23:20
Arrival at 03 May 19, 08:15
AF   #46 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4539 reviews
By GOLD 1044
Published on 5th July 2021

are you river plate or boca junior?

I have been very lucky to go and travel in South America with my other half for 4 months from Argentina to Colombia and this flight was our first long haul flight flying Business. I went to Argentina before and I absolutely adore this country let me tell you why:
GOOD wine
Warm and funny people 
Breathtaking landscapes
Buenos Aires

Oh and I did mention that they have good food and wine???  

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Flying blue Miles earned with this flight: 5498
Status earned: 36 XP

photo screenshot_20190502-204649_air-france

When you fly Business with Air France, you are entitled to 2 bags in the cabin, and two checkin bags of 23kgs each, adding my extra luggage allowance as I am a Skyteam elite member, we had an allowance 5 bags of 23kgs in the hull! We also flew Business with Air France to Buenos Aires at the start of our 4 months trip, and the return journey from/to London, believe it not, we 'only' paid £1659 (each).

We chose the seats on this B777 when we booked our trip long time ago; and by the time we flew the business cabin was full.

photo plan-cabine-lc-plan-b7730-200-312-best

Of course, like many others, the app offers you the possibility to check in online and get your boarding pass, however the app is still not 100% robust: my other half downloaded the boarding passes however when i tried on my phone I couldn't… I can also think of another example where, randomly, some of my past bookings disappear (while still being seen on the dekstop website) and re-appear a weeks later…

photo screenshot_20190502-204705_air-france

The other app Air France offers is the play app where you can download prior to your flight some news, magazines, podcasts etc.

photo screenshot_20190826-212355_air-france-play

I also downloaded the Skyteam app not to miss any perks of being holder of the elite status/ business class.. The app feels a bit old but you have the full flight schedules of all the skyteam airlines offline and also the details of the priority lanes and lounges at any airport.

That is so much I prepared my first business flight! I wanted to enjoy every benefit of it! 

photo screenshot_20190826-135656_skyteam

at paris charles de gaulle airport

We arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport at terminal 2E hall K from our previous flight from London.
Our next flight to Buenos Aires was scheduled from this same Hall K and so we went to the lounge Air France. 

photo 20190502_184931

The lounge is actually small and not the best equipped, to some extend I even prefer the lounges at terminals F. We just had a drink there and I decided that we will spend our next 4 hours in a much better lounge, the one from hall L. 

photo 20190502_190149

at air france terminal 2e hall l lounge.

Changing hall terminal is a bit of a struggle since you need to "leave" the international zone, go to the L hall and go through security again but it definitely is worth it!  

photo 20190502_203751

The Air france lounge of Hall L reopened in 2018 after a complete redesign, filled with light and large windows, the lounge is spread out over a way larger area than the lounge at Hall K. It has many seating areas in addition to two large co-working tables with individual sockets to work quietly.  

photo 20190502_195325

We were told the lounge was designed to be a modern and stylish décor à la Française. It is all in proportions between decoration, elegance, passenger comort and innovative features - some of the lounges we've been into had this "too much" touch when it comes to decoration but this lounge is very good example of what a lounge should be. And especially with that beautiful view on the Terminal 2 airport.

photo 20190502_200114

Once passed the welcome desk, you will find in the middle of the loung the bar called Le Balcon, with a golden curvy and shiny ceiling which features a bar in the centre and a barman that offers cocktail (for free of course) from his menu from the Lancaster hotel in Paris or your imagination.

photo 20190828_182052

On the other side of the lounge, you will find a buffet called the Gourmet table that has hot and cold dishes, pasta, salad, cheese, and french pastries (I couldn't stop eating them!). Of course there was a selection of French red and white wine and champagne. There was also the possibility to order a hot disch prepared by the chef behind the counter.
There is a small replica of this buffet on the other side of the cocktail bar with similar food offers

photo 20190502_194854

The other big plus of this lounge is the huge wellness area, comprising a relaxation room with deemed light resting suites, a Clarins spa with two treatment rooms for free (but you need to book as soon as you arrive), large luxury showers, two private saunas (that we booked) and a detox bar.

There is also another small lounge area passed the spa called ‘Le Petit Salon’ (a quiet area where smartphones are silent) and ‘Le Club' which is an even higher form of privileged clients.

We heard the announce of the boarding being prepared and left the lounge to go back to the hall K building.


The terminal is remarcably well designed: there are loads of different seating areas, sofas, food stores; free charging points, and almost full flat sofas here and there.

photo dsc02566

here she is !

Really love the look the B777-200 it is kinda cute don't you think? 

photo 20190502_222759

on board the b777

Aircraft: Boeing 777-228ER
Registration: F-GSPL
Engines: 2x GE90
Age: 20 Years
Layout: C28 W24 Y264
Observation: At the time it was one of the few still with the old livery, nowadays it has the new "crevette/larger titles" livery and is named "Biarritz".

photo 20190502_223404

As a business passenger you board with the first and front jetway. A cute dreamliner was next gate.

photo 20190502_222930

I reached my seat quite quickly and as every first time, the feeling of space and luxury was overwheling! Nothing like travelling on low-cost anymore!!

photo 20190502_224136

Air France chose the cirrus for its Business seat, a bassinet type of seat, which is the same as you can find on their B777 fleet, B787 and some future A350s.

 Here a couple of observations:
- The arm rest is retractable
- All seats are facing forward - seems obvious but a few airlines chose to alternate with rear facing
- Large amount of storage, especially if you compare with the other European majors.. the red cabinet (Cupboard) with its mirror and elasctic band, the large table, the side shelf, underneath your seat to leave your sleepers and of course above your head.
- There are a few ambiance lights; underneath the cabinets and tables, above your head etc
- Most of the business seats just offer you a squary space for your seat, here the space is generous.
- There is a plug (UK and EU) and USB charger.
- The only negative point i found is if you are a couple and want to chat, you have to bent slightly forward to see and hear each other. 

- Each seat is good becaue of the 1-2-1 configuration, wherever you are seated, you have a good level of privacy (litterally it is hard to know who your neighbours are), if you seat on your seat, you can't see the face of the passengers next to you nor even in front of you. Each seat is also fully convertible into bed position.

The crew assigned to the cabin seemed professional and kind, and to be honnest the best crew I had till this day. It really felt they were keen to do the extra mile.  We were offered champagne whilst boarding before taking off. 

photo dsc01711

The IFE displayed the famous Safety Video featuring models wearing strippy tshirts

photo 20190502_232428

I had a closer look at the seat and found that there was:
- A shoebag, a pair of sleepers and navy blue thick socks
- A noise cancelling headphone (not quite a Bose technology but close to it)
- The usual sleepling bits: sleeping mask, nice thick duvet, pillow.
-The usual safety procedures (I know I was supposed to have a look at it before taking off!)

photo 20190502_225817

The taxi was a bit long as we took off on the runway 26L.

photo 20190502_233338

Good bye Paris!

The crew gave us the travel kit which features as toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, a pen, ear plugs, pen, comb, eye mask, and Clarins spa products and moisturiser, a pen, a cloth to clean glasses and minth sweets; the kit was wearing the 85th Anniversary.

I think this is one of the most comprehensive kits you can find on a business right? 

photo 20190502_231642

The food service was of 3 course meal menu, with a wine pairing option; prepared by the Michellin starred chef Guy Martin who works at the Grand Vefour of Paris

photo 20190502_235221

As usual on Business, you can choose your meal and I opted for:
Starter 1 Foie gras
Starter 2 Seasonal salade
Basquaise sauced chicken
Dessert figue and almond tart.
Wines Saint Veran 2016
Croze Hermitage 2017
Digestif chartreuse verte.
The table cloth is dressed,plates are in porcelain and cuttlery from Christoffle however the plastic tray is a minus.

photo 20190502_235217photo dsc01716

The starters

photo 20190503_004320

The main and dessert

photo dsc01714

Some of us have a little speciality when it comes to flight review: I always liked to look at what the airline had to tell me so here is the mag review!!

The Air France magazine quite elaborate with 330 pages, a first section about world's statistics, travels, Air France fleet presentation and a presentation of films.

photo 20210705_120533

This time was about Cannes film festival

photo 20210705_120631

With an extensive wine dossier

photo 20210705_120725

and a double page on the fleet… This feels like another day and age as the legendary A380 was still in there, so were some less legendary ATR72 and 42, Joon fleet and the good oldA340… When you co;pare to nowadays fleet you really see how Ben Smith did rationalize the fleet..

photo 20210705_120653

The IFE has a lot of ;ovies available in different languages, but also a few cool features like maps

photo dsc01730

and flight progression…

photo 20190503_051732

I put my seat in bed position and fell asleep super fast, there is no way I would go back to economy after that!!
During the night i captured this beautiful beacon signature picture! 

photo 20190503_060411

We were gently awaken by the crew for breakfast- as they asked before departure if you wanted to be or not.

photo dsc01715photo dsc01717

Breakfast had both savory and sweet options

photo 20190503_064428

Soon after we started our descent

photo dsc01722photo dsc01724

approach onto Ministero Pistarini airport - Ezeiza

photo dsc01727

at buenos aires - ministero pistarini - ezeiza airport

We landed on runway 25 very smoothly and about 30 min early.

photo 20190503_075525

At gate next to fellow Skyteam member Aerolineas Argentinas A330-200.

photo 20190503_075615

I was quite impressed as our "priority labelled" luggage arrived amongst the firsts.

The aftermath..

photo screenshot_20190507-080902_flightradar24photo screenshot_20190507-080850_flightradar24
See more


Air France

Cabin crew10.0

Air France Lounge - 2E, Hall L


Paris - CDG


Buenos Aires - EZE



To conlude a fantastic fitst long haul business experience. The B777-200 are a bit old but the cabins have retrofitted with these Best & Beyound seats with care. The soft product, food and customer care, are a real plus and you can tell Air France has improved.
All in all this makes a really good J product, at least I feel a better one than what I experienced on British AIrways.
The only negative was the lack of WiFI ( this plane is now equipped with it but not at the time)

CDG: 5hours of connecting time didn't feel a waste of time at all, as we made sure to spend and enjoy every single facility of the Terminal 2 Hall L lounge!
The hall K lounge feels however really small

EZE: Airport is ok, feels organised. The crowd at arrival coming for you to change dollars to pesos and taxis is something you should be prepared for!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5460 Comments

    Hey Chris, nice report, thanks for sharing!

    A great way to start off an epic 4 month trip--Oh how I wish I could take a trip that long! With the upgraded lounge and the Best & Beyond onboard product, you definitely got the best that Air France had to offer in Business. A shame that there are still subfleets with the old NEV4 seats in 2021! Luckily, they do not fly to more premium destinations like EZE.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 575783 by
    ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 136 Comments

    Hey Kevin Thanks for your comment!
    Yes we decided to move from the UK to France so as we had to quit our job, leave our flat... we though we might as well go for a nice travel! And lemme tell you time really flies even 4 months!

    Yes i got lucky I never travelled on these awful old Nev seats.. yet to try the new seats on A350 and B777 COI!

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