Review of SWISS flight Hong Kong Zurich in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX139
Class Economy
Seat 44K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:30
Take-off 16 Jul 21, 23:45
Arrival at 17 Jul 21, 06:15
LX   #17 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 799 reviews
By 1110
Published on 31st July 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to the 3rd leg of the trip to Hong Kong. This report will cover the flight from Hong Kong back to Zurich.

23 hours prior to the departure, I did the online check-in on the internet. It issued a check-in confirmation, but I still have to collect the boarding pass at the airport. At the same time, I filled out the online registration by Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and obtained a QR code for the transit in Zurich.

I was glad that I did not choose the LH797 with Lufthansa for my return flight, because on 15th July the Hong Kong department of health prohibited the landing of passenger flight from Frankfurt operated by Lufthansa for two weeks starting from 16th July, because two passengers failed to comply with the requirement specified under the prevention and control of disease regulation….I guess very likely the PCR test certificate provided by these two passengers did not have the ISO 15189 recognized certificate.

photo shot-2021-07-31-at-102412

On the day of flight, I arrived at the airport at 22:00pm by Uber. Check-in counter for Swiss International Airlines was located at aisle F. I went directly to the counter and checked my luggage and got my boarding pass. This Switzerland entry form and the negative PCR test were being checked at the check-in counter. The airport were mostly empty except for the flights to London, which were full of people, emigrating to UK due to the political situation of Hong Kong.

photo dsc00450

After I finished the process, I went through the security and immigration immediately. There were only a few flights flying out of Hong Kong in the night.

photo dsc00451

Our gate was assigned at gate 45, we were the only flight utilizing this part of the terminal.

photo dsc00452

My plane, HB-JNK, Boeing 777-300ER, delivered to Swiss International Airlines in November 2019.

photo dsc00455photo dsc00456

As far as I could see in front of the boarding gate, there were quite a lot of passengers in this flight, comparing with my outbound flight from Zurich. The other thing I realized was that the boarding gate had been renovated, the small LCD monitor was replaced by a big display panel above the doors which showed all the flight information, this was definitely better than before. However, the indication for First, Business and Economy class above was hard to recognize.

photo dsc00457

Boarding was started at 23:13pm, over hundred of passengers should be traveling in this flight. I was the first few economy passengers to board the plane after the priority boarding. At the end I still got the whole row for myself which was still very good. Disinfecting wipe was provided upon boarding at the aircraft entrance. My seat, 44K. Pillow, blanket and earphone were placed on the seat. PTV was not functional and remained turnoff.

photo dsc00459

View of the cabin during boarding.

photo dsc00460photo dsc00461

At around 23:33pm, announcement from cockpit informing us the flight time would be 11 hours and 45 minutes. We would be flying north and passing through Russia. Finally at 23:52pm, we started to pushback, safety video was shown a few minutes beforehand.

photo dsc00463

At 0:07am, we took off from RWY07R.

photo dsc00465

40 minutes after takeoff, the problem with the PTV system was solved and was working properly. I was really annoyed if it turned out that there was no PTV for this 12 hours.

photo dsc00471

At 1:00am, I started to watch the first movie, Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

photo dsc00475

A few minutes later, dinner was served. I opted for the chicken option, instead of the vegetarian ravioli. Together with white wine as the complementary drink.

photo dsc00478

A cup of coffee after the meal. Soon the cabin light was dimmed with the blue mood lighting and a bottle of water was served.

photo dsc00482

I had a nap of about 45 minutes and woke up at 3:00am. By that time, we were flying in Gansu province of China.

photo dsc00484

Then I visited the lavatory in front of my seat. Back to my seat I continued with the movie and when it was finished, I had another nap for an hour.

photo dsc00485

As I woke up, we were leaving China airspace into Kazakhstan.

photo dsc00486

Sunrise above Kazakhstan, somewhere to the south of Ayagoz. I was attracted by the lights below, probably coming from the highway I guess.

photo dsc00489

I started the second movie at 5:30am, The Perfect Storm.

photo dsc00492

Still flying over Kazakhstan. Very close to the capital city of Nur-Sultan.

photo dsc00493

Soon, I fell asleep again for one hour and forty minutes. We were already in Russia by the time I woke up.

photo dsc00500

The sky was getting a bit brighter.

photo dsc00501

After I finished the movie, I went to toilet again, and grabbed myself an apple juice.

photo dsc00502

At the same time, I watched the third movie, Black Panther. I still remember I watched the same movie, three years ago on the flight to Hong Kong also with Swiss International Airlines.

photo dsc00503

Two hours before we arrived in Zurich, the mood lighting was turned on again. At 10:40am, breakfast was served. It is really nice, that the airlines was still serving hot breakfast. I opted for an orange juice.

photo dsc00506

There were a lot of clouds in Europe, made me impossible to see the ground.

photo dsc00508

At 11:25am, announcement from cockpit that we were flying somewhere near Salzburg in Austria, and remaining 40 minutes left until we touchdown in Switzerland. Visibility was getting better, and it was able to identify the Inn river in Bavaria.

photo dsc00509

Shortly after, the famous Swiss chocolate was distributed.

photo dsc00511

The total flight route. Our route went through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, and finally Switzerland.

photo dsc00512

Started descending into Zurich Airport.

photo dsc00514

Connecting gate information was shown on the monitor, and my next flight would be leaving at gate B02 at 7:15am.

photo dsc00516

We were going to park at gate E23 at terminal E.

photo dsc00517

Weather in Zurich was not that good today.

photo dsc00519

By the time we got through the cloud and fog, we were right above the runway, ready to touchdown.

photo dsc00522

At 6:06am local time, we touchdown on RWY34, total flight time was 11 hours and 59 minutes.

photo dsc00525

Thanks for reading!

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Although flying several time from Zurich to Hong Kong, this was the first time I flew the other way back. The journey with Swiss International Airlines, is matching what I have been expected.

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    aussenrist 225 Comments

    Moin NGD16 and danke for this nice report!
    Your report reminds me taking the same flight 2 years ago. And it is nice to see Swiss can maintain the services close to the pre-pandemic level. I always think that Swiss generally has a better product and services compared with Lufthansa. I still have a Swiss long-haul flight voucher from last year but due to my location I cannot find a right place to use it...
    I miss HKG, hopefully maybe able to fly there sometime next year

    • Comment 577556 by
      NGD16 AUTHOR 53 Comments

      Moin Aussenrist! Thanks for your support. I just realize you have the Bavaria flag as your icon picture!😄 Honestly I totally agree with your that Swiss is giving us a better experience than Lufthansa. I am quite optimistic that you can visit HKG, probably in the middle of next year. In fact the entry policies to HKG has just been relax a little bit with the announcement this week, which is nevertheless a good sign...

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