Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Kathmandu in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 170
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 17 Jan 13, 11:00
Arrival at 17 Jan 13, 13:20
MH   #15 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 197 reviews
By 9943
Published on 23rd October 2013
After disembarkation, we originally only had a short 50min to transfer to our next connection. However when checking the Flight Information Displays, our connecting flight was delayed for 2hrs from 0855hrs to 1100hrs! Approached the transfer desk to enquire regarding the delay and was informed that it was due to the morning fog in Kathmandu which necessitates the closure of the airport. I had read about the infamous Kathmandu fog and thus was not too troubled with the delay. The transfer agent also gave us a breakfast voucher each worth RM13, to be used at any restaurant in the airport.

photo 8419396370_0809ab175b_b

Went to Old Town White Coffee to grab a hearty Malaysian breakfast!

photo 8419396054_68fa248b68_b

The cafe had a nice view of the tarmac but unfortunately, there were not many interesting movements other than MHs and more MHs, until I spotted the MH Retro-jet 9M-MXA taxiing in! What luck!

photo 8419395820_ba640d0844_b

Three different MH liveries can be seen here.

photo 8418299613_83fc0b576c_b

The morning SQ flight has also just arrived.

photo 8419395364_e4a6ced1da_b

17 January 2013
Malaysia Airlines
MH 170
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Kathmandu (KTM)
Economy Class

The next sector, MH170, would be departing from the main terminal building, where the bulk of MH narrow-body flights depart from. I had checked on the previous planes used on this sector and they were a mix of either leased B738 or MH's own B738s with Boeing Sky Interior and AVOD. Thus was keeping my fingers crossed that I would not get the leased planes. Luck on my side, the aircraft assigned to the KTM sector today was 9M-MXF, a new AVOD equipped B738!

photo 8418299301_4ce5335816_b

The boarding gate was rather crowded, mainly with nepalese worker traffic. Only a few tourist faces. MH musty be really doing very well on this route, especially with such high load factors even for a newly launched flight. Guess it would soon increase to daily if the high load factor continues (Currently, MH has increased KTM flights to 2x daily!). Boarding was soon announced, by status followed by row numbers. It was enforced strictly, so much so that it was amusing to see a number of nepalese workers hesitating to board when their rows were called after watching a few turned back when they tried to board during the priority boarding.

Boarding the aircraft.

photo 8418299153_5cdc737f17_b

Was welcomed by the leading crew at door, who started a small conversation, asking if we were going to Kathmandu for holiday. Apparently we and a few others stood out from the mainly workers traffic.

Passed the 16-seater Business Class cabin with blue leather seats.

photo 8419394962_339793070b_b

Into the Economy cabin with seats in pristine condition. It was a drastic difference from the previous sector where the seats were even in worse condition than budget airlines. Blankets, pillows and headphones were pre-set on every seat.

photo 8419394814_b8cb3fa255_b

With personal IFE available as well. Now, this is how a 5-stars airline should be!

photo 8418298719_4cc176f87f_b

My seat at the emergency exit row 14A, with tons of legroom! However, do note that even though this is the 2nd emergency exit row, the seat also could not be reclined, similar to Row 12 in front. But I am satisfied with the more than adequate legroom as the normal rows do not seemed to have too much seat pitch (only 30 as written on MH's website). The PTV is touch-screen enabled, with the handset below the screen. There is also a USB port, as well as electrical point in between each pair of seat. Seats are all upholstered in leather and are comfortable.

photo 8419394466_5870969f02_b

Similar contents in the seat pocket as on the previous flight. No duty-free purchase available on this flight either.

photo 8419391406_dbc78b495f_b

While at the gate.

photo 8419394314_9567684362_b

Boarding in progress. The cabin of this B738 with Boeing Sky Interior really felt more spacious and modern and any other narrow-body aircraft I had flown on. There were 6 crew on this flight, 2 in Business Class and 4 in Economy Class. Guess MH staffed their longer flights with one additional crew.

photo 8418298327_0bb892a277_b

Very soon. boarding was completed and we started out pushback with safety video shown. Flight time was announced to be 4hrs 15min. No flight map available on the IFE even though there is the option.

Taxi to the departure runway, passing a MH B744.

photo 8418298177_b4743d425d_b

Takeoff from Rwy 32R. Spot the all-white MH A380 in the video!

Climbing above the clouds.

photo 8419393936_b9c426732f_b

After takeoff safety and service announcement.

After seatbelt signs were switched off, I made a visit to the lavatory to check it out. It was modern and rather well stocked with amenities.

photo 8418297747_6a0fd0bc80_b

Moisturizer and colognes were also available, but no toothbrushes and combs.

photo 8418297903_f2ee7523d2_b

Cabin view again. It was an almost full flight!

photo 8418297557_2d85c75e62_b

Very soon after takeoff, crew came down the aisle with trolleys to serve brunch. 3 crew manned 2 trolleys to serve meals, while the 4th crew remained in the galley to replenish meals.

photo 8419393310_d1021afb33_b

No menus available but 2 choices were on offer today by the crew. Spicy minced chicken with prata or omelette with sausage and hashbrown. We chose one of each. Accompany on the tray were fruits, yoghurt, orange juice, a packet of aftermint and a Mars dessert bar. I also had a tea to go along.

photo 8418297191_20d9107745_b

Meal revealed. Metal cutlery were used as well!

photo 8419392988_51db73696d_b

Spicy minced chicken with peas and prata. It was a bit hot but good enough.

photo 8418296625_4a933961f4_b

Omelette with mushrooms, sausage, hashbrown and grilled tomato. The western selection was of both higher quantity and quality. Tasty omelette!

photo 8418296799_bf72b59856_b

Fresh fruits consisting of melons, papayas and a grape, along with yoghurt.

photo 8419392350_99a401d1b9_b

Mars bar and an interesting South Asian aftermint. Overall, the meal was substantial and satisfying, though not gourmet quality.

photo 8418295821_fdc0649d98_b


photo 8418296179_d7d6a8dabc_b

More drinks were offered during tray collection.

photo 8419391558_d8d53abb4c_b

After trays were collected, I settled into the inflight entertainment. Even though this was the latest system on MH, the offerings for english movies were quite lacking. Apparently MH offers a smaller selection of english movies on shorter regional flights of up to 6 hours. The full selection, which would be comparable to other major carriers, would only be available on long-haul flights. This, I find, is rather unacceptable, and affects the consistency of service. Only 2 out of 16 latest release films and 9 out of 44 favourite films available on this flight. The rest of the asian films and tv programmes are available though. Games are also not available on B738 aircrafts. And as mentioned, the flight map is just an empty screen. Kind of reduced my choices by quite a bit. Not sure of the logic behind this but I suspect it is due to the cost of film copyrights. I eventually settled for a Japanese comedy for the flight.

photo 8418296013_829988d8ff_b

Took a short nap halfway through the film as I was pretty tired and even with the upright seat, it was still rather comfortable for napping. Crew came around once or twice during the flight offering water, though they would also respond to call bells immediately.

Nearing Kathmandu, the Himalayas could be seen from the right side of the window. Alas I was on the wrong side, but the F seat were all taken when I checked in. However still managed use my camera's zoom function to grab a shot.

photo 8419391252_199961c992_b

Pliot came on to give some arrival announcements and crew prepared aircraft for landing. Headsets were collected back by the crew, though the IFE was not switched off. We then started our descent into mountainous Nepal.

photo 8419395916_24962a040f_b

Turning circles in a valley.

photo 8418295185_9af7ae3a5a_b

Video of the descent.

Final approach was rather interesting as the gears came down very early and descent angle was very steep as we flew across the hills into Kathmandu valley!!

photo 8418295075_5f2220243f_b

Note the steep angle of the descent.

photo 8418294969_401143068c_b

Landing in Tribhuvan Airport Rwy 02.

Had a rather long taxi to the parking stand as we need to backtrack along the runway to avoid the QR plane that would be taxiing in the other direction via the single taxiway. Apparently planes at KTM could take off towards either direction of the runway depending on their destination.

photo 8419390732_cc9b20d87e_b

TG B772 from BKK. I guess this is the largest scheduled aircraft to land in KTM.

photo 8418294695_d388512ede_b

Parked at the stand beside Gulf Air A320. No aerobridges at this airport and so would be disembarking via the traditional way!

photo 8418294537_42c6162057_b

Waiting for disembarkation.

photo 8419390252_9528cac53f_b

Down the stairs. 2 flights of stairs ensured a smooth disembarkation.

photo 8418294209_1fc4d60ea3_b

9M-MXF from the ground.

photo 8419390008_40cc95cb3d_b

Tarmac towards the boring-looking terminal building.

photo 8418293965_00e95b43bd_b

Another shot of GF A320.

photo 8418293831_6e179d970a_b

Under the wings.

photo 8419389558_11c960de01_b

China Southern A319 bound for Guangzhou and Qatar A320 taking off. There are up to 4 flights by QR to Doha daily! Surprised that Emirates do not fly here.

photo 8419389420_15cc7dcd55_b

Just before boarding the bus with passengers still disembarking.

photo 8419389280_1c7cfa2541_b

The bus brought to the arrival building and we were fearing long queues as the TG flight has just landed before us. Surprisingly, yes, there were long queues but only for the local and visitors with visas lane. The queue for visa-on-arrival facilities was almost non-existent! As we had prepared our photo and visa-application forms prior to landing, it was just a payment of USD$25 each at the counter, visa stuck onto passport and we were across within 5 minutes!! Ironically, the queue for locals and travellers with pre-obtained visas were snaking in the immigration hall. Guess now is really not the tourist season.

Off to the carousel belts to pick up luggage, of which there was only 4. Turned out 2 were broken and we were left with 2 usable ones to handle the load of arrival flights. On screen, TG bags were supposed to arrive on Belt 3, but all ended up on belt 2 instead.

photo 8419389168_1252fd31b5_b

And as the baggage belt it not very long, bags can only be loaded onto it after those on the belts had been retrieved, resulting in quite a wait.

photo 8419389052_e302ef356c_b

It was almost an hour wait for most of the TG bags to clear before MH bags appear on the belt. By then, Silkair has also arrived and using the exact same belt. So now we had bags from 3 flights appearing on one belt. A huge mess!! Welcome to Kathmandu!!!

photo 8419388918_d4ccd13ddb_b

And so my Kathmandu adventure begins!

Boudhanath Stupa is just a 10min walking distance from my hotel. The biggest stupa in Nepal and a really interesting area with Tibetan culture to visit. Many nice cafes around the area too with wonderful views of the stupa!

photo 148329_10151562799244017_944689179_n

Locals, pilgrims and tourists circling the stupa and turning the prayer wheels.

photo 528964_10151562799089017_1301544168_n

Prayer wheel

photo 45893_10151562799154017_1035694513_n

photo 428325_10151562799319017_233437328_n

photo 554549_10151562799614017_449058571_n

photo 486069_10151562800004017_1221740353_n

photo 555216_10151562799759017_1347448567_n

photo 64988_10151564357694017_1120508206_n

photo 149580_10151564357559017_927648204_n

All sorts of incense on sale.

photo 484787_10151564357599017_1925166012_n

Tibetan-style trinkets

photo 251971_10151564357539017_600851886_n

Dinner by the stupa

photo 3388_10151555766244017_1089692658_n

Lots of places to visit on Day 2! First up, Swayambhu Monkey Temple.

photo 484703_10151562802424017_289988079_n

photo 304179_10151562802909017_1428804480_n

Monkeys everywhere! But they are rather harmless as long as not disturbed.

photo 601163_10151562803299017_2051597497_n

photo 554441_10151562803559017_322019051_n

photo 27300_10151562807554017_69004836_n

photo 549772_10151562808524017_291892172_n

Little monks having fun

photo 196266_10151562803284017_1624296197_n

Lighting butter lamps.

photo 734705_10151562804589017_525503319_n

photo 395449_10151562806069017_911270419_n

photo 399129_10151562806359017_981120971_n

Rather hazy day.

photo 312402_10151562807649017_1467654914_n

Other than monkeys, lots of dogs too!

photo 149590_10151562807989017_62147505_n

Next up, Durbar Square.

photo 487083_10151562808574017_356108116_n

photo 485959_10151562808794017_273007477_n

photo 251967_10151562808914017_30735550_n

photo 555451_10151562809504017_70591720_n

Spot the buffalo

photo 37111_10151562810464017_945561394_n

photo 321441_10151562810729017_2047487791_n

photo 14767_10151562810719017_359649888_n

School outing

photo 309832_10151562811324017_2091336659_n

The goat is just like a puppy!

photo 428330_10151562811304017_1084157209_n

photo 537161_10151562811394017_467962509_n

Buffaloes roam free.

photo 734880_10151562811579017_1618138803_n

photo 66456_10151562811569017_1696113494_n

Indra Chowk shopping street.

photo 45873_10151562811894017_62582552_n

photo 270898_10151562812054017_1242926242_n

photo 486926_10151562812479017_188806614_n

photo 316962_10151562812879017_901565772_n

photo 64961_10151556007909017_699203710_n

Lunch time!

photo 428360_10151556008189017_1059391716_n

Along Thamel

photo 602888_10151564201609017_425490750_n

Patan Durbar Square

photo 603075_10151564201494017_272637021_n

photo 196386_10151564201649017_431027158_n

photo 480256_10151564201739017_1494066909_n

photo 428095_10151564201899017_428995920_n

Nice dinner!

photo 603117_10151556299814017_1151282097_n

Day 3: Walk through a local neighbourhood uphill to Kopan Monastery, the monastery which inspired the movie Little Buddha.

photo 309824_10151564258944017_59769370_n

photo 317078_10151564258999017_398391926_n

photo 602714_10151564259164017_374180833_n

photo 208414_10151564259254017_829820302_n

photo 544004_10151564259379017_1688633094_n

photo 485896_10151564259529017_1055943192_n

photo 208260_10151564259669017_1780116912_n

photo 528966_10151564259799017_1012799151_n

photo 543922_10151564259949017_843190828_n

photo 156315_10151564260149017_525978985_n

Wonderful view of Kathmandu valley from Kopan Monastery!

photo 397534_10151564260194017_1913790013_n

photo 560841_10151564260559017_1532037842_n

At Kopan Monastery

photo 25917_10151564260794017_559476990_n

photo 32173_10151564261144017_1160755571_n

Words of Dalai Lama

photo 394847_10151564260454017_50188762_n

Many little monks

photo 208260_10151564261224017_893186620_n

Pagoda of thousand Buddhas

photo 428251_10151564261399017_2063897617_n

Great views

photo 735132_10151564261719017_1144122137_n

Turning giant prayer wheel

photo 75254_10151564262014017_1457580907_n

Don't mess with the cute doggie. It can really bark!

photo 734879_10151564262159017_249187851_n

TG B772 preparing to takeoff from Tribhuvan in the distance.

photo 549825_10151564262694017_558926486_n

Buffaloes as pets!

photo 602984_10151564262399017_2027184370_n

Another monastery ahead.

photo 734813_10151564262469017_2125540864_n

photo 184605_10151564262539017_772100250_n

Walking back towards Boudha

photo 530623_10151564356824017_81345522_n

photo 430143_10151564357104017_1442989899_n

photo 317993_10151564357094017_451158899_n

photo 149539_10151564357179017_1785726762_n

photo 735095_10151564357224017_1128087312_n

Nepalese snack

photo 385301_10151564357304017_1609414146_n

Selling popcorn and nuts.

photo 154186_10151564357379017_236037789_n

A small monastery in Boudha.

photo 22203_10151565877459017_1192415999_n

photo 269243_10151565876389017_613253898_n

Boudha again

photo 67977_10151565877124017_1886859509_n

Giving light offerings

photo 319884_10151565877764017_641678845_n

Dinner beside Boudha again

photo 312470_10151557629729017_1163122902_n

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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Kathmandu - KTM



The flight on MH to KTM is rather comfortable and value-for-money, considering that competing carriers are charging obscene prices. No problems with the service and food was reasonable. Inflight entertainment is not as good as many carriers but with competing carriers on the route not offering IFE as well, guess not much of an issue here.



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