Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kathmandu Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 171
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:55
Take-off 21 Jan 13, 12:20
Arrival at 21 Jan 13, 19:30
MH 203 reviews
By 6263
Published on 23rd October 2013
Day 4: Foggy morning at Baktapur ancient city.

photo 66395_10151564359534017_2118841057_n

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Locals going about their daily life in the ancient city. Attraction for tourists, but home for Baktapur residents.

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photo 881_10151564361539017_1661169412_n

photo 545233_10151564361789017_111070810_n

The school is definitely not fake!

photo 602954_10151564361749017_1128940107_n

Back alleys

photo 530840_10151564361969017_2110873465_n

photo 36521_10151564363094017_472589489_n

photo 484809_10151564362354017_2062150617_n

Living in Baktapur

photo 385204_10151564363219017_1392767801_n

photo 64944_10151564363409017_722994440_n

photo 601058_10151564363539017_301276715_n

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photo 395406_10151564363989017_697331806_n

photo 66455_10151564364334017_1369722991_n

The famous Baktapur-produced yoghurt!

photo 14941_10151564364614017_489229217_n

photo 602695_10151564364714017_2095812890_n

On the way to Nagarkot for Himalayan mountains view!

photo 269283_10151564365214017_50522670_n

photo 320951_10151565875709017_209049093_n

Mountains around the corner!

photo 19013_10151565873859017_1822634353_n

There they are!! Luckily the morning fog had lifted.

photo 558328_10151565873869017_1692917692_n

photo 555194_10151565874074017_1599481374_n

photo 164478_10151565874339017_1913590158_n

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photo 73394_10151565874604017_1571182274_n

photo 423998_10151565875069017_2085230020_n

photo 32168_10151565875314017_1750580060_n

Back to town.

photo 71876_10151565875839017_1903549877_n

photo 483081_10151565876024017_2093874089_n

4 nights in Kathmandu and it was time to return to the modern and material world. The return flight was booked on MH to KUL, transferring to SQ back to SIN. As MH codeshares with SQ and MI on the KUL-SIN vv sector, I was able to hop onto the earlier SQ flight, avoiding a 3hrs transit stop in KUL. Taxi ride from the hotel was a real interesting affair, with the driver avoiding the jams by cutting through a local residence area, along a beaten track up and down a hill and finally popping out just beside the airport entrance!!

Lots of migrant workers waiting to enter the terminal building.

photo 8439109227_36fe63423e_b

Before entering the terminal building, all passengers must present a copy of their ticket/e-ticket for verification, and have their luggage screened. Luckily, MH check-in area was situated at the part of the building where there were not much of a queue. 3 counters opened for check-in today, but only a short queue as I guess most of the passengers (again mainly nepalese migrant workers) had arrived much earlier and checked in prior. There was a contract staff processing check-in and a MH staff supervising at each counter.

photo 8440197698_d8e122c699_b

Was directed to the Business Class counter for check-in. Even though it was 1.5hrs prior to departure, I was already number 124 in sequence! However, our request for emergency exit rows were granted again! Score number 2! Bags were tagged to SIN but boarding passes for the SQ sector could not be issued and could only by picked up at KL. Luckily today's flight operated as scheduled as the previous 2 flights were heavily delayed due to foggy weather.

photo 8439108981_df3d83831c_b

Off through immigration, where again the local queue was much longer than foreigners' queue, and into the waiting lounge before security. All airline lounges and duty free shops are at this area. Nothing too interesting though.

photo 8440197502_818d088416_b

Then it was through another long queue for security screening before allowing into the gate area.

Boring and sterile-looking Tribhuvan terminal building.

photo 8440196256_845c5cea53_b

Boarding gates, which resembled bus gates.

photo 8439108417_4748c6d8f6_b

Clear skies today! Our MH plane had just arrived not too long ago.

photo 8440197372_129d94e8e5_b

Rather busy noon!! Mainly flights with worker traffic departing for regional destinations.

photo 8439108281_1e693f1afd_b

One of the four Qatar Airways flights scheduled on that day arriving.

photo 8439108643_e2837c12b2_b

Rak Airways A320 departing for Ras al-Khaimah. First time I heard of this airline and destination.

photo 8439108517_98954345e7_b

Tara Air Dornier Do228

photo 8440196600_f5b2a3ae11_b

Rak Airways pushing back.

photo 8439107961_f35eb67757_b

View of tarmac with Himalayan mountains in the background.
photo 8439107875_c48cb65b09_b

21 January 2013
Malaysia Airlines
MH 171
Kathmandu (KTM) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Economy Class

Boarding started slightly late. Again, we were bussed to the aircraft as aerobridges are non-existant at this airport.

photo 8440196134_94b23c68a4_b

Upon alighting the bus, a queue was formed. A MH ground staff was directing passengers to the respective doors (front or rear) for boarding depending on the row numbers. This ensured a swift boarding process.

photo 8440196002_9feb6a3af6_b

Aircraft today was the leased 9M-MLJ. Darn, no personal IFE today.

photo 8439107385_928e409072_b

Royal Nepal B752 and Oman Air parked beside.

photo 8439107251_4f33df0f58_b

I was directed to the front door while some passengers were directed to the rear for boarding.

photo 8439107035_dedb146112_b

Entering the aircraft.

photo 8439106919_aee7dc6a05_b

Fuselage seemed long at this angle!

photo 8440195236_2b7545e1d2_b

Was welcomed aboard by 2 stewardesses at the door. Malaysian-published newspapers were available upon entry. Passed by the Business Class cabin with retro-looking seats. Only 2 out of 16 Business Class seats would be occupied today.

photo 8440195120_c478ec4d07_b

And into economy class, which was totally packed!!

photo 8440195006_80264444d2_b

Emex row again! Pillow, blanket and headsets on each seat, but no personal IFE available. Cabin was clean and well-maintained though. Unlike the previous flight, row 14 on this leased plane can be reclined! Perfect!

photo 8439106433_ae99ae1424_b

With the cabin crew's assistance to get everyone seated down, boarding was completed rather swiftly.

photo 8440194702_5ea218866e_b

Royal Nepal Airlines B752, with a plane departing.

photo 8439106203_9bd0b05c36_b

Safety video played on the drop-down LCD screens.

photo 8440194454_6510e86178_b

Even though we were ready to go, the captain came on and gave the bad news that due to congestion in KTM, we would be expecting a delay of about 20min. Groans.

Himalayas can be seen!

photo 8439105869_5e9e9ae90a_b

IndiGo A320 arrived.

photo 8439105485_2f44191db3_b

However, we pushed back shortly.

View of Himalayas again.

photo 8440193596_156fcd740f_b

Buddha Air ATR72 taking off.

photo 8440193464_e6727d92fa_b

Taxied to the runway holding point, where the wait started. We held there for about 15 minutes waiting for 4 planes to land!

photo 8440193338_ac7b4f1709_b

The last of the 4 aircrafts that landed. TG's B772 from BKK.

photo 8439104931_7bb0088421_b

45min after STD, we were finally on our way!

Right after takeoff, the aircraft made a 270 degrees left turn, overflying the city of Kathmandu while gaining altitude.

photo 8440193100_8a4b9d6ef0_b

Over southern Kathmandu.

photo 8440192982_f09120eb73_b

Beautiful Himalayas!

photo 8439104517_a1e9050244_b

Another view.

photo 8440192686_8c535834c6_b

Overflying Tribhuvan Airport. Peak hour now! All aircraft lots, less for one, at the International apron were taken up! Time for airport expansion!

photo 8439104223_9ef988a811_b

Climbing higher.

photo 8440192368_b0cec7c63d_b

Himalayan mountains could be viewed from the left side of the plane. Again, seated at wrong side, but give me emex row anytime!

photo 8439103945_4bb686e0a6_b

Post takeoff announcement.

Over hills.

photo 8439103841_6226f19a5e_b

photo 8439103703_1d98cbe753_b

Zoom out through the left window.

photo 8440191950_42ecb87bce_b

The nice passenger seated at the A seat, on seeing me taking photos, beckoned me over to snap some photos through his window. Nice scenery…

photo 8439103523_6322759ec1_b

photo 8440191690_4908c10cb7_b

About 10min into the flight, the pilot came on and announced that Mt Everest was on the left! Again, snapped a zoom-up shot!

photo 8440191560_eab93c60a7_b

Inflight entertainment on this flight was a Hindi movie played on the overhead screens. I do not care for the movie, which however kept most of the other migrant workers onboard occupied. No radio channels were available as well even though channel selector was available on the seat, much to my disappointment.

photo 8440191368_b1e6f95bbc_b

Service started with a peanuts and water/juice run. I had an orange juice.

photo 8440191490_09438f92b2_b

This was followed shortly by lunch. As the load in Business Class was very low, the leading stewardess came down to assist in Economy as well. 5 crew in economy really made for very efficient service!

photo 8439102985_64580feeef_b

Choices today were Chicken Briyani or Fish Curry with Rice. The tray came with a Chickpea and bean salad, warm bun with butter and dessert. I had an orange juice and white wine to go along. For a supposedly 5-stars airline, meal presentation was definitely much to be desired. What is with all the disposable plastic containers and cling-wraps?? No metal utensils used on this sector as well, unlike the incoming sector.

photo 8439102831_a1a2ca9265_b

Chicken Briyani choice, which was rather tasty with huge chunks of meat under the rice. Rather spicy though.

photo 8440190978_384f1641a3_b

Fish curry with rice, which was equally tasty and spicy as well. This appeared to be the more popular choice for the nepalese passengers. Guess seafood is not too readily available in Nepal.

photo 8439102591_129f39b277_b

Chickpeas and kidney beans salad for starter and Bread & Butter pudding for dessert.

photo 8439102457_b1b6423c1c_b

Soft roll and Amul butter.

photo 8439102317_0646c93d0b_b

Chunky curry fish with rice.

photo 8440190458_24850d73e4_b

Bread and butter pudding, which was quite nice as well.

photo 8439102039_11653f8380_b

Crew came round with 2 rounds of drinks before tray collection. However, no coffee/tea was offered during the meal service nor after during 2nd round of drinks or tray collection. Weird….


photo 8439101937_5307d9bd3d_b

Visited the lavatory, which was rather basic on this leased aircraft.

photo 8439101619_8fc9f7664a_b

However the standard amenities were still available.

photo 8440190064_5b09590b61_b

View of the cabin. It was almost full in economy again!

photo 8440189764_0768438944_b

Having nothing to keep myself entertained, I took a nap during the flight. Luckily the seat is comfortable, with lots of legroom and decent recline.

Nearing Malaysia, it started getting cloudy and a bit bumpy.

photo 8439101263_3d88e2b9d8_b

After a comfortable but boring 4hrs of flying, the captain came on with the arrival announcement.


photo 8439101113_dbfa58d123_b

Crew prepared aircraft for landing, followed with the landing announcement.

Nearing Kuala Lumpur.

photo 8440189242_004fa7ab14_b

Making a turn back to the airport.

photo 8439100887_6031a26d54_b

Approaching KLIA.

Landing in KLIA Rwy32L, about 15min behind schedule. Made up quite some time enroute.

Taxi to and parked at the main terminal.

photo 8440189020_a6c253d0aa_b

Disembarking, with a blurred picture of normal seat rows. Legroom did not seemed that good.

photo 8440188894_71cb7d4e52_b

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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Kathmandu - KTM


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Another comfortable flight on MH but it was lacking inflight entertainment. It is a lottery on whether you would get an aircraft with personal IFE as MH rotates both its leased and owned aircraft around on the regional routes. Catering is good but presentation is definitely not 5-star standard. Crew were friendly, but not particularly outstanding (think average SQ crew). All in, acceptable flights on MH.



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