Review of JetBlue Airways flight New York Buffalo in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B6 108
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 07 Mar 13, 09:25
Arrival at 07 Mar 13, 10:50
B6 43 reviews
By 4496
Published on 25th October 2013
Morning view of Empire States from my hotel room.

photo 8592857890_b07fbf1fc1_b

New York Times building across from Port Authority.

photo 8591758185_36378322c4_b

Then it was back to the subway for the journey to JFK again. It started to snow a bit while on the way to JFK.

photo 8592857532_c6ac601e04_b

View of Delta Terminal 2 from the Airtrain.

photo 8591757967_28b3a30017_b

Delta-land at JFK Terminal 2/3.

photo 8603129280_ff94f263d0_c

More Deltas at Terminal 4.

photo 8603129202_206332c57f_c

jetBlues and TAM at Terminal 4.

photo 8602028335_6f1420f0bd_c

Reaching the jetBlue Terminal 5. It is a rather long walk through the link-bridge from the Airtrain station.

photo 8602028251_b1f6b1a84a_b

Tarmac action across to Terminals 7 and 8.

photo 8602028201_85eeffcd7a_b

Deicing on a jetBlue A320 in progress.

photo 8602028133_a96db1ace5_b

First sight that greeted us at Terminal 5. Self-service check-in machines. As we had no check-in luggage for the day-trip, I proceeded to the machine to print out boarding passes, as I had done online check-in earlier. Unfortunate due to some issues, the machine could not spit out our boarding passes and
we had to get them from the counters.

photo 8603128920_2240c92a5f_b

jetBlue check-in counters. No queues at all and we got our boarding passes immediately.

photo 8602027997_3bf51211c5_b

Boarding pass for the flight.

photo 8603128730_3c081e127e_b

Document check by TSA done (valid passport/ID needed to clear through security) and through security we went, which was not too bad as there were no queues. Travelling through US airports, as long as everyone follows the drills (shoes, jackets and belts off, liquids out, laptops out, all metal objects out), the process would not be that painful. And currently they also utilizes the body x-ray thingy to speed things up a bit.

Departure board.

photo 8602027927_c6c3cafa62_b

The spacious departure hall, with shops and dining available.

photo 8602027763_86997ece92_b

There is even a A320 engine on display!

photo 8603128686_8492f5f4a0_b

Shops in the terminal. There is even a Muji!

photo 8602027677_83b802f1d2_c

07 March 2013
B6 108
New York John F Kennedy (JFK) - Buffalo Niagara (BUF)
N564JB Absolute Blue
Economy Class

Absolute Blue would be flying us to Buffalo this morning.

photo 8603128506_9cc30911c5_b

Boarding had already commenced when we reached the gate. So straight into the aircraft we went.

photo 8603128430_5aa3863197_b

Welcomed at the door by a friendly crew member. Down the aisle, passing through Even-More-Space seat rows with 36 pitch. These can be purchased for an additional cost, but I don't think that is really necessary as normal seat rows on jetBlue A320s offers 34 pitch, the largest economy seat-pitch among all US airlines.

photo 8602027461_3e4123feab_b

Reached my seat at 19A. View out of the window.

photo 8603128258_de4157e857_c

Boarding in progress.

photo 8602027255_ef12375164_b

DirectTV entertainment consoles on the armrest. I had brought my own earphones to enjoy the free IFE.

photo 8603128008_76953212d6_b

Entertainment selections are already available at the gate.

photo 8603127306_c1a3fa2101_b

Weather Channel, showing a storm brewing around Boston. Legroom was more than sufficient at 34. The leather seats were rather comfortable.

photo 8602027211_a6bbe97298_b

Safety card and inflight guide in the seat pocket.

photo 8603127942_a37ddc57ae_b

Entertainment and buy-on-board meal box options.

photo 8602027029_5c7d09bc94_c

And the complimentary snacks/drinks and payable alcoholic options. The beverage choices can put many full-service carriers to shame!

photo 8603127800_203176bed5_b

All aboard and we are ready to go. Flight time was announced to be approximately 55min. A manual safety demo was conducted by the crew. There were only 3 cabin crew onboard this A320.

photo 8602027327_6a48bc4213_b


Starting the taxi to Rwy 04L.

photo 8602026883_b047389d59_c

Taxi to runway.

American eagle ERJ starting its takeoff roll.

photo 8603127672_916356352e_b

Delta Connection CRJ ahead.

photo 8602026775_0ab235e865_b

jetBlue behind.

photo 8602026717_7fbddee65d_b

And another jetBlue landing.

photo 8602026655_b74418879e_b

Takeoff from JFK Rwy04L to Buffalo!

Above the white sea of clouds, which would be the only scenery throughout the entire flight.

photo 8602026599_2dc469444e_b

Flight map. We would only be cruising at a low 20+k feet.

photo 8602026523_81f3eaeafe_b

On this short flight, jetBlue would only offer the express-service instead of the full works. This meant that only a few selection of drinks and snacks would be available. For today, the snacks available are Linden's Chocolate Chip Cookies and Kings Nut Fancy Nut Mix. Drinks on offer are Orange juice, Dasani water and Dunkin' Donuts coffee. First, snacks are distributed from baskets, followed by drinks on trays. No carts were used on jetBlue flights. Crew were friendly and professional.

photo 8603127020_ff558825e3_b

Both options of snacks, paired with coffee and water. More than sufficient for such a short flight! The mixed nuts were delicious, being a premium mix of almonds, cashews and honey roasted sesame sticks.

photo 8602026277_9cf6352025_b

View for the rest of the flight while I channel surf on DirectTV.

photo 8602026095_660f273bf0_c

Before long, we started our descent into Buffalo.

photo 8603126832_09ecacea27_c

Crew picked up the trash and secured the cabin for landing. We would be landing towards the north-east today, but flew south to intercept the approach path.

photo 8602025955_6f90360df3_b

Cloudy day in the Buffalo area as well.

photo 8602025867_eabe59fb3f_c

Flaps and gears down…

photo 8602025813_77048f6d7e_b

And landed smoothly on Buffalo Niagara International Airport Rwy 05.

Parked at the jetBlue designated gate. One interesting concept of US domestic operations is that most of the domestic airlines have their own dedicated gates in the terminal.

photo 8602025739_c242eea724_c

Southwest B737-700 also arrived.

photo 8603126436_011848cc12_c


photo 8603126490_8d54b352b0_c

Last look at the spacious and comfortable cabin. Crew were already clearing the trash off the seats while bading goodbyes, preparing the aircraft for the short turnaround.

photo 8603126384_47d5061587_b

Welcome to wet and cloudy Buffalo!

photo 8602025475_4da2842e34_c

From Buffalo airport, we headed directly to Niagara Falls using the airport taxi. There was an hourly shuttle by the same company which costs much less, but we missed the shuttle and so decided upon the taxi to save time, However return was on shuttle. Upon reaching Niagara Falls at the USA side, which was about a 40min drive away, everywhere is walkable or reachable by a shuttle trolley bus.
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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew8.0

New York - JFK


Buffalo - BUF



It was a really comfortable flight on jetBlue. Even though jetBlue did not market itself as a full-service carrier, nor of a budget carrier, the service provided is definitely not budget at all, and not surprisingly could be better than the legacy US carriers. Seats are comfortable, legroom good and catering more than sufficient. For those travelling with bags, jetBlue also offers 1 free check-in bag per passenger, unlike the major full-service carriers which are already charging for check-in bags on domestic routes. Definitely the carrier to recommend when flying domestically within USA.



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