Review of JetBlue Airways flight Buffalo New York in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B6 131
Class Economy
Seat 20D
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 07 Mar 13, 21:20
Arrival at 07 Mar 13, 22:40
B6 43 reviews
By 3371
Published on 26th October 2013
Most people would visit Niagara Falls from late spring to early autumn as that is when most attractions would be in operation. For my visit in early March, the entire Niagara Falls felt like a ghost town, with most attractions like the Maid of the Mist and Caves of the Winds closed. However there is still a charm in visiting Niagara in winter, with no crowds to jostle your way through.

photo 64233_10151688623089017_334000963_n

photo 554887_10151688623654017_1902414424_n

Rapids of river towards the falls.

photo 228894_10151688618954017_167637187_n

photo 527633_10151688619129017_901357994_n

Trolley bus shuttle within the park. There is a shuttle every 10mins!

photo 208730_10151688620364017_2063260161_n

American Falls.

photo 24302_10151688617659017_561231184_n

photo 579059_10151688619709017_1372801335_n

photo 221605_10151688620244017_143317239_n

The bigger Horseshoe Falls, where idiots went over in barrels.

photo 527715_10151688621804017_19084596_n

Within the State Park

photo 577670_10151688621414017_2079295501_n

photo 562206_10151688620694017_1826302014_n

And lots of squirrels around! The little one preferred my potato chips to the berries it was originally eating on a tree!

photo 24459_10151688623709017_1612049545_n

As mentioned earlier, we took the Airport Shuttle back to Buffalo Airport in the evening, after having a light bite at Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls. The shuttle could be arranged at the Niagara Falls Visitor Center for only USD16 per person. Much lower than our USD70 taxi fare to Niagara Falls! Again, having done internet check-in earlier, we just picked up our boarding passes at the check-in counters at Buffalo airport. There were no queues at all as we were still rather early.

photo 8605206611_ee7dc38ab0_c

Off through security again with the same rituals without fuss and into the secure areas. I was getting quite deserted with most shops closing or closed, leaving only a restaurant still in operation till the last departure.

photo 8606309762_d8e5b9bb77_b

At the next gate was a delayed Boston flight due to bad weather in Boston. According to the flight information boards, all flights to Boston experienced lengthy delays that day.

photo 8605206429_8062a5299a_b

Soon, the gate agent announced that our flight would be slightly delayed for 20min due to late departure from JFK. Apparently the weather in JFK was also worsening with the snow storm approaching. I was just glad that the delay was not as long as the neighbouring Boston flight, which was delayed more than 2hrs!

Finally our Embraer E190 jet arrived from JFK, 30min behind schedule.

photo 8606309606_39d75063af_b

07 March 2013
B6 131
Buffalo Niagara (BUF) - New York John F Kennedy (JFK)
Embraer E190
N284JB Sincerely Blue
Economy Class

Luckily the turnaround was rather quick and the plane was rather for boarding less than 10min after the last passenger got off! It was my first time flying on the Embraer aircraft and even though the seat configuration is in 2-2, it still felt rather spacious. Jetblue's E190 was configured with only 100 seats, thus only 2 cabin crew were needed. Seats were the same as on the A320s.

photo 8605206275_05f8c19b6d_b

Legroom on the E190 was only 32 compared to the A320's 34, but still more than sufficient for the short sectors the E190 operates. DirectTV is also available.

photo 8605205853_051d32afe1_b

Safety card and inflight guide, similar to the A320s.

photo 8606309438_7a64482690_b

Boarding in progress, with seated passengers already channel-surfing on the DirectTV.

photo 8605206077_fa5a70879e_b

Plane being refueled. Another thing noted was that the windows of the E190 are huge!

photo 8606309224_52de9467c9_b

Very soon, all passengers were aboard. Almost a full flight this evening to JFK. Safety demo done manually and flight time announced as 1hr. We pushed back and taxied to Rwy05.

photo 8606309024_8c9285f946_b

Takeoff from Rwy05, heading back to JFK.

Service announcement after takeoff.

We would only be cruising at a low 20K feet tonight. In fact, most of the time we were flying in the clouds, with lightning flashing out the windows. Surprisingly there were only minor turbulence, even though the seatbelt signs were kept on for most of the flight.

photo 8606308942_3f519f9258_b

As briefed in the service announcement earlier, the Express service for this short flight would consist of a choice between animal crackers and mixed nuts, and beverage choices of water/coke/diet coke/sprite. Again, snacks were first offered from a basket, which the friendly female crew, who was conducting service at the rear half of the plane, offered us both choices each. This was followed by drinks from trays, where I had a Sprite. We were offered whole cans each, with cups of ice also available. I was seriously impressed with jetBlue for having so many cans of beverages on offer! On full-service airlines, SQ included, passengers were normally only served a plastic cup full.

photo 8605205605_f9f81e7067_b

Animal crackers and the delicious mixed nuts. Again, more than sufficient for the very short flight.

photo 8606308784_973f67154b_b

Watching the latest episode of Glee on Fox channel!

photo 8606308674_663d8a0381_b

On jetBlue, cabin lights were kept dimmed throughout on night flights. The lights were only switched on for landing preparations.

photo 8606308596_ce1908a1fe_b

Lavatory of the E190. It took some time for me to locate the 'Flush' button. See the blue button above the toilet roll? I initially thought it was the cabin attendant call button!

photo 8605205211_39c46b5bba_b

Descending into stormy New York.

photo 8605205121_017417bfc0_b

We landed on Rwy31R from the south.

Parked at Terminal 5. It was snowing rather heavily by now.

photo 8606308272_f9d7f6899b_b

Disembarking. Comfortable seat pitch on the E190 as well.

photo 8606308162_e8a6dfe9a9_b

Our E190 in the snow storm!

photo 8606308076_94cd470774_b

Luckily we had flew to Niagara Falls this day as the following day, there were major delays at all NY airports due to heavy snowfall overnight! Back to the hotel and rest for the night.

And this was what greeted me the next morning!

photo 599614_10151690322584017_272737658_n

photo 197039_10151690323754017_1283520841_n

It had been snowing very heavily throughout the entire night till late morning.

photo 31482_10151665592919017_562923039_n

Due to the heavy snow, we decided that it was not an appropriate day to explore NY city, and thus decided to go up to Woodbury Premium Outlets instead for some shopping! It was a correct decision as we felt as if we were shopping in winter wonderland!

photo 527619_10151690323069017_972993536_n

photo 310531_10151690324084017_149401703_n

photo 208786_10151690324189017_1621037458_n

After lots of shopping, it was back to Manhattan for dinner! By then, the snow on the streets had been cleared.

photo 536374_10151690323254017_891256234_n

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Again. a short and pleasant flight on jetBlue, despite the delay which was due to weather, so no fault of the airline.



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