Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Palma De Mallorca in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1152
Class Business
Seat 82A
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 07 Aug 21, 10:20
Arrival at 07 Aug 21, 12:25
LH   #64 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1535 reviews
By GOLD 925
Published on 28th August 2021

Hi everyone !

Welcome on this new flight-report,

During this summer, the German national airline flew its 747-8i four times between Frankfurt and Palma de Mallorca. The opportunity was too good to take this beautiful Jumbo for the first time in my life!

I booked my ticket in economy class on June 11, as soon as I heard the news.

At the beginning of July, on the LH app, I was offered the upgrade to business class for 99€. I do not hesitate and I pay. With luck, I might be travel on the upper deck. For now, I'm forced to take a seat on the lower deck, luckily with a window!
A week before the flight, my friend who will be traveling with me tells me that a window has free up on the upper deck. I would reserve this seat immediately!

You can find my routing here. The two flights from and to Paris will not be published but you can find them written in French. My flight from MUC to FRA may be published later! ;-) 

After a good night's sleep in a hotel in downtown Frankfurt, I go to the central station at 6 a.m to take an S-Bahn 8 to the airport.
The journey costs only 5.10 € and takes 15 minutes. 

photo img_3837photo img_3836-53140

Hallo! Willkommen am Flughafen Frankfurt! 

photo img_3838

I go directly to the check-in hall located in the T1. 

photo img_3841

For me today, it's here! The business class counters are empty, I will collect my boarding pass and the agent will check my vaccination certificate.

photo img_3844photo img_3845-87841

My friend Daniel has just arrived, we are heading towards security checks.

photo img_3847

The security check will only take us 2 minutes. The staff was not really friendly…

photo img_3850

Our flight is expected on time ! It will leave from gate A69.

photo img_3851

We travel together in business class, so we have access to the lounge. We will go to the lounge "A13" 

photo img_3852

After we were asked for our proof of vaccination, we were allowed to get into the lounge.
The lounge is beautiful and large. We will go and sit here.

photo img_3854photo img_3857photo img_3858

Time for breakfast !
Let's go to see what's on offer at the buffet ! 

photo img_3859

Fruits salads and cherry yogurts

photo img_3866

A soda dispenser, bananas and a beer tap … Welcome to Germany! :) 

photo img_3868-85870

Expresso ?

photo img_3867

Ice cream

photo img_3865-97048

I start with scrambled eggs, mushrooms and a cherry yogurt

photo img_3860-79483

I would go take more things to eat.

photo img_3863-81591

A member of the LH staff will come to thank us for traveling with Lufthansa and give us some gifts.
For me, a "Remove before flight" key chain and for my friend, a reusable water bottle !

photo img_3870-80576photo img_3871photo img_3872-84968

Well! Now, it's time to heading to the gate and see our beautiful Queen of the sky! We take some chocolates before leaving the lounge.

photo img_3876-68756

The D-AIXI, a Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 who brought me yesterday from Munich! He's getting ready to leave for Seattle.

photo img_3878photo img_3880

A first LH Boeing 747-8i, D-ABYJ to LAX.

photo img_3881

D-ABYT with "Retro" livery to Chicago.

photo img_3883photo img_3884-34912

Smaller! An A330-300 to Dallas.

photo img_3888

We arrive at the gate where the LH staff will offer us ice creams and sunglasses in the colors of the airline! The atmosphere is marvelous: A lot of families and even more Avgeeks! ;-)

photo img_3890photo img_3891-61665

Our beautiful bird for today: D-ABYC, 9 years old Boeing 747, the third delivered to the airline in 2012. 

photo img_3893photo img_3898photo img_3901

It's time to board on my first flight with the 747!

photo img_3902photo img_3903

Business class for today!

photo img_3905

What a beautiful nose!

photo img_3908

The door of paradise

photo img_3910-56590photo img_3911

We are greeted by a very nice crew, the flight promises to be memorable!
Crossing of the 1st Business class cabin on the lower deck. 

photo img_3913

The staircase

photo img_3915

The business class cabin on the upper deck, I'm seated on the front. The cabin is in a 2-2 configuration with 32 seats.

photo img_3919

82A, my seat.

photo img_3921photo img_3922

Seat controls are located on the armrest

photo img_3924-87979

The luggage bins on the side are very practical.

photo img_3925-53720photo img_3926

Legroom? Perfect.

photo img_3928

Another one safety card for my collection.

photo img_3930photo img_3931photo img_3932

Boarding completed on time. The boarding bridge can be retracted and now we are ready for the push.

photo img_3941photo img_3948

Start of our 4 GENx. The captain introduced himself and welcome us aboard this "Beautiful Boeing 747-8". It announces 2 hours of flight.

photo img_3957

Hello you !

photo img_3959

Runway 18 for today !

photo img_3963photo img_3966


photo img_3970photo img_3974


photo img_3977photo img_3979photo img_3983

30 minutes after take-off, the crew will serve the meal 

photo img_3988-97128photo img_3989-97691

The main course with cold meat and vegetables.

photo img_3993

A little bread was served.

photo img_3990-23679

Dessert was good but a little too sweet.

photo img_3991-45979

Chocolate truffles

photo img_3997-77031

Cheer's to all! ;-)

photo img_3994

Let's discovered the upper deck!
The galley : 

photo img_4006

The stairs seen from above.

photo img_4003

The toilets are clean but small! 

photo img_4004-62387

Our left wing with her two GENx engines.

photo img_4007

The descent has started, with cabin crew passing to distribute LH chocolates.

photo img_4011

Quickly, we see Mallorca, the landing is close! 

photo img_4017photo img_4020

Almost there !

photo img_4027photo img_4033photo img_4035

Very smooth landing ! We go to our parking stand.

photo img_4039photo img_4038

Mallorca airport does not have a large enough gate to accommodate our plane. We will park far from the terminal. We will leave the plane with the PAXbus… Perfect for photos ! <3

photo img_4041photo img_4042

I had asked the crew if I could visit the cockpit. I would be allowed to go take pictures!

photo img_4045-65789

Bye-Bye D-ABYC and thank you so much for this beautiful moment!

photo img_4049photo img_4051

What a big engine!

photo img_4053

Welcome in Mallorca!!!

photo img_4058-14742

Many passengers will be taking photos. A Boeing 747 for a 2 hour flight is rare! But getting off on foot from a 747 is even rarer!

photo img_4066-55271photo img_4068photo img_4070

After 10 minutes by bus, we arrive at the terminal. We will meet up Lucky Luke who will take the flight back to Frankfurt.
I would say goodbye and thank for sharing this flight to my friend Daniel who is staying in Mallorca for 2 days. In 2h30, I have to take a flight back to Paris. 

photo img_4071photo img_4072

Thanks for reading this Flight-Report! I hope you enjoyed it! I will meet you soon for new flights!

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Cabin crew10.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge A13 - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Palma De Mallorca - PMI



A marvelous flight on board the beautiful Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i.

The Frankfurt airport is great, LH staff at the business class counter and in the lounge are very friendly but at the security check they are not very cool...

The LH lounge in Frankfurt is great and confortable. Food ok.

The 747 is confortable, business class is a little bit old. The upper deck is very cosy.

The PMI airport is very full during this summer ! There is a lot of possibility to take avgeek's flights !

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Hi Tango_Bravo380, thanks so much for sharing this awesome report! It's soooooo nice to see a report on a 747 these days! What a beautiful bird and a great opportunity to fly the Queen on an intra-EU route! The Baleares have always been a huge destination for Germans so it's not surprising LH sent such a big aircraft there over the summer once things opened up for a bit.

    The catering looks pretty good for a 2h flight and of course the long-haul J seats are super spacious for a short-haul mission.

    Thanks for sharing!

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