Review of Druk Air flight Kolkata Paro in Economy

Airline Druk Air
Flight KB 501
Class Economy
Seat 6E
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 14 Apr 13, 08:45
Arrival at 14 Apr 13, 09:50
KB 6 reviews
By 5135
Published on 27th October 2013
At Kolkata, continuing passengers to Paro were requested to remain onboard while only a handful of Kolkata-bound pax disembarked. Crew did a head-count and hand-carry baggage check, but the cabin was not cleaned.

At Kolkata. Spot the Indigo A320 with sharklets!

photo 8667506647_7f63d37038_c

Economy class seat.

photo 8668610318_73f2193d99_c

Went into the Business Class cabin and took a photo of the Business Class seat while still on the ground.

photo 8668610040_4600655381_c

Barely 15min after landing, the Kolkata-originating passengers boarded, the the plane ended up almost totally full! Guess there is a huge demand for seats on the CCU-PBH sector! Doors closed, safety demo shown and we taxied to Rwy19L again, taking off bound for Bhutan. It would only be a short 45min flight to Paro.

As the entire flight was rather bumpy, the seatbelt signs were remained on. However the crew continued with the service, first handing out Bhutan immigration forms. Here is the reverse of the form.

photo 8668609928_5e13aa710f_c

This was followed by a refreshment box, which again were either vegetarian or non-vegetarian, and drinks from the drink cart. The snack was apparently catered from SIN. I had a mango juice to go along this time.

photo 8667506347_234982b249_c

Tried the vegetarian option, which was a cheese and mushroom panini sandwich. The non-vegetarian option was a chicken panini sandwich. Both came with a sunflower seed cookie. The sandwiches were both cold and hard, but the cookie was nice.

photo 8667506217_62ebe116c1_c

After the refreshment boxes and cups were cleared, we started our descent into Paro. Not much of a descend needed as the airport is 7300ft above sea level! The airport is also one of the trickiest to land in and currently, I think only Drukair pilots are qualified to land there.

Just overflying the mountains of Bhutan before entering the valley.

photo 8667506071_e62278cd11_c

Entering the valley.

photo 8668609552_0409c51c7a_c

Flying just beside mountains.

photo 8667505923_2e5cb4ecdb_c

Houses on the slopes of the mountains were even higher than us!

photo 8668609376_8ee2900fc7_c

Still making left and right turns within the narrow valley, with mountains at both sides of the plane.

photo 8667505691_8ef4538fd0_c

Making a steep right turn to the runway.

photo 8667505587_5220775d44_c

Sweeping pass buildings on hilltops.

photo 8667505459_9e4b0e25d7_c

Almost there…

photo 8668608940_4dbe79a358_c


photo 8668608812_44409ba474_c

Just over the runway….

photo 8668608698_1c0b30c01d_c

And the skillful Drukair pilots made a very smooth touch down in Paro Airport Rwy33 (the previous landing in Kolkata was very smooth as well).

photo 8667504903_c10f2ebf1b_c

We made a U-turn and taxied back along the runway to the apron, where the Drukair's other two A319s have also arrived. The entire Drukair fleet was now at Paro!

Parked at the stand.

photo 8668608424_a2053b3c99_c

Crew drew the curtains for the Business Class pax to disembark via stairs, followed by Economy Class.

photo 8668608314_df5011f74f_c

Stairs were also used at the rear for disembarkation.

photo 8667504569_c724e1a9f5_c

Another Drukair A319 across the tarmac being prepared for the next flight.

photo 8668608094_20d0aa7e47_c

Passing the 3rd A319 while walking along the tarmac towards arrival immigration hall.

photo 8668607968_c2dc92c5b4_c

Control tower and the King and Queen.

photo 8667504205_2fbb6933a8_c

Welcome to the Land of Thunder Dragon!

photo 8668607712_91cf112c85_c

Town of Paro

photo 8667503961_50b6871edc_c

Bhutanese-styled buildings in Paro

photo 8668607426_1b9680b62e_c

Tiger's Nest temple from a distance.

photo 8667503689_17e17aaa58_c

Mountains and fields

photo 8667503527_a58a0ed5c4_c

A hill-side resort.

photo 8668607062_afe74659a3_c

View of Paro Airport from National Museum.

photo 8667503245_71916cf7bf_c

Down the valley.

photo 8668606766_4b3038c933_c

On the 1+hr car ride through winding roads from Paro to the capital town, Thimphu.

photo 8674395239_574f9069d1_c

Kinda bare mountains.

photo 8675499810_7088884977_c

Nice scenery along the way.

photo 8675499564_f7b0ed9dff_c

Welcome to Thimphu!

photo 8674394593_793d8b6798_c

Getting more built up.

photo 8674394399_5ed1eb8b86_c

The most famous road junction in Bhutan.

photo 8674394197_51c71b06b7_c

Clocktower Square. My hotel, Hotel Druk, is within the red building.

photo 8674393829_f4883aa8cc_c

Close up of the Clocktower.

photo 8675498832_3547c24480_c

Painted walls.

photo 8674393629_4dd1b36960_c

King and Queen of Bhutan.

photo 8674393457_b3f549251f_c

Prayer wheels outside my hotel.

photo 8674393213_9be2946ed6_c


photo 8675498122_7a30729739_c

World's largest published book, as verified by Guiness World of Records.

photo 8674404073_ef724254a8_c

Traditional Bhutanese wooden bowl.

photo 8675508280_c2afcd883b_c

Crafting wooden masks.

photo 8675508128_61e489b2fc_c

Memorial for the 3rd King.

photo 8675507378_a4665cf611_c

photo 8674401977_79956f918e_c

photo 8674402437_7002c65224_c
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Druk Air

Cabin crew7.5

Kolkata - CCU


Paro - PBH



It was a really unique experience flying Drukair. although they might not be one of the best out there, they are still acceptable for short-haul flights. Probably the about the same standards as Silkair I would think, though the high fares charged might raise the expectations of passengers by a notch.



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