Review of Druk Air flight Paro Bangkok in Business

Airline Druk Air
Flight KB 128
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 18 Apr 13, 11:40
Arrival at 18 Apr 13, 15:25
KB 6 reviews
By 4224
Published on 28th October 2013
Turning prayer wheels.

photo 8675507022_5e25d5d305_c

Local street.

photo 8675506594_cbb9511c16_c

Views of Thimphu from a hill.

photo 8674401593_730e12bf64_c

photo 8675505940_0b38bb9c4b_c


photo 8675505742_c5b781022c_b

Giant Buddha overlooking Thimphu. Donated by a number of Singaporeans.

photo 8675505610_135eef394f_c

Ancient scriptures.

photo 8674400831_278e2fa152_c

Bhutanese food that we had.

photo 8675505202_4c39c3cc40_c

photo 8674400297_445a1960d0_c

On the way back to Paro Airport. Tashi Delek (Good luck and well wishes).

photo 8675504688_fdd55a4693_c

Winding mountain roads.

photo 8675504510_f19d5e29aa_c

photo 8675504380_9ac88d9d73_c

Reaching Paro Airport soon.

photo 8681274186_8d3882fc8a_c

Within the airport perimeter and heading towards the terminal building. The runway is just behind the fence.

photo 8681274094_3f22be6039_c

The terminal seemed rather busy with lots of vehicles alighting and picking up passengers.

photo 8680163481_06b5404bfd_c

It was the peak period at the airport with a grand total of 3 departures! Our flight would be the last departure for the day! The earlier KB126 was also bound for Bangkok, with a stopover in Dhaka.

photo 8681273888_33fe294610_c

Proceeding through security screening prior to entering the check-in area.

photo 8680163279_54b1b67202_c

Drukair check-in counters.

photo 8680163185_82b7c40fe3_c

However today, I would be flying Business Class! Guess I would be one of the very few who had experienced Drukair Business Class! Only one counter was designated for Business Class check-in. Surprisingly, our luggage could be tagged by Drukair onto our connecting SQ flight in BKK. No need to pick up our bags in BKK and re-check in again! I was not aware that Drukair could check-through our bags to SIN as KB does not have any inter-line agreement with SQ.

photo 8681273490_6d1c449dd5_c

Postcards of Bhutan were also available on the Business Class check-in counters. Not sure if they were available at economy counters.

photo 8681273396_6f193beb15_c

My Drukair Business Class boarding pass, before it got torn prior to boarding.

photo 8680162823_2da48573e4_c

Drukair operates a lounge for Business Class passengers.

photo 8680162749_edd8bf3a92_c

However, our hosts led us to a VIP room and got pastries from the lounge for us.

photo 8680162607_7cc4591599_c

A5-RGI, the plane I flew into Paro on, was being catered for the flight to Dhaka and Bangkok.

photo 8680162469_75904cf96b_c

A5-RGF preparing for flight to Delhi.

photo 8680162359_e6e71fe149_c

Drukair's sole ATR42 being towed to the hangar after completing its rotations for the day.

photo 8681272660_96ea4f4fcb_c

Our flight would be operated by A5-RGG, parked at the far end of the tarmac.

photo 8680162113_6a30b41b45_c

Passengers boarding the flight to BKK via Dhaka.

photo 8681272432_0e911b053d_c

A5-RGI departing for Dhaka.

photo 8680161899_cde0f0c403_c

Soon it was time for boarding. There was a holding area after immigration, with a duty free shop.

photo 8680161733_d7c224ce6e_c

Very rare Bhutan endorsements.

photo 8681272060_a35cdaa3b5_c

After security, there is another holding area.

photo 8680161341_c9d8e2485e_c

The Kings of Bhutan.

photo 8680161457_25b683b1b0_c

Handicraft shopping at the holding area.

photo 8680161217_c10f0f3835_c

We were the last to board. Boarding pass scanned and torn, and proceeded onto the tarmac, with the 2nd last departure flight of the day being pushed back onto the runway.

photo 8680161133_a9ac702fee_c

Walking towards our A319, A5-RGG, which is Drukair's 2nd A319 aircraft.

photo 8680161009_07a782ea16_c

18 April 2013
KB 128
Paro (PBH) - Bangkok (BKK)
Business Class

Climbing up the steps.

photo 8681271382_36edac3129_c

Entering the aircraft.

photo 8681271296_bf7ef50d4d_c

Greeted at the door by a crew. For the return, I decided to plant myself at the window seat 2A. The Drukair newly refurbished leather Business Class seats are just rather basic seats, probably similar to US airlines domestic first class seats. However they are comfortable enough for a 3hr flight to BKK.

photo 8681271192_acdbec6cef_c

Seat pitch is not really that fantastic. Probably 38-40 pitch?

photo 8681271088_f238116273_c

A pillow was already placed at the seat, with blankets distributed by the crew. There would be 2 crew working in Business Class today, and 3 crew in Economy.

photo 8680160523_8710cdce6a_c

We were the only plane left on the tarmac.

photo 8680160337_6b04e96cc4_c

Pull-out cocktail tray. Hot towels were given out by the crew.

photo 8680160251_9819a7303f_c

Followed by welcome drinks, with a selection of water or juices. Being thirsty, I just had some water.

photo 8680160129_7e97054dcd_c

Doors closed and stairs being driven away. Flight time was estimated to be 2h40m.

photo 8680159983_287a8e0463_c

We started our pushback, with the automated welcome announcement being broadcasted in the local Bhutanese language, Dzongka, and English.

This was followed by a manual safety demo with automated briefing.

photo 8681270272_faaa8bcb59_c

We were push backed directly onto the runway as there were no taxiways in Paro. Engines startup and we started to backtrack down the runway.

photo 8681270152_156884b5ea_c

Another welcome announcement, this time made by the cabin crew.

Made a U-turn right at the end and had a exhilarating takeoff from Rwy15, bound for Bangkok!

Making turns beside mountains.

photo 8680159661_58e71f18ab_c

Still climbing out of the valley.

photo 8681269876_64bcee65c6_c

Clearing the mountains.

photo 8680159447_72f6cafa33_c

Above the clouds.

photo 8680159351_1011c87a91_c

View of the cabin again. 15 out of 16 seats in Business Class today were occupied. Really good load! Limited newspapers and magazines were available in the magazine rack in front.

photo 8681269594_94b0442397_c

Shortly after the seat belt signs were turned off, a crew around and distributed the menus.

photo 8680159003_c486424805_c


photo 8681269288_91abab756d_c

Beverage selection.

photo 8681269180_d1ddd9eee2_c

3 choices of mains offered.

photo 8681269064_47e14724bf_c


photo 8681268952_48d9a1ff3b_c

After distribution of menus, another crew came around and lay our tray tables with linens.

photo 8681269502_e09de0a3a6_c

All the magazines, safety card and menu. The safety card accidentally dropped into my bag again towards the end of the flight.

photo 8680158439_2c980e7d1e_c

Meal orders were then taken. Unfortunately, the crew removed our menus after they had taken our orders. Thus we only had the menu for a total of less than 10mins! This was followed by a beverage service using a bar cart.

photo 8680158341_29561d1859_c

For the bar service, a pack of peanuts was distributed, which I had a mango juice to go along with.

photo 8681268532_65b3fc2738_c

This was followed by distributing of meal trays. The meal trays came with the starter, yoghurt and dessert (note that the starter was different from what was stated in the menu and presented in an Economy side dish). However, these were cling-wrapped, which seemed quite un-Business Class like. Croissants or rolls were also offered. I chose a croissant.

photo 8680158103_4a464998d8_c

The pasta salad starter, yoghurt and chocolate eclair dessert.

photo 8681268312_2ae8e6c2bc_c

Main courses were served from a trolley. I had the beef with noodles.

photo 8680157843_08fd21d0fc_c

Stir-fried beef in oyster sauce with crispy noodles. However, the noodles were nowhere near crispy! More of a rice noodle variety. Taste fine though.

photo 8681268064_0a7540438e_c

My colleague had the Rolled sushi with shrimp sesame dressing. It was served cold with the cling-wrap still in place. However the taste was rather good.

photo 8680157589_e7a60c4022_c

Coffee or a selection of tea was offered after. For the teas, the crew would present a box of variety of teabags for you to choose from, and then pour hot water into the tea cup. I had a jasmine green tea.

photo 8680157435_847cab822e_c

After the trays were cleared, we were already somewhere over Myanmar.

photo 8680157325_5dcdec5035_c

Went to the lavatory, which was stocked with cloth towels, soap and moisturizer.

photo 8680157249_6359299a3f_c

While visiting the lavatory, I noticed the cockpit door opened, and casually asked the pilots if I could take a photo. The very friendly Drukair pilots motioned me to get into the cockpit and take a photo. I also had a photo taken with the pilots! My first every visit to the cockpit while in-flight! Really made my day!

photo 8680157115_439aa0e56b_c

On the way back to my seat, I grabbed a magazine from the magazine rack. The magazine was binded to a Drukair cover to prevent anyone from removing it from the aircraft.

photo 8680157015_c557d5733d_c

Rest of the flight was spent mainly gazing out of the windows due to the lack of inflight entertainment. Not even the flight map was available on this aircraft.

photo 8680156921_f08861620e_c

Approaching some rough weather during the start of our descend into BKK. We deviated around the clouds.

photo 8681267174_ac6da2f966_c

Getting lower. During the descend, crew provided another round of hot towels and offered sweets.

photo 8681267072_b5d7796f1f_c

Somewhere over the northern outskirts of Bangkok.

photo 8680156657_02c28eefde_c

Descending into Bangkok with recorded arrival announcement. Seat belt signs only came on less than 10min before touchdown.

Over fields.

photo 8681266868_fa1c7a3eb4_c

Flaps and gears down. Final approach from the north.

photo 8681266742_0c4e83005b_c

Landing on Rwy19L 10 minutes early, with recorded and crew announcements, followed by a long taxi to the parking stand.

TG's A380 spotted!

photo 8680156369_091d0cc33d_c

More TG jumbos.

photo 8681266504_c8a218c5d5_c

Parked at a remote stand again. Guess this was due to the plane night-stopping in BKK.

photo 8680156065_1bac15b10f_c

My seat.

photo 8680155951_6008c1f130_c

Shot of the cabin while waiting for disembarkation.

photo 8680155831_9e01c01bc7_c

Down the stair and into the waiting bus to ferry us to the passenger terminal. This bus would only be ferrying Business Class passengers. Economy Class passengers would have to wait for later buses.

photo 8680155729_c201d60ef7_c

Bidding farewell to my probably last ride on Drukair.

photo 8680155557_476e631b70_c

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Cabin crew8.0

Paro - PBH


Bangkok - BKK



Drukair Business Class is definitely not anywhere near the best out there. Service by the crew was not as well-polished (though they were not unfriendly or rude) and the hard product pales in comparison to most other major carriers. However it is still acceptable on short-haul sectors, probably in the same league of regional carriers such as Silkair or Dragonair. However, only paying SGD100 to upgrade this sector from Economy to Business is definitely a steal! So no complaints from me!



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