Review of Air Asia flight Penang Singapore in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight AK 1725
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 08 Jun 13, 20:40
Arrival at 08 Jun 13, 22:00
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By 3551
Published on 3rd November 2013
For the return trip, we took a public bus back to the airport. The bus ride was rather cheap and convenient, costing only RM2.70 for the 45min ride to the airport. Penang International Airport has recently finished its upgrading works and the facade looked rather impressive!

photo 9025580858_3aaae7067f_c

However, the check-in area still remained the same before. I had done online check-in earlier prior to the trip almost a week before the flight and as mentioned before, we had to pay RM6 each to be seated next to each other! The computer system had automatically allocated us a middle and aisle seat a row apart even though we were on the same booking and there were plenty of empty seats to choose from. Simply ridiculous! On future AirAsia flights, I guess I would just check-in at the counters and request to be seated together. The online check-in system really put me off using it in the future!

Off to the document check counter to have my self-printed boarding pass stamped and gate marked.

photo 9025580546_9e58bf9ba3_c

Through immigration and security with negligible queues and we were in the gates area. This area is where most of the renovations took place, and it was now much more airy and spacious and with more shops, though there were not many departures at this time of the day and shops not too interesting.

photo 9025580162_427bdf3feb_c

There is even a Victoria's Secret store! Though I do not know how long it can survive.

photo 9025580394_bb45a16827_c

With nothing much else to do, we proceeded to the gate, which was already gradually being filled up.

photo 9025579918_a39735aebc_c

Our flight and the later flight to Medan.

photo 9023350405_fec5b68f68_c

Soon, our plane arrived, which is a 6-mth old A320. Turnaround was rather fast and boarding started soon after the last passenger got off the plane.

photo 9025579462_5824ab1b19_c

08 June 2013
AK 1725
Penang (PEN) - Singapore (SIN)
Budget Class

Being a as low cost as possible carrier, even though the aircraft was parked at a gate with aerobridge, we were still required walk down the stairs to board the aircraft via stairways.

photo 9023349983_3757d94082_c

A long queue was forming at the front stairs when a ground staff started to divert pax to the rear stairways which was empty. As we were seated at the aft section, of course we proceeded to the rear. However, other passengers followed us as well and I was quite sure they might not be seated at the aft as the ground staff did not check their boarding passes before allowing them to proceed to the rear.

Walking under the wings.

photo 9023349917_bbd9ef006a_c

Boarding now.

photo 9025578892_71742962ed_c

The fuselage still looked sparkling clean!

photo 9023349483_5f28f86da2_c

Tailfin as well!

photo 9023349241_87e694829e_c

Was welcomed aboard by a very chirpy crew and realized that her uniform looked different than usual. After Googling, it seemed that AirAsia has introduced weekend uniforms for its crew, consisting of a red top with blue jeans. A much more casual look than the weekdays red coats and skirts and very much welcomed indeed!

Seats near the rear.

photo 9025578398_ab5ed1e83f_c

We settled at our seats at 25A/B. As expected, boarding was chaotic as passengers seated in front boarded from the rear while those seated at the rear boarded from the front, and both getting stuck at mid-cabin. AirAsia needed to have better boarding procedures.

photo 9023348971_2bab7bda2c_c

Seat pitch was slightly better than on Jetstar. At least my knees had a couple of inches to spare from the seat in front.

photo 9025577960_c0bb80a7f1_c

Inflight mags, menus, safety card and shopping guide.

photo 9025577930_c4974b4300_c

Silkair had also arrived and would be flying back to Singapore shortly after us as well.

photo 9025577570_4635f8fc3d_c

Soon, 25C was taken up as well. Flight ended up rather full, and only the hot seats which require additional charges were left mostly empty. Flight time was again about 1hr and we pushed back.

photo 9023348389_c4f2239d58_c

Safety demo by the crew during taxi.

Had short taxi and we lined up for takeoff at the 3/4 mark of Rwy04, taking off for the short hop to Singapore.

Across the sea and flying over Butterworth.

photo 9023348071_f899169282_c

photo 9025576986_a0b5ca5fa6_c

photo 9023347515_dbc5e319dd_c

It was rather turbulent for the first 15min of the flight and service only started after that. However seatbelt signs remained on for the entire flight due to light turbulence throughout.

AirAsia branded leather seats.

photo 9025576582_e1bd149203_c

Now for the inflight service, and this is where I preferred AirAsia. Among the major budget airlines in the region, AirAsia must be the one which offers the lowest prices for inflight meals, and with a very wide variety as well! Pre-booked meals were only RM9-12 (S$4-5), compared with Tiger or Jetstar which charges more than double. As such, we pre-booked 3 meals to be shared among both of us. The meals were Nasi Lemak, Bukhara Chicken Briyani and Chicken Satay, which were promptly delivered piping hot as soon as the crew were released for service. Each meal also came with a 100ml cup of water.

photo 9023347011_924c872f4b_c

Bukhara Chicken Briyani, which was spicy and tasty. As good as when I had it the previous time.

photo 9025576280_2890828493_c

Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak and Chicken Satay. The Nasi Lemak was great as well and certainly very appetizing.

photo 9025575870_a3d50e7786_c

Who needs to fly SQ or MH Business Class for chicken satays. And it tasted as good as the SQ ones as well, though the presentation is still budget.

photo 9023346227_cf039795ef_c

The delicious meals were quickly wiped out while the crew performed the buy-on-board service. Quite a number of takers for drinks as the prices are not too high.

photo 9025575308_7cf545b24d_c

Trash cleared and we settled for the rest of the flight, and soon the plane was already descending into Singapore. The lights of Singapore can be seen in the distance.

photo 9025575088_0e39fbb988_c

We were in a holding pattern for a while before approaching Changi from the south. Nice views of the city skyline could be seen.

photo 9025574910_ec848a2d05_c

photo 9023345431_2e8ed8d269_c

photo 9023345223_c5f2dd871d_c

photo 9025574394_5f2b59dd82_c

Landed on Rwy02L about 5min ahead of schedule.

Parked at Gate C18, which entails a long trek to immigration.

photo 9023344881_5355a6c759_c

Waiting to disembark.

photo 9023344633_13d1fd0368_c

Seat pitch at normal rows.

photo 9025573724_0822e1f856_c

Hot seats at emex rows.

photo 9025700414_366c273be2_c

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Air Asia

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu8.5

Penang - PEN


Singapore - SIN



Apart from the online check-in fiasco and disorderly boarding, it was still a pleasant flight on AirAsia, with friendly crew and cheap and tasty inflight meals!

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