Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Flight 3K 517
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 26 Jun 13, 16:50
Arrival at 26 Jun 13, 18:00
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By 2652
Published on 4th November 2013
Did another half-yearly pilgrimage trip to Bangkok with my partner for some shopping, praying, massaging, dining and tailoring. It was a rather late planned trip but on the way up, Jetstar was able to offer some rather attractive fares. I had also redeemed 9,600 Qantas FF miles for a one-way ticket up, which is inclusive of 20kg luggage allowance and paying only S$34 in taxes. However on the way back, due to the end of the school vacation, all flights were rather expensive. We managed to get the return flight on Thai AirAsia for a rather reasonable price, considering that prices increased rather rapidly nearer to the travel date.

Checked-in online earlier and pre-selected our seats for free. My QF redemption ticket had also allowed me to choose the extra-legroom seats for free, but however as my partner's ticket required a fee to be paid (S$20) for emex rows, we slumped it out on normal rows, which was not too bad a thing as we ended up having a row of 3 seats each!

Boarding Pass (taken after boarding with small stub torn off)

photo 9199153287_3da5f57bcd_c

New attraction at Changi Terminal One, Social Tree!

photo 9201932356_e2769132e4_c

The Valuair-titled Jetstar A320, 9V-JSN, would be operating our flight from gate D30.

photo 9201931938_44ab35d42b_c

KLM B773ER preparing for the short hop to Bali.

photo 9201931656_c9e421db8e_c

Lufthansa whale just arrived, with lots of Jetstars and a Qantas parked at T1.

photo 9199151853_87a95b69af_c

26 June 2013
Jetstar Asia
3K 517
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class

Reached the gate when boarding has commenced. Entering the rather newish looking 9V-JSN.

photo 9199151201_c995166faa_c

This aircraft was fitted with new slimline seats, which are touted to be more comfortable and offer more legroom than the previous generation of seats. The clever design by moving the magazine pocket to the headrest area of the seat has dramatically improved knee-room and made flying on budget seats much more bearable.

photo 9199150933_f8747865cd_c

From another angle.

photo 9201929968_df44fe17d6_c

No complains from my long legs! So much better than the seats on the older planes, or any other 180-seats fitted A320s! I was able to stretch my legs right under the seat in front, and with knee-room to spare too!

photo 9201929382_f1c5d37d06_c

At the gate.

photo 9199150355_ce1483a787_c

Boarding was done very efficiently as flight was barely half full. Thus we grabbed a row of seats each after aircraft doors were closed on scheduled. 4 crew on this flight, 2 guys and 2 ladies. Again, all rather professional in their service delivery.

photo 9201929052_82a79a48d8_c

Pushing back from the gate. Crew also did a manual safety demonstration.

photo 9201930976_cf9492a314_b

Spotted Jetstar's new A320 with sharklets!

photo 9199148917_a161d44046_c

Started the very long taxi to Rwy02C. The wind direction has changed on that day, giving Singapore a respite from the very bad haze just experienced days before.

Spotted the following planes taking off. Firstly, a Shanghai Airlines B763, operating a flight to PVG on behalf of China Eastern.

photo 9199148615_fd7f0c0e59_c

Followed by a Silkair A320.

photo 9199148207_b18ce8003d_c

And another Jetstar A320 just ahead of us.

photo 9201927376_6af1062ced_c

With not too many departure traffic, we made a rolling takeoff from Rwy02C, for the 2hr flight to Bangkok!

Climbing to cruising altitude.

photo 9199147599_0e92c34226_c

photo 9199147175_08fd32aed4_c

Announcement after seatbelt signs were switched off.

Magazines and stuff.

photo 9199146629_621ea1c579_c

Above the clouds.

photo 9199146157_128987c80f_c

Shortly after, immigration forms were distributed followed by pre-booked meals and drinks. This was followed by the buy-on-board snacks/drinks carts. Observed quite a number of Caucasian passengers with pre-booked meals. Guess they were connecting passengers from Qantas?

Looking at the prices of the onboard menu, we decided not to order anything. Save our dollars for Bangkok! Anyway, below is the onboard menu.

photo 9201925380_a4333a5a26_c

photo 9199145381_3bd36c02cb_c

photo 9199145095_270ec1c8c5_c

photo 9199144871_248715e0d7_c

Crew conducting sales of snacks and drinks. This was followed by duty-free sales.

photo 9201923716_55c7c360e8_c

View of the cabin.

photo 9201923330_ee8140860c_c

Flying into the sunset.

photo 9199143211_af3d4b0600_c

Slightly more than half an hour prior to arrival, the pilot announced the start of the descent. Surprisingly, the crew immediately had all passengers seated upright and seatbelts fastened even though we were still a few minutes away from actual descent. This is rather unusual for Jetstar to prepare the cabin so early for arrival, and indeed a couple of passengers did asked the crew why the need for preparations so early. Heard the crew replying something to them something about bad weather and sure enough, when descent started into the thick clouds shortly after, we encountered some bumps, but they were not too bad. Guess the pilots had informed the crew to prepare the cabin earlier for landing due to the expected bumps on descend.

Just after breaking through the clouds.

photo 9201922062_bd735cbe31_c


Lots of padi fields below.

photo 9199142327_877ccbc792_c

Flying pass the airport.

photo 9199141867_3369b916d0_b

Flew up to the north before making a turn back for approach into the airport.

Spot the rainbow!

photo 9201920970_3590cf6054_c

Flaps and gears down.

photo 9199141147_54fabbf896_b

And the pilot made a very smooth landing onto Rwy19L at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

Waiting to disembark.

photo 9201920272_1b5892cd38_c

Another view of the new seats.

photo 9201920144_842dacb292_c

We parked beside a TG A380!

photo 9199140055_f1fcd8aa7f_c

Quite a wait at immigration before we got our bags. By the time we cleared immigration (and we were one of the first from the flight), all bags were already out on the baggage carousel.

photo 9201919430_d5015654b0_c

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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



Again, a short and pleasant flight on Jetstar on a short regional hop from Singapore. I really liked the new seats and Jetstar definitely has found the correct formula for comfort with these new seats for us budget passengers!

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