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Airline Air Asia
Flight FD 2933
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 29 Jun 13, 16:45
Arrival at 29 Jun 13, 20:10
AK 116 reviews
By 4160
Published on 5th November 2013
For the flight back, we would be flying on Thai AirAsia, which is currently one of the few budget airlines based at Don Mueang, Bangkok's previous gateway. It would be interesting to revisit this old friend! Taxi ride from the city to Don Mueang (DMK) is faster than to BKK, but the cost is approximately similar by taxi due to the higher toll charges to DMK.

Currently, all airlines are utilizing Terminal 1 for flights, with Terminal 2 also due to reopen if traffic continues to climb. Checked in and dropped out bags at the AirAsia common check-in counters with no fuss.

photo 9239761940_5f4cc5c033_c

Boarding passes are issued on receipt printouts.

photo 9236982255_2e9b2f1c0e_c

Due to the fewer international departures compared to BKK, immigration and security are so much faster! Entered the departure area, which has been newly renovated with duty free shops and some eateries.

photo 9236982053_4c3fc1b541_c

photo 9239760994_25b1a3544d_c

Most of the flights were dominated by the AirAsia group, with a few Orient Thais in between.

photo 9236981299_d045635864_c

As there are only a few airlines operating from DMK, plane-spotting is thus not as interesting as BKK. Here, a Nok Air B738 is pushing back from the domestic wing of the terminal.

photo 9239760526_a7bb284251_c

Orient Thai B734 and AirAsia A320, the main operators at the international wing.

photo 9239760042_678f103728_c

Gate area.

photo 9239759752_d2c4cb5566_c

More AirAsia aircrafts. Quite a number of TG aircrafts are stored at DMK, including the A300s at the distance. TG's A345s and some B744s are also stored at DMK.

photo 9239759718_021d6078e8_c

Something out of the ordinary? Yep, an Air New Zealand B772ER is also at DMK for maintenance!

photo 9239758906_6c64cbf643_c

Our plane at Gate 23. It is a special livery aircraft, painted in celebration of a thai rock band, Carabao's 30 year anniversary.

photo 9236979679_148c2a79ab_c

Boarding was just starting when we reached the gate.

photo 9239758354_5c578e5219_c

29 June 2013
Thai Air Asia
FD 2933
Bangkok Don Mueang (DMK) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Boarding by aerobridge rather than stairs! Guess aerobridges are cheaper to use in DMK….

photo 9239758028_fabae13173_c

photo 9236978551_0fe396340a_c

photo 9236978167_aac22465cf_c

Hot seats. Other than being at the first few rows and red headrests, there is nothing particular hot about these seats.

photo 9239757060_19555ba621_c

Again, prebooked our seats at row 24 E/F. Not wanting to risk the chance of being separated, especially since the flight was almost full! Boarding was quite smooth even though it was not done by rows.

photo 9239757378_ef78768f03_c

Legroom. For once, I much preferred Jetstar's legroom!

photo 9239756696_074a6e0639_c

At the gate.

photo 9239756360_43b9334f11_c

With everyone onboard, doors were closed and we started out pushback without delay, especially with the lack of traffic at DMK. All female cabin crew today, with a flight time of 2h5m to SIN.

Pushback passing the Nemo NokAir plane.

photo 9236977073_e65f6c9c7b_c

Crew performing safety demo.

photo 9239755928_593bb8b59a_c

Starting our taxi.

photo 9236976403_c967633a32_c

Just had a short taxi to Rwy21R and took off, bound for Singapore. See all the stored aircraft at the other end of the airport.


photo 9239755428_531db1dfed_b

photo 9239754970_d1518f45e0_c

Interesting No use of handphone signage. Don't remember seeing this before.

photo 9236975895_624c5a6dc9_c


photo 9236975349_a3951a0982_c

photo 9236975211_6f1c0a000c_c

Leaving the coast.

photo 9239754076_c172824148_c

The service announcement after takeoff was pre-recorded.

Overflying some islands off Pattaya?

photo 9239753610_55d361b97f_c

Setting sun

photo 9239753866_6d195bc66c_c

Lets take a look at the onboard menu. Only on Thai AirAsia can you have a mango sticky rice inflight!

photo 9239753062_88581c6d96_c

photo 9239752914_abaf42cc01_c

Service started, first with the distribution of immigration forms, followed by pre-ordered meals from a cart. Crew were tallying their meal manifest versus pax boarding chits prior to handing out the meals.

photo 9236974175_420da6f2c9_c

With the rather affordable prices for its inflight meals, we pre-booked 3 meals to share at 120baht each. Each meal came with a 100ml cup of water. The meals were prepared by a thai restaurant chain, See Fah.

photo 9239752438_e13651a0f9_c

Basil chicken with rice
A Thai favourite rice dish, as juicy chicken is stir-fried in a handful of spices and fresh sweet basil leaves are added at the end to give it a fragrant touch.
This was delicious! Chicken was tasty and spicy, and the accompanying rice was fragrant and fluffy. One of the best meals I had on AirAsia!

photo 9239752040_4ae2cfd90f_c

Dada's chicken with sticky rice
Thai style roasted chicken with delectable sticky rice served with Thai sweet mild chilli sauce
An interesting and tasty dish.

photo 9239751704_e000b856a2_c

Roast chicken
This combo is most favoured for its flavour and texture as we marinate our chicken thigh in a special blend to further enhance its natural goodness. Served with a side of roasted potatoes, carrots,green beans and BBQ sauce for an all-around fulfilling meal.
This was just ok. I found it a tad too salty for my liking though.

photo 9239751212_8d2eeb2926_c

After pre-booked meals were distributed, buy-on-board snacks/drinks were sold, Quite a number of takers. Guess with affordable prices, passengers would still be willing to spend onboard.

photo 9239750804_5c0bb0787b_c

Duty-free goods and AirAsia merchandise were sold as well. After the trash were cleared, there was nothing much to do except entertaining myself with the view outside the window.

Avoiding storm clouds.

photo 9236971423_5c8ae4b58f_c

photo 9236971193_cd8f57f668_c

Sunset shortly before we start our descend.

photo 9236970937_998cd34f38_c

View of the cabin. Lots of advertising on the overhead bins.

photo 9236970365_8a6d13537c_c

While approaching Changi, we made a detour around some fierce looking storm clouds. Also enjoyed a lightning show! Flight was still rather smooth as we were able to avoid the storm clouds altogether, although it added some minutes into out flying time.

photo 9239749268_13c39164cb_c

photo 9239749102_ab0c4d4c13_c

Flaps down and approaching from the northeast.

photo 9236969671_46e6a18ba7_c

photo 9239748584_9978841699_c

Landing on Rwy 20R on schedule.

Taxiing to the gate.

photo 9236969261_898ac5589e_c

Parked beside a QF B744.

photo 9239748156_aa35eaac9a_c

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Air Asia

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu8.5

Bangkok - DMK


Singapore - SIN



It was a smooth flight on Thai AirAsia. Unlike other budget airlines, the AirAsia group does not charge too high prices for ancillary items such as meals, baggage, seat selection etc which I really appreciated as i am able to enjoy a meal for a very reasonable price inflight. When the price is right, the AirAsia group is still a recommended carrier to fly with.

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