Review of China Airlines flight Taipei Los Angeles in Business

Airline China Airlines
Flight CI 008
Class Business
Seat 18A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 11:45
Take-off 25 Mar 13, 23:20
Arrival at 26 Mar 13, 20:05
CI 97 reviews
By 7888
Published on 9th November 2013
Part 2 of my return trip to Los Angeles from Bangkok via Taipei.

After an eventful transit in Taipei, security checks were cleared rapidly, I headed to the Dynasty Lounge. I have reported that lounge numerous times in my other FR so I won't do it again. Just a picture from outside.
photo P1050404_zps4b6d6dc6

My friend was already at the gate waiting to board so I joined him and we had a chat before getting on the aircraft, him in Economy, me in Business P1050405_zpsd8016287photo P1050406_zpsfea562aa

At the aircraft's door I was welcomed by the male chief purser and a female cabin attendant, they were both smiling and they directed me towards my seat on the main deck, P1050407_zps907e1884photo P1050409_zps3331ad78

The seats are old cradle style ones, but they have a good legroom and they are comfortable.
photo P1050409_zps3331ad78photo P1050410_zps369a2284
photo P1050416_zpsacd4f818

The controls of the seat.
photo P1050445_zps7d19a2ee

The remote control for the entertainment system.
photo P1050456_zpsef54ecd1

Cabin views.
photo P1050411_zpsb4d3d464
photo P1050413_zpsd15af31e

As soon as I was settled down in my seat, the cabin attendant came to offer a pre departure drink. I chose my usual apple juice with the China Airlines P1050412_zpseda91871

Next to us a Boeing 737-800 is waiting for its next journey to a regional P1050418_zpse55c1bd6

The crew put the safety demonstrations on and we were pushed back, this was the beginning of a close to 13 hour trip to California.

Thoughout the flight these advices would be broadcast on the airshow channel
photo P1050437_zpse27ed7c7

After the demonstrations were finished the crew put the camera on so that we could have a pilot's view of the take-off. I do apologize for the quality of the P1050422_zpsc6cbb152

After take off, I pulled out the 2 screens of my seat duo, I was to travel all alone tonight ! On one screen Hitchcok and on the other the flight P1050423_zpscae8b5f1

Dinner was served right after take off, no pre-meal drinks. I had pre-booked my choice for the main course on China Airlines website to ensure I would get my preferred meal.
In the magazine China Airlines advertises special cocktail and I requested one. Unfortunately the cabin attendant said they weren't loaded tonight… I was disappointed about not being able to taste what sounded like a great drink !
photo P1050424_zpse9900ec8
photo P1050426_zps26f8dd9bphoto P1050425_zps58647c18

With the cutlery out !
photo P1050427_zpsa2413791

The meal was excellent ! Everything was perfect !

After the tray was collected I requested a Bailey's on ice which was brought to me very promptly.
photo P1050428_zps555b5399

Then the cabin attendant who I requested the special cocktail of the month came back with it and apologized about it saying that she fought it wasn't loaded and ended finding it in the First Class galley.

Quick check of our whereabouts on our little planet !
photo P1050430_zpscde98e6cphoto P1050432_zps4d16c6b0

The statistics for the flight.
photo P1050434_zps2c97dfabphoto P1050433_zps3ab41fe3 photo P1050436_zps5f5ff356

After my movie I decided to sleep a little and this is where I woke up !
photo P1050439_zps150b9319photo P1050441_zpsf4b5421e

Another one of those safety advices on the airshow channel
photo P1050442_zps0a5e34c6

Time for a drink
photo P1050443_zpsdbf4d358

Breakfast service starts with the liquids, juice, tea or coffee.
photo P1050446_zps60f4fc68
photo P1050447_zpsa1c51408photo P1050444_zps82ccf569

Apple juice and tea with milk for me.
photo P1050448_zps6968064d

I had ordered the western style breakfast on the website and that's exactly what I was brought !photo P1050449_zps0a4d21b8photo P1050450_zpsd64e1396

After breakfast I wen to have a walk in Economy and check on my friend. They had just finished eating breakfast and the crew was finishing clearly the P1050451_zps19c49f5aphoto P1050452_zpsdfab09be

After a quick chat with my friend I went back to Business Class to see if with the chief purser he could come and seat next to me for landing like that we could get out at the same time. The Chief Purser accepted and invited me to go and get him when we would start the descent to Los Angeles. So kind of him !

Picture of the main deck Business Class.
photo P1050453_zpsb4ad6134

The Boeing 747-400 B-18211 trusty GE's that flew us all the way to Los P1050455_zps3aa1b3ef

Nearly there !
photo P1050459_zps92a5761a
photo P1050460_zps11f0cf44
photo P1050461_zps6c17f996photo P1050458_zps4e740d26

I went to get my friend in Economy, we stowed his bags and sat there for the last 30 minutes of flight.

Over the Los Angeles suburbs.
photo P1050462_zps399044b5

We landed on time and we made our way to the immigration and customs formalities. Immigration took forever to complete… Customs was really slow P1050464_zps1af916ed

We were out after 1 hour of waiting time and we headed towards Terminal 2 to catch our Air France flight back home.
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China Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

China Airlines Lounge - 2


Taipei - TPE


Los Angeles - LAX



Excellent flight with a really nice crew ! I have always enjoyed China Airlines' product even if it is not a state of the art one, it is priced accordingly !

Information on the route Taipei (TPE) Los Angeles (LAX)

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The airline with the best average rating is China Airlines with 8.2/10.

The average flight time is 12 hours and 13 minutes.

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  • Comment 92265 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5352 Comments

    Thanks a lot for these 2 reports with CI,

    Indeed average product with dated seats, and catering is just average, but a pleasant flight nonetheless, with a nice set of crew.

    Once again thank you and looking forward to your next report.

    btw are you a fond of saftey video, you are always mentionning/picturing them? ^^

    • Comment 283855 by
      manureva744 AUTHOR 251 Comments

      Thank you for combining your comments for my 2 FR in one, hopefully it is not going to be a new trend you are trying to create !

      Average product indeed but they charge you accordingly and you get a good amount of miles so it's a win-win situation…
      Most of us seasoned travelers who didn't start flying business class when they discovered FR have been traveling in those seats for years and people were raving about them back then. I, like everyone enjoy the latest techs and products but you have to be honest and admit that even if this is not the latest iPhone or TV, you still can call your loved ones or watch your favorite show ! For me it is the same, a good seat is a seat in which I had a good sleep and a comfortable flight !
      Same for the food, a good meal is one after which I had a great tasting experience and where my senses where awaken by flavors, colors and scents. I don't need to get silver and porcelain or caviar and Krug. My best meal ever on a plane was on Air France in the mid-90's in economy ! Salmon with lentils ! It was to die for !!! 15 years later I still think about it. I also I enjoying eating in a little shack of the streets in Bangkok where the recipe and the flavors are authentic and true as much as eating at the Madarin Oriental just like last night where I had a great tasting experience that was dimmed down by the youngish patrons that were seated next to our table and who came to Le Grand Lanna restaurant wearing shorts and sneakers, played with their phone during the meal and shouted at each other rather then talking and having a great evening…
      A bit like what's happening in the business or first class cabins these days.

      Concerning the safety video pictures issue, it is weird that you ask me that question on an FR that doesn't contain any pictures from the safety video !!! But to answer your question, safety is paramount, I know it first hand, I was in an airplane that dived to the ground before the pilots managed to bring it back to safety. It leaves a mark.
      You can call it my signature like the one you use with the drinks or the boring old winglets or the people using their hands to prove a screen is big or small, or the same hand being used to show good or bad legroom, I won't get into the safety vest or the measuring tape proving an ice-cream is so many centimeters… Permit me saying this though, I believe that I had seen that signature quite a while ago (way, way before FR existed) on trip reports. Maybe it was you back then ! I have been on for quite a while, earning grand-father rights back then and not paying anything when they became a paying website.

    • Comment 283893 by
      Leadership TEAM GOLD 5352 Comments

      I totally get your point of view and this is exactly why Flight-Report has been created: an unbiased database site based on detailled and trustworthy reviews, this is why we are spending so much effort to get new members.

      Ads are unfortunately neccesary, otherwise the cost will be unbearable for us especialy with the v2 (we are now hosting member's pictures). We do however try to integrate them as best as we can.

    • Comment 283895 by
      manureva744 AUTHOR 251 Comments

      I am so glad to read this !
      I was getting annoyed at all those reference to each other. I know it was a friendly gesture from one another but frankly you must admit that it doesn't look good to call EVA Air Air Marathon or Turkish Airlines Air L'agent secret of what have you. If you want this site to be taken seriously and with great respect these things must go as new members won't get what people mean hence why I prefer to post everything in english were I find the new posters and their reports to be more formal and less polluted by the FR club references.

      I don't mind the adds and completely understand their purpose, it is a good thing !

    • Comment 283869 by
      Leadership TEAM GOLD 5352 Comments

      I am not trying to create a new trend, If I am reading 2 reports of the same routing in a row, I will sum-up my comment in one, and I guess it’s better than no comment at all ;)

      I agree with your second paragraph.

      Regarding the safety video, I didn’t try to be sarcastic, I personally like it and I always pay attention to safety briefings, but now I get why it’s sensitive for you ;)
      For the signature, it’s up to anyone, you may not trust me but I really don’t care when people are copying my signature to make me a tribute, proof is I hardly ever comment on those who do that in their reports, and as you said I am not the first one to do so and I obviously own no copyright for it, I just found it artistically interesting.

      Thanks for your long reply.

      Btw Flight-Report is free for anyone, all the costs are sustained by the administrators ;)

    • Comment 283881 by
      manureva744 AUTHOR 251 Comments

      Oh great ! I was scared that I was only worth the one reply ! Yet I was being sarcastic with that remark, I do understand that you were not trying to set a new trend.

      There is no trust issue towards you, lets be honest, I am here to deliver some information about what I experienced on a trip. I am not here to make friends or fans.
      I will commend you on your work here and thank you for creating such a website. Personally I prefer the english version where no one sucking up to anyone, it is more formal with people really treating the website as an information source.

      And I know Flight-Report is free ! This was just a remark to set a time mark with, not to talk about this website. Tell me this, you sustain 100% of the costs or you are now getting some revenues with the adds we have seen pop-up for a while now ?

    • Comment 283882 by
      manureva744 AUTHOR 251 Comments

      Pleasureand thank you for the comments !

      It might look like the TK+ but I really doubt it has the same legroom, otherwise I understand why TK was done with the Y+ cabin and decided to pull the plug !

      You got it ! Excellent value and I must say that I got more than what I paid for !

    • Comment 283884 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5963 Comments

      These seats recline a lot more than TK....looks like 170 degrees.

    • Comment 283885 by
      lagentsecret 12385 Comments

      TK Y+ has a 46 inches legroom and the bulkead seats should have 50 inches but of course less recline as KevinDC pointed

    • Comment 283886 by
      manureva744 AUTHOR 251 Comments

      Wow ! impressive indeed and no wonder why they pulled the plug on that product !

  • Comment 92348 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5963 Comments

    Thanks for this comprehensive report with very nice pictures as usual! It is definitely an outdated product as there seems to be such a race to have the latest and greatest seat, especially among Asian carriers, and especially on TPAC routes. But, of course, the most important thing is that these seats are comfortable, and they do look to be so. Personally, I prefer these type of recliner seats to angled-flat seats which you can slide down. Cradle seats like these lift up your legs and allow you to stay in place. DL's old 767 seats are somewhat similar and I sleep perfectly in those seats (just slightly narrow, which isn't the case on this 744). You are right that CI has some really great prices in J TPAC. I've been wanted to use them (notably thanks to your reorts) to get to Asia from the US. One reason I hesitate is that DL (I am DL Platinum) has recently devaluated mileage earning on partners..CI in C or Z discounted J fare classes only earns 75% or miles, which I find scandalous for a J class fare (discounted or not) considering that AF Premium Economy earns 150%. Nevertheless, I am seriously looking at CI in J for next year's Thailand trip--this year it will be DL in Y+ again. Have a great vacation in Thailand! I'll be there in a few days.

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